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vividHDR is a fast, vibrant, and simple to use photography application introduced by Ittiam Systems (Pvt) Ltd, which lets you enjoy great HDR photo with every click. VividHDR is a high Dynamic Range camera app which captures the real pics with awesome details in both shadow and highlights. Its lean camera user interface puts you at the centre of the photographic process while its advanced patent pending algorithms which ensures sharp, perfectly exposed, and artistic HDR images. Vivid HDR allows you to enjoy 5 exposure bracketed pics on iPhone 5 and above. It is a super stunning photo editing application which lets you create stunning bright and vibrant colour photos. It produces superb quality images which makes this app go on the top. Vivid HDR is a universal application which brings fast processing, presets and styles, and options to change the preset after the capture in the auto-preview mode as well. It provides fine editing which helps you enjoy post-processing control for extemporizing your photos to your HDR image, and lets you enjoy controls for basic and advanced editing. So just download vividHDR, enjoy photo making and editing, and share your masterpieces on any social media platforms.

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1. HDR Camera

HDR Camera is an all-in-one camera application comes with almost 11 shooting modes and entire configuration settings. HDR Camera is a fine application developed by Almalence, which brings a great camera app right on your mobile phones for having marvelous photography. This application enables its users to take pics with…

2. Retro Camera

Retro Camera is a widely used application developed by Wise Shark Software, which carries a number of handy camera features to help you make awesome pics. This application brings a pack of almost 30 effects that you can easily apply to your pics to make them more attractive and up…

3. Photaf Panorama Pro

Photaf Panorama Pro is another beautifully constructed application which lets you create beautiful, seamless 360-degree panoramic photos easily. This application lets you have a complete panoramic view by moving your phone around through using the phone’s compass or the touchscreen. You can also view the Photaf Panorama’s gallery and also…

4. Pro HDR Camera

Pro HDR Camera is a widely used production of EyeApps LLC, which comes with a number of intuitive features for making gorgeous photography using your mobile phone’s cameras. Pro HDR Camera is one of the world’s initial HDR camera app for Android. This intuitive application makes it so easy to…

5. AfterFocus

Android iOS
AfterFocus is a widely used photography application having millions of users using this app for taking DSLR level selfies. After Focus is a great product of MotionOne Inc. which carries natural DSLR style photo with smart blur and focus effects. You just have to draw some lines, the focus area…

6. Pudding Camera

Pudding Camera is another amazing application when it comes to photography. Pudding Camera Photo Editor is a fine application developed by Camera Photo Editor, which help you extemporize your ordinary photos with the best possible effects. This photo editor is a great tool to edit your photos in an innovative…

7. Camera ZOOM FX Premium

Camera ZOOM FX Premium is a must-have photography tool whose popularity is on fire due to some of its gorgeous features. This amazing application was introduced by androidslide, which enables its users to enjoy tons of highly decorated features right from their mobile phones. This application comes with full manual…

8. Camera+ 2

Camera+ 2 is another tremendously amazing application which helps you enjoy raw shooting plus editing, depth capturing, manual controls, and various other features for free. This application is pocketed with some highly recommended features for making your photos look awesome. This application has been rewritten and reimagined from the ground…

9. ProCamera

ProCamera. is a great tool for pro-level photos as well as videos. This application is a great product of Cocologics, which comes with an intuitive interface and some advanced level features. This application allows you to experience professional photo editing and powerful video mode. Some of its highlighted features include…

10. Hydra

Hydra is an awesome photography application which helps you enjoy innovative photo capture technology. Hydra – Amazing Photography is a fine product of Creaceed SPRL, which allows you to take beautiful pics even in bad or most difficult lightening conditions. Hydra – Amazing Photography carries a High Dynamic Range mode…

11. Simply HDR

Simply HDR is one of the best picks to turn your pics in a vibrant HDR with unparalleled ranges of detail and light. Simply HDR is a widely used and powerful HDR camera application introduced by JixiPix Software. You can enjoy extremely high definition photography using Simply HDR on your…

12. Pro HDR X

Pro HDR X is another elegantly used application which enables its users to enjoy a complete overhaul of Pro HDR. It is one of the world’s most popular HDR camera application which is going beyond the limited HDR built iOS. It dynamically analyses the scene in real-time and provides up…

13. HDR

HDR is another fine application which helps you enjoy capturing High Dynamic Range photographers with this superb application. HDR is a fine product of Lucky Clan which helps you enjoy automatic and manual modes to set exposure. You can easily import from photos by selecting dark and light photos from library to…

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