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Weather Pod is one of the most recent and multipurpose apps when it is the matter to check for updates related to the temperature in the local region, but it is also a place where people can keep track of changes in weather over a particular time period… read more
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8 Apps Like Weather Pod for iOS

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1. Yr has been there for a long time and provides people with the latest information about the weather monitoring in the nearby areas as well as the famous cities around the world. People can set their own list where different places can be added and then their temperature tracked. The application is the highest ranked in the Google Play Store, which gives an idea of how advantageous it is. There are two different versions, a free version, where you can see basic weather information and other updates. The second is a pay version, where you pay a small fee of $ 1 to use all the features of the application that can be helpful in giving you an overview of various climate-related factors. The app has other properties that can be attractive for people. You can see the weather information for the whole week and are updated every hour. Applications give you the ability to change the waiting time after which updates the time if you want to save your data. The application is known because of its widgets, which can be set on the screen of your device and give you the peace of mind that you can see everything on the home screen. There are many versions and support where you can see different themes for the day and night, there is also the possibility of its use with older versions and new. People can also set different languages, according to their choice. There are about 30 of them available. In contrast to others, it has a simple user interface where people can find all the options in the same menu, so you do not have to worry about wasting time. There are many other features of the application as well, which help people to acquire the latest information on the things they need to know regarding weather and temperature.


2. WeatherBug

WeatherBug is an application that permits you to get to all the climate data that you require. You can get cautious about the temperature or precipitation specifically in the notice bar of your Android gadget. WeatherBug likewise permits you to get to a photography area where you can see the great photographs taken by different clients. You can even transfer your photos so that different clients can see them as well. Other intriguing elements that WeatherBug offers incorporate a rainstorm ready framework and a lasting association with the Hurricane Center. On account of the last of these, on the off chance that you can make sure around one thing, it’s that a tropical storm will never find you napping. As is frequently the case with climate applications, WeatherBug permits you to customize your start up the screen so you can see a photograph identified with the present climate. WeatherBug is a decent environment device that has a proper scope of elements and an exquisite, basic interface.


3. Thermo

Thermo is one of the oldest and most advanced application which has been used for a long time now by Americans and many other people around the world because of the collaborative features that are on offer. Initially, it comes with a pre-loaded version of the iPhone, but if the latest application is downloaded or installed on other devices such as Android phones, the person can also make use of many new features that are added along with the new updates. Yahoo Weather was one of the most used application for this platforms since Yahoo itself was very famous, but now it has lost its popularity with the fall of the network and the emergence of other similar applications, but still is an important apparatus. The finest options of the application are that there are different pictures of areas you want to see the temperature. Users add different pictures of where you live now, which makes the site more stimulating. The images are latest, and can be easily interpreted. The other feature of the location is that a person can slide to see the climate of different areas. There are some disadvantages of this platform, such as, for example, there are ads between updates of climate change, which makes it less addictive site. Other missing features are information like downhill skiing, or pollen details, which is one of the most important for some people who suffer from different allergies. Moreover, the application is easy to use, the user interface is charming and can easily be understood and a place where all the information is present. The application integrates with Flickr showing the last picture of the surrounding area and in all weather information such as rain, overcast, wind speed, humidity, the temperature is available for the rest day and week. All in all, the app has many benefits that combine some of the best options, and that will keep this platform active.


4. Weather Watchman

Weather Watchman is one of the most famous platforms regarding the temperature and weather information worldwide. It has many features that a person can use when it comes to getting the information they need about what to expect on the day, how cold at night it will be. In case you need an umbrella when you go out, to avoid the rain? In short, the app has everything you want to make sure there are no distractions and obstacles in your busy schedule. It was one of the most visited sites so the decision to create applications for different mobile versions has only led to what is the most famous among the people who need accurate data. The user interface is straightforward and smooth, where you can find all the options in the side menu, once you enter the main settings, there is an option to add more cities. The application has some features that are not available here anywhere else. The app automatically keeps track of its location once the GPS is on and as you keep moving, it keeps on detecting the temperature of the area closest. There is also the possibility to change the units that a person prefers. By default, the American system of units continues but that can be modified to an international standard based on the area you live now. Detailed information about the factors that a person can be worried is present. You can get information reports on pollen, and flu rates and even ski slope in the update region. There is also the possibility of using different alerts to ensure you are informed about the latest things such as weather, pollen and the most recent news on the rain. You can also register and share all the information by updating your friends on other social networks. To summarize, there are many characteristics of this application that in one of the best available.


5. The Weather Network

The Weather Network is the stable hotspot for getting the today to month end point by point climate state of wherever from neighborhood to the global level. The Weather Network is the wellspring of data for the majority of the climate gauging TV channels. At the online environment anticipating administration of, you will dependably locate the reliable, most exact, and current climate estimate and conditions for any area you need. With the primary accentuation on the huge number of advanced stages (from easy to use the web interface to the application for cell phones), The Weather Network is said to be the most precise stage for getting the climate states in any nation immediately. What makes The Weather Network unique one is essentially conveying more than climate conditions as it were? In the wake of selecting the fancied area, the guests of can advance channel in the segments of past and conjecture, interstate gauge, Thruway conditions, activity stream, movement cameras, satellite, radar, alarms, lighting, current climate, US parkway conditions, wind framework, climate framework, recognitions, and a great deal more. The Weather Network is the best wellspring of data for getting top to bottom report.


6. NOAA Weather

NOAA Weather Radar & Alerts is an application which is for the pro people who really want to know about in-depth stuff that is related to climate change and other factors that help in people knowing about what they can expect in the coming hour, day and the next week. The main advantage of the app is that it is mostly free of cost, and people do not have to pay anything to use it. All the weather updates are real time, and people can easily get to know about the weather in their local area with the help of GPS while they can also keep themselves in touch with the weather in the vicinity as well as all around the world. People can create their own lists and add different cities about which they can get the latest information such as weather, temperature and even current time. People can also get to know about the latest forecast as to what can they expect in the coming days. The forecast is updated after a particular interval which can be set accordingly. There is also a radar present where people can see in-depth weather analysis along with different zones that are created to show how the weather has panned out in a given moment or in that particular area. The main advantage of this application is that there is no user fee, anyone who wants to use can be downloaded on the phone. There are some in-app purchases for people who want to do more with this place. The main drawback of this app is that the design is not that great, people might not like it as much, and it can become a reason they reject the app and uninstall. Otherwise, there are many options that any individual requires to know about the climate change in detail.


7. Precise Weather YoWindows

Precise Weather YoWindows Weather is an option for people who do not want to use the usual applications for getting to know about the weather and other related factors. It is not an old place but has been able to make its name in a short time because of the options it gives people to use. The site is a platform for weather forecasting, here people can enjoy in a right way. The application provides weather every hour, and the best part is that people can see the forecast in the form of animation. This keeps itself different from other similar applications and in this way is unique from other sites. The app is lighter, so it’s a good option for installation. It does not have the advanced features of some other applications, such as weather channel and does not take as much space as AccuWeather. People can use the tools that are available which may not be as many, but the ones who are there, are taken from the famous main options of other platforms and integrated here. Two different versions of YoWindows are there. The first one is free, where people can get a variety of options for displaying the weather and temperature information. The second is the paid version, where you can use many more features and options such as changing the frequency of alerts, setting various weather information for cities around the world. The user interface is not so advanced, but all the possibilities are placed in the same location that makes it easier for them to find. Instead, it loads quickly, but the biggest problem may be that the weather is not updated until you click on the icon which can become a problem. However, the site is a good alternative choice the ones who want to see the necessary information and don’t want to install heavy apps on their phone.


8. Amber Weather

At times names can swindle. On account of Amber Weather Widget, this application is far beyond only a gadget. It’s an undeniable assault on all things climate. Definitely, beyond any doubt, there are a couple of devices that join the party. In any case, the good force demonstrates when you click that device on your home screen and bring the application full screen. On the off chance that you are searching for a profoundly flexible, precise and out and out excellent climate application, this is the one. A portion of the menu things are not portrayed exceptionally well, and the membership based application buy made me delay to pay for it. That being said, this is a great app and you ought to try it out. You can discover Amber Weather Widget for nothing with an in-application buy of $5.99 yearly or $1.99 a month to month that will expel advertisements and offers access to every paid subject. Golden Weather gives pinpoint climate data and 7×24 gauges for clients to better arrangement a day. Provide climate gadgets, warnings and live backdrops in various styles and subjects. There must be one fulfilling your customization need! Taking into account nearby weather conditions, Amber Weather gives climate tips in a straightforward and enlightening environment card for you to better arrangement everyday schedules and ventures.

More About Weather Pod

Weather Pod is one of the most recent and multipurpose apps when it is the matter to check for updates related to the temperature in the local region, but it is also a place where people can keep track of changes in weather over a particular time period. Many features of the application are simple to use. You open the app, there is the possibility to go to the place with the help of GPS, giving you the exact location where you currently reside. If you do not want your site to be tracked by GPS, then you can manually enter the city name or zip code of your area and begin to show time. Once this process is complete, then you will be able to see the forecast for the coming days, it is not only possible for the next day, but also during the next hour. The temperatures for the entire region also show which helps to keep track of how hot or cold it is at a place. You can also add multiple cities on your list and the app will continue to show temperature changes about these locations. There is also the possibility to modify the settings according to your choice. If you want to see the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius, that can be amended. If you are used to seeing wind speed in miles per hour instead of the option remains to use kmph. Not only that, if you are not sure of the weather that the application displayed, you can always go to the application, use the phone’s camera and search the rain or sun, and check the charts on the platform to show hot or cold it is in reality. There are many other advantages of this application as well, but if you want a suitable place to stay up-to-date about the weather, then this place is an excellent choice.