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Wear puts the whole closet in your pocket by letting you create everyday outfits before you leave the bed in the morning. It is a great outfit planning application through which you can enhance your style sense and keep outfits in style… read more
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6 Apps Like Wear for Android

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1. Stylicious

Stylicious is a great application to organize your closet for the real time. It lets you plan your outfit through which you can easily manage your clothes every day having this app in your pocket. STYLICIOUS – Closet Organizer is an elegant application through which you can easily bring your daily outfit by a number of brands. It allows you get inspired by its well-known stylists with daily updates so that you can bring the best for everyday outfits. STYLICIOUS – Closet Organizer allows you to enhance your dressing sense by discovering a number of intuitive fashion stuff. You can also rediscover the fun of shopping as well from a number of exciting stuff that it delivers. You can easily snap the pictures of your shoes, bags, glasses, clothes, and accessories and store them in your closet of STYLICIOUS – Closet Organizer. It allows you to create looks by merging all these or to plan what to wear on the next day. Other than these, you can also enjoy lookbook, style planner, shopping, closet organizer, style inspiration, and much more of fashion and style.


2. Stylish Girl

Stylish Girl is another outstanding application that allows you to get a precise closet right on your mobile phones. Stylish Girl – Fashion Closet is a fine application developed by Loveseat Inc. that brings an immensely great style and shopping planer application. It is a great application revolving around the clothes that you have in your closet and that clothes that you love to have. You can organize all your dresses, accessories, and other things in the palm of your hand and access them whenever you want. It allows you to take a look at things that you own with ease and through simple taps. Cool Guy – Fashion Closet and Style Shopping App for Men is featured in InStyle, NY Daily, Seventeen, NBS, San Francisco Chronicle, Telegraph UK, Independent, The Huffington Post, and many other fashion blogs. You can efficiently catalog your closet and wish items, shop for stores online, get inspired by the latest fashion, and create awesome outfits anytime, anywhere. So just download Stylish Girl – Fashion Closet to see why more than a million of users love this superb app.


3. ClosetSpace

ClosetSpace is a great application that contains and preserved all the data of its users on this superb application. ClosetSpace – Style Management is a fine app introduced by Stylitics, Inc. which efficiently capture all your fashion concerned stuff including clothes, accessories, bags, and more in one intuitive place. You can easily manage to get them whenever you want and choose the best for your today’s outfit. Closet Space – Style Management is a fine application through which you can easily schedule your daily clothes for better planning of your outfits. You can easily share your outfits as well from anywhere. It is a highly-curated application that allows you to browse inspiration from over 135 bloggers so that you can better understand the sense of fashion. ClosetSpace – Style Management lets you be up to date with a number of intuitive features so that you can wear, what is trending. So just download this app to enjoy organization tools, daily style inspiration, expert advice and tips, deals and rewards, and effective product discovery.



SMART CLOSET is a well-decorated application introduced by RKK. It is a smart, clean, and easy to use tool to help you manage your daily look and closet in a well-mannered way. Smart Closet – Your Fashion Style is a great application that helps you organize clothes and all other related stuff that you own. It allows you to select clothing from tons of retailers and brands, and you can easily add them to your closet. Using such an outstanding application, you can easily add your clothes by taking photos from camera or from pictures library. Smart Closet – Your Fashion Style allows you to remove the background of your clothes by a single click and you can easily edit the details for your clothes including colour, brand, price, category, seasons, and more. Other than these, Smart Closet – Your Fashion Style allows you to create your look by combining you clothes freely and get lots of random looks by your custom rule. You can get the look of your clothes for tomorrow and whenever you want. It also allows you to share your look with friends on social media Instagram, Facebook, and more.



GLAMOUTFIT is a damn amazing application that allows you to organize your closet digitally, introduced by Stuff N Style Inc. GlamOutfit closet organizer allows you to plan your outfit in the best possible way just to bring the spark of style to your life. It allows you bring the extreme sense of fashions and real style just to be up to date and to know the current trends of any area in the country. Glam outfit closet organizer is a fine app that helps you create your closet and outfit synced across all devices so that you can easily access them from any device. It lets you get more stylish by stylists and a community of tons of people using this glamorous application. GlamOutfit closet organizer allows you to organize your closet digitally on your phone so that you can never miss a piece because you forget that you have them. GlamOutfit closet organizer automatically removes the backgrounds of your clothes for easy outfit planning. It lets you hashtag and search your closet for keywords like #season, #color, #fabric, and more. So just download GlamOutfit closet organizer to get free unlimited clothing and accessories.


6. My Dressing

My Dressing is another amazing application that lets you create the best possible outfit, introduced by Alexander Thomas. My Dressing – Fashion closet is one of the most amazing application to organize the actual closet of your clothes, accessories, bags, goggles, jeans, shirts, shoes, hand carries, and more under one intuitive place just to let you wear the most desirable stuff. You can easily access all your owned things with ease and plan the outfit for any of your festival or for the event. My Dressing – Fashion closet bring one of the most amazing applications through which you can enhance your sense of fashion and style for the real-time. It allows you to add your clothes by taking pictures of them and then you can easily remove the backgrounds as well by cropping that stuff with ease. You can easily place all your things in one place and never forget things that you own. It lets you create the most beautiful outfits to stay trendy and just awesome. My Dressing – Fashion closet allows you to create collections to organize all the outfits from anywhere. You can even browse clothes and your outfits from anywhere.

More About Wear

Wear puts the whole closet in your pocket by letting you create everyday outfits before you leave the bed in the morning. It is a great outfit planning application through which you can enhance your style sense and keep outfits in style. Wear brings an awesome way to plan your daily outfits by letting you wear the best possible outfit from the closet of clothes, accessories, bags, matching shoes, shawls, caps, glasses, and more that you have. You can also showcase your stuff with your friends and observe others showrooms to keep up to date with what outfits that your friends loved to wear. You can easily import the clothes from your photos, camera, iCloud Drive, and other places with one of the best cropping tool that you have ever seen on any mobile phone. Wear allows you to create and publish showrooms, create outfits with drag and drop options, and you can also enjoy searching and filtering your virtual closet right from this superb outfit planner and organizer. So just download Wear to keep your owned stuff organized.