VidMate – HD video downloader Alternatives for Android


VidMate – HD video downloader

VidMate – HD video downloader is a well-known app that helps its user to get free video downloading experience right on your smartphones. It is an all in one app that brings an extraordinary video downloading experience for the users who intends to download videos on a regular basis… read more

20 Apps Like VidMate – HD video downloader for Android

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1. YourTube Video Downloader

YourTube Video Downloader is the newly launched video downloader. Install this advanced video downloader and it will present you the safest and fastest way of downloading videos from the leading video streaming and sharing websites. The best about YourTube Video Downloader is that it will even provide you with the feature of downloading videos in the best quality and locally save them in the internal storage of your device. When you will move to the video containing website it will ask two questions either you want to play the video or download the video. The user friendly interface of this application will make it easy for you to navigate through simple menu option to download or settings. In case you are not using any mobile web browser then don’t worry at all as YourTube Video Downloader has its own browser that will allow you to search video or music by name, movie, album or other tag.


2. DownTube Free Video Downloader

DownTube Free Video Downloader is a two in one application. It is the pack of video downloader and download manager. At the moment, DownTube Free Video Downloader is only available for the Android devices and allows the Android users to download their favorite videos from their favorite sites. The videos downloaded from the internet will be directly saved into the internal storage of the smartphone. DownTube Free Video Downloader has its own database of millions of movies that it gets from the leading video streaming sites on daily basis. The users can move to visiting any special video streaming sites as well in addition to using the video directory of this application. With this free to use video downloader, you will be able to download full length movies and dramas from your favorite websites. Downloading entire playlist is also possible with this application.


3. IDM+ Download Manager

IDM+ Download Manager is a fully featured download manager that will allow you to download any file from the internet right from your smartphone. Just like most of the video downloading applications, IDM+ Download Manager is containing an integrated web browser that lets the users to directly search for the desired videos from that browser. In addition to having its own web browser, IDM+ Download Manager gets itself integrated with all type of web browsers that you have installed on your smartphone. In addition to video downloaders and download manager, IDM+ Download Manager serves as a video accelerator and booster as well. It will make it sure; you are getting the best downloading speed ever you are at slow internet connection. The interface of this video downloader that is simple to understand for the first time users as well. IDM+ Download Manager is simply the ideal choice for downloading videos.


4. TrumpTube

This video downloader at the moment available for the Android users only. If you are looking for the means of downloading cool videos from the YouTube or other websites and can’t do so because no supported video downloader installed into your device then you must install TrumpTube. This free video downloader will allow you to download the videos in HD quality from YouTube, Dailymotion and many other websites. TrumpTube is also the best mean for downloading videos and images from the social media sites including Instagram as well. The specialty of TrumpTube is that it is not simple video downloaders because it involves much functionality. The advanced video managing system of this application will offer you the better means of switching between playlists and download list. It is very easy; you only need to click on the download button for downloading HF videos. It is a great means for downloading videos from the all main video streams in different formats and resolutions.


5. Save from net

Save from net is an elegant and a well-known video downloading app that carries ease of getting Youtube videos right on your mobile phone and enjoy them later. As Youtube is a gigantic video hosting resource and the third most popular platform in the world, hence this app brings ease of discovering and downloading music right through your smartphone. Save from net presents one of the fastest ways of downloading videos from some gigantic video providing platforms. You can download videos in the video-quality that you want and get a video for watching them later instantly. This is probably the most convenient app, and you will agree that Save from net is the most suitable Youtube video downloader you have ever used. It is an easy to use and the lightest weight app that brings ease for downloading Youtube stuff with simple clicks and allows you to save videos to watch them afterwards. Apart from Youtube, it supports many resources including Dailymotion, Vimeo, Sevenload, Smotri, Facebook, ntv, Yandex, Break, and many other.


6. FoxTube

FoxTube is another fine application through which music lovers from all over the world can easily access their most favourite music on the go. It is a fine music app introduced by the mix1009 through which users can easily enjoy Youtube music and Vevo videos continuously with playlists. There are way many interesting features of this app that helps music lovers to fulfil all their need with damn surety. Some of its top features include the providence of local playlists support, support Youtube account login and Youtube HQ videos, notification approach, display media information on the screen while your mobile phone is locked, and much more. You can also enjoy its easy search (search history and auto-completion) and play in a mini player while browsing and searching features. FoxTube app is filled with an exciting range of music that you want to listen on a daily basis. There are a huge amount of users who are trusting this app for years for getting their most favourite stuff regarding the music of their country and from all across the world. So just download FoxTube app on your mobile phone to fulfil the need of your music hunger.


7. FVD – Free Video Downloader

FVD – Free Video Downloader is a free video downloader for all versions of the Android devices. Whatever Android enabled device you are using, FVD – Free Video Downloader will offer the full compatibility with that smartphone and even tablet as well. This all in one video downloading utility will allow you to download videos from a great number of websites ranges from social media sites to music and video streaming sites. You can save the videos into local storage of the mobile phone so that next time you can open these anytime to save the mobile data or internet traffic. Once installed, FVD – Free Video Downloader will automatically integrated itself with the browser you have installed. In case you don’t want to use installed mobile browser then FVD – Free Video Downloader has its own integrated advanced web browser with the functionality of video searching. Enjoy downloading movies into your favorite format.


8. Mediasclip Video Downloader

Mediasclip Video Downloader is the name of a super-fast video downloading the application for the Android devices. The best about Mediasclip Video Downloader is that it is not only a video downloader. There are other functionalities of this application is that. First of all, there is integrated web browser that is used for streaming the videos. Then comes the fully features file manager for managing and easily accessing the downloaded videos. In the end, there comes an advanced media player with diverse nature of functionalities for directly playing the downloaded videos. One of the best things about Mediasclip Video Downloader is that it supports the content playback and content management as well. Supporting for all kind of video streaming is the other advantage of this video downloader. Except for copyright protected files, Mediasclip Video Downloader is fully capable of downloading all kind of files from the internet.


9. BaDoink Video Downloader

BaDoink Video Downloader is a widely used video downloading application that works flawlessly on your Android smartphones. This app is very vital for a smooth and fast video downloading on your smartphones. It lets you download songs and other videos from the web that you want to listen. It efficiently downloads the videos, and you can even watch it afterword even when you are offline. This video downloading client lets you download and play videos from a huge number of your favourite video sites. BaDoink Video Downloader lets you download the videos in an excellent resolution and watch them forever. It enables you to stream videos wirelessly to the Xbox, Smart TV, PlayStation, and on any DLNA enabled devices. It also supports the option to bookmark your favourite sites and enables robust password protection to your downloaded videos, browsing history, and your bookmarks as well. It is an easy to use video downloader that helps you download videos from almost every site and quickly see them anytime you want in its cool video player.


10. Media Clip Video Downloader

Media Clip Video Downloader is based on three steps video downloading system. The specialty of Media Clip Video Downloader is that it has its own dedicated web browser as well from where you can search for your favorite videos. After finding the right one you can simply download that video via Media Clip Video Downloader. Media Clip Video Downloader is an ideal downloading tool for those smartphone users who want to enjoy the fast downloading speed because they are relying on slow internet connection. The web browser of this video downloader allow the smartphone users to Using Media Clip Video Downloader is not a big deal at all as no complexities are involved in it. After installing and launching this downloader, move to your favorite video offering site and play the video you want. During playing of the video click on the download button and it’s done.


11. Download Accelerator Plus

First of all, it is important to clear about Download Accelerator Plus is that it is not means to serve as video downloader only. It also boosts the downloading speed of the video being downloaded. For the same reason, it is called as Download Accelerator Plus. If you are still curious about why to choose Download Accelerator Plus then simple answer is that it is offering advanced level of features in the shape of direct downloading to the internal storage, support all kind of formats and archive files for downloading purpose, manage the downloads, support for downloading almost all web browsers, auto catch downloading system, pause and resuming videos controlling system, auto-resuming of corrupted downloads because of internet error, smart error handling interface to remove the interruptions while downloading and much more. The latest version of Download Accelerator Plus is fully optimized for the Android tablets. Now, these users can also use it with all of its features and functions.


12. GetThemAll Any File Downloader

GetThemAll Any File Downloader is an app for the Android devices only allowing its users to download any kind of file from thousands of supported websites. This video downloader with interactive design can easily download all kind of files either it is any video, audio, image, document or any other kind of file. GetThemAll Any File Downloader is also called as Internet Download Manager for the Android devices. One additional capability of GetThemAll Any File Downloader is that it also serve as a file sharing and file uploading tool as well and allow its users to even share the data to PC or upload in the cloud drives as well. So much functions and tools are hard to find in any other video and multiple files downloading application. Wanna know more about this app? This app has its own browser as well that will make the process of searching fast for you.


13. All Tube Video Downloader

Yes, it is true that All Tube Video Downloader is an all in one video downloader to download videos from any video streaming and sharing website. This simple video downloader offers the super-fast downloading system to the smartphone users. According to All Tube Video Downloader, it is capable of downloading videos six-time fasters as compared to the most of the video downloaders. One of the best features of All Tube Video Downloader is that it allows the users to download videos in HD quality if these are available in said quality. Moreover, All Tube Video Downloader is also capable of downloading in many other formats as well but again if videos you are going to download are available in the supported format. What makes All Tube Video Downloader different from the rests is its unique video handling quality of download videos. That’s why most of the smartphone users like to use All Tube Video Downloader for downloading videos.


14. HD Video Downloader

With millions of downloads from the Google Play Store, HD Video Downloader is the top of the chart video downloader for downloading videos from almost any website in addition to downloading from the YouTube. Downloading videos in AVI, MP3, 3GP, MOV, FLV, WMV and several other formats is not a big deal for HD Video Downloader. The main advantages of using HD Video Downloader are the benefits that it is offering to the smartphone users in the shape of easy download system, searching for websites and finding specific videos to download directly inside the application, playing the videos after downloading, playing the videos directly while using its searching system and much more. The restriction is only one, and that is HD Video Downloader don’t download videos from the self-playing video sites. For others purposes, HD Video Downloader is the best video downloader to be used in the smartphone.


15. Video Downloader HD

Video Downloader HD is a super fast video downloader for downloading YouTube videos in HD print if these are available in the said print. Video Downloader HD is a simple and free video downloading application that can download music as well. One of the best things about Video Downloader HD is that it also serve as video manager as well as with the usage of this application you can save the videos to any specific folder as well. All of the videos or music being downloaded by the Video Downloader HD will be saved in the internal storage of the smartphone by default. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t change the path to save the downloaded files in any other location. You can download the videos and music to the external storages as well. In short, Video Downloader HD will offer you a great amount of features and functions.


16. iMusic OS 10

iMusic OS 10 is an intuitive and one of the widely used apps that brings an innovative way to browse music that you often listen or love. It provides a superb quality and user-friendly interface that carries extreme comfort. It lets you quickly access the music and ringtones, and manage them in a handy way. iMusic OS 10 is an all in one app that brings you the most sophisticated audio player, ringtone player, music player, and ringtone mp3 player. This elegant app lets you access and finds stuff in your watch history, quickly search music files, make albums of your most likely songs, find Albums Arc images, view all category image, add or delete songs from your favourites, control music with its notification style, and lot more. Some of its core features includes the playlist support, one-touch navigation, manageable songs library, play music in queue, download music that attracts you, and robust and quick search, etc. You can easily access and enjoy your most favourite videos right from this app and search music, ringtones, and mp3 songs by song, playlist, artist, and album.


17. Turbo Downloader

Turbo Downloader efficiently works with some web browsers to let you download stuff from web pages faster and easier. It is a great downloading client that brings ease of getting different stuff from the internet right on your mobile phone devices. You just have to share or press on the link from a website on your UC, Dolphin, Stock browsers, etc. and from some other web browser and choose this downloader to start the download of into turbo speed. You can easily access and download video, audio, music, zip, pictures, files, documents, any type of other media directly from web pages to your SD Card. It is an excellent app which lets you download videos with simple clicks without waiting for hours for the completion of your respective download. Some of its core features include download acceleration, unlimited size downloads, pause, resume, and recover features, better notification approach, get almost all files from web pages, an integrated web browser support, and much more. You can get precise visual and sound notifications, configurable download history, MD5 Hash validation, etc.


18. PlayTube

PlayTube is another music application loved by a huge number of followers from all over the world. It is a fine production of MusixTube through which you can enjoy videos that you want to watch. Play Tube has made it so simple to get easy and damn simple access to music that you want to listen. This app brings way many amazing features that allow its users to find, check, and access music that they want. It is a widely used application through which users can easily discover free Youtube floating popup for music listeners. It enables its users to search their most favourite artists, discover music with almost every genre, and browse daily trending and top charts of their country. Play Tube also brings your most favourite music under one platform through personalizing your own list or library of favourite stuff regarding music. It lets you enjoy videos as well as use floating popup for multitasking. You can move the popup player anywhere on the screen. Other than these, it also allows its users to browse daily top charts, share and reorder your playlists, access almost 100 music genres, use customizable options, and lot more.


19. Allvids Video Downloader

Just like its name, this video downloader is really an all videos video downloading application that can download videos from all kind of websites. The best about Allvids Video Downloader is that it is even capable of downloading videos from the leading social media platforms as well. You can use this application for even downloading videos and images from the Instagram as well. Using this video downloader is beneficial for many aspects. First of its entire interface that is very sleek. Then comes its video downloading system that can download videos in HD quality. Any time you can start, resume, pause and even cancel the downloading process. Allvids Video Downloader is planning to introduce more and more features and compatibility with more number of videos containing websites. Allvids Video Downloader is simply the best video downloader for those smartphone users who are still unable to find a perfect video downloader for their devices.


20. InstaTube

10440InstaTube is an amazing Instagram downloader app that lets you download Instagram videos with extreme ease and precision. It enables its users to get Instagram videos with one simple click. It enhances the ease of use for its users for maintaining an ultimate fun for the users. There are many features of this app that helps you downloading stuff smoother and faster while you are surfing your Instagram account. It enables full HD videos and images and all the stuff in downloaded in HD quality. InstaTube delivers a flexible use and lets you open the Instagram built-in view so that you can easily tap on any of its images and videos in that simple way. This video downloading client is free and secure app that helps you enjoy surfing the web with extreme safety. It is a super-fast and lightweight app that enables a tremendously great way to download videos. It also lets you download stuff from the official Instagram app. Now having this app on your mobile phone, you can easily get started and just stop watching and start downloading.

More About VidMate – HD video downloader

VidMate – HD video downloader is a well-known app that helps its user to get free video downloading experience right on your smartphones. It is an all in one app that brings an extraordinary video downloading experience for the users who intends to download videos on a regular basis. This app lets you explore videos and music with an endless flow and lets you enjoy a lot having this app on your mobile phones. VidMate – HD video downloader allows you to download and play video and audio in the quality you want with its simple, clean, handy, and easy to use interface. It delivers an inbuilt video player for a smooth video playing experience so that you can watch video anytime you want. It is incorporated into the world’s best and the most significant music search engine. You can easily choose the internet downloader and the default downloader for an efficient downloading, and it enables you to play videos in the offline mood as well. VidMate – HD video downloader offers free and unlimited video downloading experience, and you can listen to audio in the background as well with fast forward or rewind and repeat support as well.