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WebComics – Daily Manga is another fabulous application introduced in the market by the SideWalk Group Inc. It is a very famous licensed manga and comic reading platform through which users can get access to all type of comics and manga on the move right through their mobile phones… read more
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1. Tapas

Tapas is a gorgeous comic, stories, and novel reading app for the worldwide readers which enables everyone to lose yourself reading awesome stuff. Tapas – Comics, Novels, and Stories is a production of Tapas Media, Inc. which helps you grasp tens of thousands of web comics, stories, and novels right in your pocket. This application brings a collection of comics and the like from thousands of worldwide creators so that you can enjoy reading novels and comics from worldwide, bestselling, and, up and coming authors. It allows you to sample all your stories for free and you can even try it as you want before buying. You can even earn real coins to unlock the episodes and even join its effective and massive community and creators when you like, share or Comment. Tapas – Comics, Novels, and Stories help you enjoy a quick laugh and get lost into a captivating novel whether you’ve got some minutes to kill at the bus station, get some time on your lunch break or at the bathroom. So just download Tapas – Comics, Novels, and Stories, and explore fantasy, comedy, romance, horror, and various others to dive into ever-growing collections available here.


2. LINE WEBTOON – Free Comics

LINE WEBTOON is one of the most widely used platforms which brings the best way to read and enjoys comics, manga, and manhwa right using your mobile phones. LINE WEBTOON – Free Comics is an intuitive app bought in the market by Naver Webtoon corporations, through which people from all across the world can access a damn collection of comics and enjoy them ultimately. This comics providing platform enables its users to enjoy reading more than 170 features comics including the Tower of God, Bluechair, Siren’s Lament, Heroine Chic, and many others for every week for free. LINE WEBTOON – Free Comics allows you to discover more than 7k comics in action, comedy, horror, superheroes, romance, and various others. It enables mobile optimized scrolling for an uninterrupted reading experience just to let you enjoy comics that feature animation and sound. It brings comics for almost everyone from the tall to the short, the ninjas having the most complementary stuff. You can even download your favourite series and read offline as well. It is a highly professional comic reader through which you can not only read but also enjoy your comics and the robots, and the young and the old. So just download LINE WEBTOON – Free Comics, and enjoy comics ultimately.


3. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is an up to the mark entertainment app which helps worldwide users to enjoy probably the largest collection of anime. Crunchyroll – Everything Anime is an endless fun app introduced by the Ellantion, Inc. which lets you enjoy everything anime right through your mobile phones. It is your destination to intuitively stream more than 25k episodes and a stack of over 15k hours of the greatest and the latest anime series. It enables you to start watching your favourite anime stuff instantly for free, or you can even sign up here for a 14-day trial of its premium membership to enjoy its ultimate features. Crunchyroll – Everything Anime lets you enjoy watching all your shows without any irritation of ads and in high quality on all your concerned devices. This app also allows you to read, purchase, and download the manga in its brand new manga shops such as favourites like Fairy Tail, The Seven Deadly Sins, Attack on Titan, and more. So just download Crunchyroll – Everything Anime, and enjoy watching the latest episodes and ongoing series as well as binge the previous seasons of some ultimate and your favourite shows such as One Piece, Attack on Titan, Naruto Shippuden, Dragon Ball Super, and various others.



COMICA is another intuitive application which helps users to enjoy reading and watching the favourite stuff regarding comics. COMICA – Free Webtoon Comic is a cool app introduced in the market by The Comica Entertainment Corp, through which you can enjoy Korea’s and Indonesia’s best comics which are effectively chosen from the comic challenge. You can instantly get 10 coins after you install this app and enjoy creating more and more coins over here. This app is stuffed with the appeal of the premium comics and comic that can easily be accessed freely for every day. COMICA – Free Webtoon Comic allows you to see a variety of extraordinary comic creations which all are pleasurable for you. You can never get bored when you don’t have an internet connection because, COMICA – Free Webtoon Comic also lets you enjoy comics offline by download your favourite comics. Other than this, COMICA – Free Webtoon Comic also allows you to enjoy 100 new comics from the famous authors as well as from some skilled newcomers in Korea. You can easily access sweet, romantic, comedy, anime, horror, superheroes, and more. So just download COMICA – Free Webtoon Comic, start reading your favourite comic online or even offline.


5. ComiXology

ComiXology is another extraordinary app which helps you explore a collection of more than 100,00 of digital comics, manga, graphic novels, and other stuff from the Marvel, Image, DC, and more. You can start the trial of a month of the ComiXology unlimited and choose the collection of more than 10k comics, manga for US-based customers, and graphic novels. It is a subscription-based service which helps you read thousands of your favourite comics, graphics, and manga regarding Civil War, Avengers, MS. Marvel: No Normal, Attack on Titan, Ninja Turtles, Sega, Adventure Time, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Peanuts, Transformers, and various others. These are a few, but the most read articles from the Marvels, Dark Horse Comics, IDW Publishing, Archie Comics, Oni Press, Valiant Entertainments, Humanoids, Kodansha Comics, Dynamite Entertainment, and so many other than we can name in this limited space. ComiXology allows you to easily save your downloaded books to removable storage like SD cards and never run out of the space. Other than these, ComiXology also lets you enjoy reading your comics on all your devices, get guided view, and log in with the Amazon to read many Kindle comics, manga, and more inside it. You can instantly download ComiXology, and enjoy reading ComiXology’s collection of over 100,000 comics, graphic novels, and manga.


6. Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics is another dead-awesome app available in the market featuring the world’s most extensive and popular superheroes and allows its worldwide users to enjoy reading of hundreds of comic books. Apart from reading, Marvel Comics also allows everyone to download the comic books of your favourite characters including Iron Man, Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Thor, Captain America, Wolverine, and various others. You can access your most likely stuff on any of your mobile phone or tablet device with a touch of a button using Marvel Comics, and enjoy exploring your favourite content. It helps you enjoy access to a collection of more than 13,500 comics featuring from the world famous and the most popular superheroes. It helps you experience the greatest stories and series of your favourite superstars like never before. Marvel Comics enables you to enjoy voice guided view (panel by panel and an animated path through the comic) along with the regular device controls to pan and zoom your way through these pages of awesome artwork and bizarre stories. So just download Marvel Comics, and enjoy buying books in-app and get instant access to the collection of all your favourite titles across all your devices.


7. Webcomics

Webcomics is a super stunning comic provides which allows everyone to swim across the ocean of the comics, and novels with just a single click. Webcomics – Free Webtoon Komik Novel Manga Manhwa allows its users to enjoy reading their favourite content regarding novels, manga, manhwa, comics, and other stuff for each day. This application was introduced by NeoBazar Inc. through which you can access comics basically on romance. You can catch all the global hits on comic romance, and enjoy reading them just like the same way as reading print books. Webcomics – Free Webtoon Comic, Novel, Manga, and Manhwa app allows its users to enjoy a collection of more than 110 Webtoon from some top writers of Korea and Indonesia. Other than this, Web Comics brings hundreds of Indonesian novels either unpublished, already published or still fresh ones. It keeps on updating its comic collection every day and lets you enjoy new and fresh comics whenever you want. There are many interesting challenges to the creator only in the Webcomics challenge and have many advantages to log in every day. So just download Webcomics – Free Webtoon Komik Novel Manga Manhwa app, and enjoy your favourite stuff for free.


8. Spottoon

Spottoon is a superbly mobile-optimized digital content delivery service and publisher, and the Local-Global Partners with the Huffington Post. You can easily manage your comic library and even enhance your collections by adding more and more of your favourite stuff on the move. You can instantly sync between all the devices through your account on Spottoon.com to read anytime, anywhere. It carries a pageless format just to lets you have a comfortable cinematic reading experience and is merely designed for a smooth scroll from panel-to-panel. Spottoon – Premium Comics lets you explore a diversity of characters as you set your eyes on the stunning artwork and the most blushing visual quality. You can enjoy reading more through its clear-cut graphics as well. Through just a swipe, you can discover more about the world of Korean dramas and k-pop on romance, actions, horror, thriller, action, comedy, fantasy, mystery, and many others. It helps you unlock all the episodes, subscribe and keep tracking, read for free, and share, like or comment to create your own list and personalized recommendations.  So just download Spottoon – Premium Comics, and enjoy entire access to all the contents through direct or the instant signup.


9. DC Comics

DC Comics is another intuitive comic providing app as well as one of the most extensive English Language publishers of comics in the entire world. DC Comics is packed with superb comic features, featuring the wide variety of genres and characters including Superman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, wonder woman, Green Lantern, Bat Man, The Flash, and many others that people love. This application has thrilled readers with awesome tales from the DC Comics Universe in a variety of language from around the world for the past few decades. DC Comics is a most-renowned publisher publishing tens of thousands of the comic books, magazines, graphic novels, and many other contents each year. DC Comics also provides multiple flavours of the graphic storytelling through its intuitive and diverse imprints. Through its official app, you can enjoy downloading great comic books from its current weekly offers along with its legacy, vast classic library. DC Comics application contains flawless comic features that help you take advantage of better accessing and reading. It also enables everyone to enjoy the unique guided view reading experience or the pristine, classic full page view as well. You can easily download DC Comics, and enjoy your favourite content.


10. Astonishing Comic Reader

Astonishing Comic Reader is another gorgeous app which enables the worldwide users to enjoy the next-generation comic reader full of outstanding features right from their mobile phones. Astonishing Comic Reader app comes with a collection of the simple and elegant interface through which you can browse and read all your favourite comics on your device. This application has made the reading of comics in the way like never before due to its powerful zooming and intuitive navigation system. This intuitive comic reader also enables its users to add the comics they like right in their favourite list and even share the pages with entertained you the most with your family members and friends. If you are using the Muzei app, then Astonishing Comic Reader also has the capabilities of making cool wallpapers, and have a cast support to let you read your comics anywhere you want, on any screen. It also allows you to discover snapshots in an amazing way to store as well as share all moments or even the parts you like in your favourite comics. So just download Astonishing Comic Reader, enjoy reading comics and its compatibility with CBR and CBZ comics for free.


11. Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse Comics which helps you enjoy all your favourite comics at your fingerprints anytime, anywhere. This intuitive application offer access to the most exciting tales from Hell boy, Canon, Avatar, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Serenity, Mass Effects, and much more to its worldwide users. Dark Horse Comics is also an exciting app if you are looking for Manga such as Criminal Macabre, The Goon, Sin City, Dragon Age, Halo, Tomb Rider and Empowered, and various others. It brings a cloud-based technology, and its purchase is based on the Digital Store and can be read on your laptop, tablet, desktop and mobile browser. This intuitive comic provider app helps you read and enjoy all your favourite comics right on your cell phone, and you can even access them anytime you want. It carries an ideal atmosphere which includes way many creative professionals and a few years later, Dark Horse Comics has become almost the third largest comic publisher in the US. It helps you access your favourite comics in horror, comedy, action, arcade, thriller, science fiction, and variety of other genres as well. So just download Dark Horse Comics, and enjoy comics whatever that you love.


12. ComiCat

ComiCat is an extensively used, slickest, and the most robust comic reader and a catalog manager, introduced by Meanlabs Software. ComiCat (Comic Reader/Viewer) allows the tap of a button to have your device scanned and all your comics nicely arranged in the virtual bookshelf for an instant or convenient access. This application allows you manage, read and enjoy your entire collection of comics right from your bookshelf and enjoy tons of options to make the most of your comic reading experience doesn’t matter whether your comics are on the downloaded folder, SD card, Cloud, device storage, or anywhere. ComiCat (Comic Reader/Viewer) is a sleekly designed app which features auto scanning, built-in high quality PDF support, virtual bookshelf look, reading list management, password protection support, fast viewing of comics, multiple viewing modes, gestures for page turn, zoom and position lock feature, bookmark support, and much more. ComiCat: Comic Reader and Viewer is an extremely fast and intuitive app which does not drain your battery as well. It helps you get the most curated comic reading experience by supporting all popular formats of comics like CBZ, 7ZIP, PDF, 7Z, Rar, CBT, CB7, CBR, and more. So just download ComiCat, and enjoy comic reading at an ultimate height.


13. Tory Comics

Tory Comics is one of the most curated and probably the world’s most initial Webtoon platform powered by TonyComics. Tory Comics – Free Comic WebToon is a highly customized app which enables its users to experience the global webtoon and comics in a variety of language from all across the world. It carries one of the easiest ways to enjoy webtoons and comics in your hands and brings the fastest growing comic and webtoon fan community. This application enables everyone to participate in sharing marvellous stories with friends of your language and lets you become a popular transWriter as well and spread fandom to all across the globe. Tory Comics – Free Comic WebToon contains bigger collection with no exclusive publishing so that you can enjoy tens of hundreds of free webtoons and comics every day, and anytime you want. It lets you have one click to keep your entire collection of webtoons and comics into your own library. You can even choose from various collections that better fits your style and taste. So just download Tory Comics – Free Comic WebToon, and enjoy not only tons of free comics and webtoons but also make your own fans and even money as a TransWriter.


14. Comico

Comico is a widely used application and probably the most popular online comic app in Japan and now presenting in Indonesia. Comico: Komik Online #1 Paling Popular Dari Japan is a famous product of NHA Entertainment Singapore Pte Ltd. presenting free comics and comic best in class premium, serial-serial Comico comic brings the most intriguing in a diversity of genres just to entertain you on a daily basis with unique and updating content. This application enables its users to access a library of over 70 famous comic titles from Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, and Korea, etc. You can easily browse your favourite and the top trending titles from its extensive library of titles and enjoy reading ultimate stuff every day. This application updates almost 10 titles on a daily basis, so there is no single day without a new lesson. Comico: Komik Online Paling Popular Dari Japan brings comics into a diversity of genres ranging from comedy, romance, action, fantasy, thriller, drama, sports, to the fantasy and never let you miss anything. This app allows you to download your favourite titles that can intuitively be read at any time even without internet. So just download Comico: Komik Online #1 Paling Popular Dari Japan, and enjoy your favourite comics on the go.


15. TappyToon

TappyToon lets everyone to enjoy ultimate new comics and exclusive webtoons right on their smartphones, introduced by Contents First Inc. TappyToon Comics & Webtoons is a fine looking app which enables you to discover popular and hot comics, and discover your next obsession. This application is packed with ultimate comics of all the genres including romance, girlfriend, action, fantasy, comedy, action, humor, and more. You can catch comics from hit series like the Bloody Sweet to all new adventures such as Automata, using this highly-decorated comics app. TappyToon Comics & Webtoons is probably one of the best stops to catch all the newest wave comics, and you can even download it to see for yourself as well. You can intuitively check out for the What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, Imitation, Heartthrob Daycare, He, Him & Us, This Witch of Mine, Curious Recipe, Flower Boys, You at First Sight, Cherry Blossoms After Winter, Roommates, I Got a Boy, Crossing Code, Yum Yum Sweets, Monster Idols, and lot more. It features awesome full-colour artwork, unlocks chapters, enjoy exclusive art, and never miss the latest chapter. So just download TappyToon Comics & Webtoons and fall in love with the whole new world of comics and awesome artwork from some talented creators.


16. Challenger Comics Viewer

Challenger Comics Viewer is another intuitive stuff bring into the market by The Challenger Inc. through which people can enjoy advance comics, PDF, books, and manga viewer right through their cellphones.  Challenger Comics Viewer is a simple to use app through which pages are automatically loaded and simply displayed without any effort. This application support JPG, PNG, WebP, BMP, GIF, and some other image formats and even support book file formats including PDF, CBT, TAR, CB7, DjVu, EPUB, ZIP, CBZ, and some others. Some of its main features include the support of automatic page loading, zoom using multi-touch, scale filters (such as Bilinear, Bicubic, and Lanczos4, etc.), vertical and horizontal scrolling, border cropping, customizable actions, tap to get to next or previous page support, and much more. Challenger Comics Viewer brings single or two-page display modes and provides options to direct access to the page. Other than these, Challenger Comics Viewer also brings colour themes, contrast management, history management, multiple image preview type, fit screen display, screen brightness management, and much more. You can download Challenger Comics Viewer to get two display modes such as simple view (which display pages one-by-one), and multiple image view (which displays all pages whenever required).


17. Branch

Branch is another exclusive app which brings a place where you do not need master level drawing skills to build comics. Branch – Hellopet, Webtoon, Comics, and Cartoons is a highly personalized app jam-packed with usable graphics. It is an intuitive place where both the readers as well as the creators can interact. It brings a new way to create comics while you are on the move, and without any top-level drawing. Branch – Hellopet, Webtoon, Comics, and Cartoons allows you to bring characters to life with the interactive features such as appear, disappear, and move, etc. It also lets you add your own photos from the library into the story which you are about to reveal. You can even use the voice recognition feature for smooth and quick working with advanced features. Apart from these, one of its most highlighted features is its augmented reality tech which enables you to interact with characters right through this app. The ending of the comics depend on your choice, and you can choose any of these choices to fit your ending. So just download Branch – Hellopet, Webtoon, Comics, and Cartoons and experience these outstanding comics like never before.


18. Izneo

Izneo is another great application when it comes to accessing as well as reading comics, manga and BD. Izneo, Read Manga, Comics & BD is a fabulous app which enables everyone to read digital comics, manga, and BD on the move on your mobile phone or table in both online as well as offline mode. This application allows its users to enjoy HD albums on all screens including smartphones, tablets, computers, and more. You can easily synchronize your albums in your library and access them anytime you want. It carries a pleasurable and convenient reading experience so that you can enjoy your choice as you always have done whether on your train, your couch or bus or even offline with the free app available in store. Izneo, Read Manga, Comics & BD app allows you to enjoy a library of above 15,000 albums so that you can easily explore worlds, discover new series and stories, and share the emotions of your favourite heroes. You can even discover various genres including adventure, heroic fantasy, thriller, science fiction, humour, historic, action, comedy, and various others. So just download Izneo, Read Manga, Comics & BD, and enjoy comics intuitively.


19. Komik Reader

Komik Reader is probably the most initial comic as well as manga viewer and an intuitive collection manager specially designed for Android Tablets and Android Smartphones. Komik Reader – Free application enables its users to enjoy the support of CBR, CBZ, image, ZIP, 7Z, PDF, and many other comic formats and allows you to enjoy comics in almost all formats. It is an easy to use app developed by Kaycha, through which people from all over the world can intuitively view manga and comics right from their mobile phones. This application brings comic collection browser with thumbnails and lets you discover the comic which you want to read in an easy way from your comic library. Komik Reader – Free also enables its users to zoom in locally on a particular section of the page instantly. It also lets you manage continuous bookmarking for all comics and gracefully handles the dial-spread pages. You can easily pinch to zoom into pages and get clear information regarding your favourite comics. So just download Komik Reader – Free to enjoy CBR and CBR reader, comics and comic viewer, manga viewer and manga reader, and graphic novel reader right through this all in one app.


20. Key Collector Comics

Key Collector Comics is another intuitive application comes into the market for providing the excellent database as well as price guide to focus exclusively on the key issues. Key Collector Comics Database & Price Guide app brings everything you need as a collector of comics or even highly-sought after issues such as speculation books is shared into one resource. This application allows you to build a wishlist of your key issues and even catalog your inventory as well. It sends key issues notifications right on your phone and notifies you what is new, hot, trending or spiking in value in the comic book era. Some of the examples of the key issues for a valuable comic book includes character first appearance, variant covers, classic stories, iconic cover art, death and origin stories, rare and recalled issues, and some others. Key Collector Comics Database & Price Guide App intuitively simplifies the hobby of collecting and enables them to access them to almost four different apps. It lets you search by title, browse by a changing list of categories, make a wishlist, select grades, and much more. You can easily download Key Collector Comics Database & Price Guide App, and enjoy its entire comic features for free.


21. POP Comics

POP Comics is an ultimate publishing platform for the reading as well as sharing the manga or comics that you create and own for 100%. This application enables anyone to become a professional comic or manga creator by publishing their own content right on this platform to increase their fame. Apart from this fact, one can also enjoy this comics and manga reading app in the way they want. POP Comics enables its users to enjoy discovering great new manga and comics without any cost. You can intuitively read or share your favourite comics and manga from absolutely anywhere or on any platform. You can enjoy reading as well as sharing your most likely comics for free and on the go. This application enables its users to become a comic creator and got to an ultimate height and reach millions of new fans from all over the world. It was developed intuitively by or for comics or manga creators and fans. POP Comics is probably the world mobile-first comic platform where you can upload, share, comment, or read on comics from all over the world. So just download POP Comics, and jump into it to become a famous creator or simply enjoy its astonishing manga and comics as a reader.


22. PageFlip

PageFlip is one of the widely used and free webcomic reader apps that helps you automatically bookmark the comic strips that you have been reading. PageFlip – Web Comic Viewer allows its users to set up a decent comic reading list and easily view comic strips in the way they are meant to be on the cellphone. You can enjoy reading comics in full-width panning and even zooming options to read comics intuitively in the format you desire. This application allows you to effectively browse and view your favourite web cartoons and comics with ease and make your entire friends feel jealous. PageFlip – Web Comic Viewer will automatically save your cartoons and comics where you left off. You can easily add your favourite cartoons to your homepage from a catalogue of supported comics. Some of its supported comics include Cyanide and Happiness, SMBC (Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal), Dilbert, Penny Arcade, XKCD, Questionable Content, PhD Comics, Channelate, Garfield, Safely Endangered, PVP Comics, For Better Or For Worse, and some others. So just download PageFlip – Web Comic Viewer, and enjoy watching your favourite comics in the most professional and classy way.


23. iComics

iComics is a universal app comes into the market by the Tim Oliver, which helps everyone to enjoy a DRM-free comic reader over the iOS and other devices. iComics – Digital Comic Reader is a fabulous app which carries a number of intuitive features for the worldwide comic lovers and allows everyone to read comics from their own collection smoothly, and quickly. It makes it damn convenient to import comic files into your mobile devices and start reading them straight away, supporting all the major comic formats. IComics – Digital Comic Reader enables its users to import their comic library through iTunes, configure your reading options for each comic, organize every comic into collections, and customize your while reading experience ultimately. It lets you access hot jumping to jump from one comic to the nest directly. It also carries a slider which allows you to jump through comic pages instantly. iComics – Digital Comic Reader supports ZIP, RAR, CBR, TAR, LZH, LHA, PDF, CB7, 7ZIP, and other comic formats and brings super smooth scrolling whenever you turn the page. So just download iComics – Digital Comic Reader on your phone, and enjoy reading and downloading your favourite comics.

More About WebComics – Daily Manga

WebComics – Daily Manga is another fabulous application introduced in the market by the SideWalk Group Inc. It is a very famous licensed manga and comic reading platform through which users can get access to all type of comics and manga on the move right through their mobile phones. This application brings the touch of new comic updates regularly and never let you get bored of the same comics every day. WebComics – Daily Manga features full HD comic strips and a collection of more than 500 licensed based comics released each year. Its exclusive and ultimate technology which speeds up the page loading and saves your network traffic intuitively. Web Comics also enables its users to share their awesome ideas with other creators and fans right in its comment section. WebComics – Daily Manga carries the hottest comic lover community which is entertaining a lot from this tremendously used app and discuss their inner thoughts with them anytime you want. This application helps you grow your audience intuitively by enabling all its manga and comic creators to share their efforts or works. So just download WebComics – Daily Manga, and enjoy an intuitive grip on your favourite manga and comics.