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VSCO Cam is one of the most cultured and dependable applications related to taking pictures. It is used by many professionals all over the world to take pictures, edit them and share with the world. There are a wide range of options and various feature which are not present in any other application… read more
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18 Apps Like VSCO Cam



B612 is another pictures app specially created for selfies that allow you to apply lots of filters to your images before sharing them using your preferred social networks. B612 has greater than 50 different filters.


Picsart is one of the largest photo editing applications with the additional qualities of making collage photos and even editing short length videos as well. In fact, it is also known by the name of Picsart Photo Studio and Collage making application for the Android and iOS devices only.

Eye Candy

Eye Candy is an important tool which allows people to not only take pictures but also to make changes by editing them with the help of various options. It helps in making sure people are able to get the best image possible and its variety of features make Eye Candy an important part of everyone’s phone.

Candy Camera

Candy Camera is the best photo application that lets you give a touch of style to your pictures because it provides you with a large selection of filter, frame, and sticker options.

Shots App

Shots App is one of the most used photography application when it comes to taking picture and editing them. But this platform is more than just an editor, unlike other similar apps it provides people with a unique social network where they can share picture with their friend and other people who have been included in their circle through this app.

PIP Camera

PIP Camera is in fact a selfie editing application that works as a professional photo editor as well. This photo editor will redefine the photo taking and photo editing process for you.


Retrica is one of the most well-known photography app with a big presence all over the world. This is more famous in women but not at all restricted since it has more than 270 million people who have signed up to use this platform.

Ghost Lens

If you are tired of taking pictures in a regular manner and are looking something different and exiting, then Ghost Lens and Selfie Photo is the best application for you. Just as the name suggests this is a place which lets people take photos with the help of scary filters which give the impression of ghosts.

Mega Photo

Mega Photo is a multipurpose application related to photography and sharing stuff with people. You can edit your pictures and create short videos which can be shared with your group of friends with the help of different social network options such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.


With the availability of hundreds of layouts, effects, and drawing tools, Lidow is one of the most demanded photo editing apps for editing photos of all types. With the assistance of this application you can equally edit the newly captured photos and can deal with old photos as well.

LINE Camera

LINE Camera is the best application for the iPhone and Android camera that, in place of using filters along with other effects to your photos, will help you to add a lot of stickers and fun sketches.


YouCam is a nice application when it comes to clicking pictures and editing them for a better look. There is a beauty center present which has various options that can help you get your picture the best look.


Bestie is, in fact, a camera editing application that will get itself synchronized with the camera of your mobile phone and after that will allow you to edit your selfies and even standard images rightly from this photo editing application.


Cymera – Camera and Photo Editor is a picture application that can be used to give your photos a fresher, more dynamic look, thanks to the wide selection of filters and lenses that it provides.


BestMe Selfie Camera is an application that does exactly what the name suggests. It is a camera editing application which allows the user to edit pictures which are taken from the front camera or can be categorized as selfies.


If you are a blockbuster lover and want to get some sparkling over your images, then we are sure you will like this simple photo editing application. SelfieCity is a new way of exploring the style of your selfies in multiple effects.

Camera 360

Camera 360 is an application related to photos which allows you to edit your pictures and make them better with the help of simple tools. Unlike other applications which have difficult processes to edit and add pictures, Camera 360 allows you to use advanced features in a fun way which makes you addicted.


Instagram is an easy solution to capture and share the world’s moments. Boost your daily photos and videos into pieces of art and also, share them with your friends and family.

More About VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam is one of the most cultured and dependable applications related to taking pictures. It is used by many professionals all over the world to take pictures, edit them and share with the world. There are a wide range of options and various feature which are not present in any other application. This gives it the advantage over competitors even Instagram. Once the user takes a picture, they can edit the picture using several tools which contribute to improving the image quality and look. They not only fine tune the image but also increase its transparency with the help of features such as exposure, temperature, contrast, brighten, fade and many others. People can also crop, straighten and rotate their pictures. The editing can be done across multiple devices and is incredibly comfortable; the user can correct any errors while editing by undoing option while they can copy paste with the help of a simple click. People can also search for different pictures using the tags and find the latest trends in photography. The user interface is nicely laid out and people find it very easy to edit their pictures along with moving from one option to the other in order to achieve the main goal of making their pictures professional. People can also share their stuff with others through social networks while they can make use of tags to make their pictures visible in communities. The main drawback perhaps is that it is more professional and the features are so advanced that a normal person might find it difficult to understand it. If you are willing to give your picture a sophisticated look then VSCO is the right platform.

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