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Wedding Countdown App

Wedding Countdown App is a gorgeous application which increases the level of your excitement for one of the biggest day of your life called the Wedding Day. Wedding Countdown App is a widely used application bought in the market by Kulana Media productions LLC which has developed an ultimate wedding date counter with the engaging and romantic background… read more
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19 Apps Like Wedding Countdown App for Android

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1. Wedding Countdown Widget

Wedding Countdown Widget makes it easy to remember all the days left for your special day. Wedding Countdown Widget was bought in the market by Sevenlogics, Inc. through which you can catch all the days, months, hour, minutes, and seconds until your favourite events. It is an all in one remainder app through which you can set reminders and countdowns for all your events including wedding, birthdays, Christmas, dates, get-togethers, exams, and any of your desired ones. It carries various units to measure all your countdowns and lets you have a diverse number of phases to choose from. It also has a lovely collection of inbuilt as well where you can choose any of your likely ones. You can intuitively play your favourite music. Wedding Countdown Widget brings a fun way to add your countdown to various events. Other than these, Wedding Countdown Widget’s premium features include the support of 4×4 widget, multiple countdowns, slideshow, ad banner removal, custom phrases, and some other features. So just download Wedding Countdown Widget, and enjoy this countdown widget in years, months, hours, minutes, seconds, heartbeats, kisses, heartbeats, and various others.


2. Countdown Days – App & Widget

Countdown Days – App & Widget precisely count days, minutes, hours, and seconds until your special event arrives. Countdown Days – App and Widget is a free to use countdown app introduced by SMSROBOT LTD (Auto Call Recorder, Period Tracker), which lets its users to capture the date of their upcoming event using the most likely icon or pics for them to start the countdown. This countdown app comes with almost 4 different sizes of display days, minutes, house, and seconds left, and for home screen as well. Apart from counting down to the event, Countdown Days app will precisely start counting up once that special moments pass. This application features countdown widget support (resizable), count up support, backup and restore support, use your photos for the icons, nice stock images for counting, big collection of stickers, and precisely count days, minutes, hours, and seconds. Countdown Days – App & Widget brings daily, be-weekly, monthly, weekly, and yearly event repetition for countdown timer over the home screen. This application helps you capture all your special events to let you measure the exact time of its arrival. So just download Countdown Days – App & Widget app and start the timer for your wedding day or anything you want.


3. Countdown Widget

Countdown Widget is marvellously used countdown tool to all sort of events in some special ways. This excellent countdown widget bought in the market by Sevenlogics, Inc. which enables its worldwide users to have fun and ultimately unique way of countdown to your events. It can countdown to your most likely occasions in a diversity of units such as days, hours, moths, seconds, heartbeats, and even in years. It is a dynamic widget of approximately 4×1 or 5×1, which carries single as well as multiple countdown support for all your events. This app carries custom phases along with the support of landscape mode. Countdown Widget enables you to manage one or even multiple countdowns so that you can precisely measure more than one event without any problem. Other than these, Countdown Widget also brings different phases to choose from play your favourite music with a countdown, use your pics as the background for the events or even its default pic, and various units to measure your counting down. You can also access all the information about your event right from your mobile screen through its home screen widget. So just download Countdown Widget app in your phone and start a countdown to your wedding or any of your favourite happenings.


4. Countdown Days

Countdown Days is a superb countdown app introduced in the market by Gira Mobile Inc. which enables its worldwide users never to forget the next birthday, anniversary date, or any big event. Countdown Days – App & Widget makes it easy to manage all your countdowns from one precise place and lets you have a single view of all of them. It exactly tells you how much time is left for an event by having integration with your calendar as well. It brings the support of push notifications so that you can precisely manage and get things done in the way it is. Countdown Days carries customizable font patterns for each of your countdowns and you can receive push notifications as well to take a precise eye on them. Countdown Days – App & Widget easy to manage countdown app enables everyone to get a closer look for the time left in their birthdays, retirement date, anniversary, salary, graduation event, delivering a baby, final year exams, serving the army, sports events, and various others. This app carries both free and premium versions with more qualities for managing your countdowns. So just download Countdown Days – App & Widget app in your phone and start the countdown for your upcoming event with simple swipes.


5. Time Until

Time Until is another widely used application which makes it so easy to countdown beautifully to any date in the future, introduced by Bruno Schalch Inc. Time Until | Countdown Manager is a fine application used by millions of people from all over the world through which they can set a timer and elegantly track how much seconds, hour, minutes, days, weeks, or months are left for the event significant for you. You can effortlessly create the number of countdowns as you need regarding the events like EID, Christmas, wedding ceremony, last day of college, date of convocation, family get together, concerts, and various others that seem interesting to you. Time Until | Countdown Manager enables you to use your own backgrounds or you can even select from its outstanding online gallery, and double tap and enter immersive full-screen mode. You can manage the background of all your events right from your pics gallery and even leave the default phasing background colours. You can even place the widgets with your countdowns on your home screen and enjoy blur or darken background pics for styles your countdowns. So just download Time Until | Countdown Manager app in your phone for creating as well as sharing one or multiple countdowns that you create.


6. Large Countdown Timer

Large Countdown Timer brings a high-quality short interval timer as well as a quick alarm with very large digits. Large Countdown Timer comes in the market by MindTheApps Inc. which is now a famous application if you need a large as well as a simple countdown timer for your favourite days. It carries large digits and is readable from a distance along with an app widget through which you can get everything right on your mobile screen. It does not support stopwatch and can’t measure more than almost 99 hours and can run one session at a time. It is a safe and precise countdown app without any advertisement as well. It is an easy to setup app or pulls previous sessions from the history using the Rollback button. You can also set the alarm at the specific time of day or even after a specified time length as well. Other than these, Large Countdown Timer also brings history rollback button, ergonomic support, interactive help, proximately sensor, snooze and repeat buttons on the alert, and so much more. So just download Large Countdown Timer app and start enjoying this gigantic countdown timer with a precise count down feature.


7. Countdown in Status Bar

Countdown in Status Bar is another awesome tool through you can countdown days to any of your special days, dates, or events using this marvellous app. Countdown in Status Bar was introduced by Wagan Apps Inc. through which users can monitor the days left in their special days right on the status bar. This application precisely shows the number of days right on the status bar even when your cell phone is locked unlike tools and can run up to two simultaneous countdowns in the bar. It helps you start countdown up to an amazing 500 days into the future. Countdown in Status Bar helps you enjoy simple user interface with easy to understand countdown options. It helps you choose from a list of various colours to differentiate and identify your countdowns or even match your status bar colour so the date blend. This application also Autostart when the mobile phone is rebooted. It displays the number of days as well as the title in the notification drop town, support Android tablets. So just download this super lightweight app named Countdown in Status Bar app enjoy everything of your countdown right on the status bar.


8. Countdown by

Countdown by is another awesome tool if you are looking forward for tracking the exact time left in the next Christmas, birthdays, graduation or vacations, New Year, and various others. Countdown by is a superb application introduced by Time and Date AS Inc. which enables everyone to track the exact second left in their special dates and events. All you need to do in this superb Countdown is to enter your date and locations, and the countdown app will precisely count the time remaining in coming that big day just to let you celebrate properly. This application carries two types of widgets to display the countdowns over your mobile home screen and implies a limit of one widget for free usage. Countdown by brings simple yet awesome fun themes, and you can set any of your most likely over it. It lets you share your events over the Instagram, Facebook, and others and even share it by mail. This Countdown app brings the support of counting up and down, over 5k cities, all time zones, automated deletion of expired timers, and lets you use your own photos over countdowns. So just download Countdown by app and enjoy counting in the way you want.


9. Vacation Countdown App

Vacation Countdown App is one of the widely used vacation countdown app that helps you get the best countdown app to count down all the hours, days, minutes, etc. Vacation Countdown App that enables you to get the exact quantity of time as well as days that will get you an exact time until your special days. This application enables you to set up more than one countdowns for more than one events. Whether you want to plan a trip to Hawaii, hiking in Colorado, sightseeing in Paris, skiing in Switzerland, and any of your most likely ones, Vacation Countdown App enables you to set the exact countdown for that. This countdown app enables you to set your favourite background using your most likely pics from your gallery and it itself offers outstanding wallpapers for you as well. It carries lush waterfall, beautiful beach scenes, a hiking trail, Las Vegas sign, Statue of Liberty in New York, Mountain Valley, Cruise Ship, Eiffel Tower, France, Taj Mahal in India, Seoul in Korea, Lake, Sand dunes, beautiful sunset, campground with tents and lot more pictures as backgrounds. So just download Vacation Countdown App in your cell phone, and start playing and sharing all your countdowns with your beloved ones.


10. Countdown+ Widget Calendar

Countdown+ Widget Calendar is one of the world’s most renowned countdown tools for all your birthday parties, preferred events, special occasions, and other happenings of your lives. Countdown+ Widget Calendar is a super stunning product of Apps Beyond LLC which helps its users to precisely measure the exact time remaining in all their most awaiting events. You can precisely track limitless countdowns for events and intuitively view your countdown on the screen of your mobile phone due to its widget support. As the event approaches, this superb countdown tool lets you receive notifications even more frequently just to let you manage things in the way like never before. Countdown+ Widget Calendar helps you to precisely measure that how many days are left in your wedding and lets you catch the time of the concert held in your area. You can add sticky notes to your manual countdown events and even add multiple alarm and sounds to choose from. Apart from its elegant integration with your calendar, Countdown+ app also integrated with the Facebook events to never let you sit back against any event. You can intuitively download Countdown+ Widget Calendar app to enjoy a sleekly designed app for the countdown to all your favourite events.


11. Days Counter

Days Counter is a lightweight and trendy application which enables its worldwide users to track all the most important events from their lives and enjoy them without any fear of disremembering them. Days Counter is a classy tool introduced by makes it so comfortable view and tracks all the days remaining as well as the days elapsed after an event. With this classy countdown app, users can never forget the birthdays of their favourite people, their marriage anniversaries, memorable events, special days, and other special moments of their lives. Days Counter support count down to events, and you can also utilize its outing up features once your event arrives. This countdown app helps you choose the pics from your gallery or use pre-installed backgrounds as well for any of the event that you set up here. You can even place its home screen widget right on your screen to get things without going to the app again and again. Days Counter enables its users to set reminders for each of their events so that you can get notifications to text on specific time. Other than these, Days Counter also lets you set repeating for your events on daily, yearly, monthly or weekly basis. So just download Days Counter app and enjoy counting down and up ultimately.


12. Christmas countdown by Aqreadd Studios

Christmas countdown by Aqreadd Studios is a widely used application mostly by Cristian’s who are immensely waiting for probably the most memorable and special events. Christmas countdown by Aqreadd Studios brings a countdown for Christmas along with living wallpapers in a snowfall of lights with awesome music. It lets you see a fabulous Christmas tree with cute lights and a flashing lights program as well. This countdown tool brings interactive wallpapers, and you can rotate the camera view by the slice of your finger. Apart from this, you can tap over the countdown of Christmas to start a particle explosion and switch between time and Christmas countdowns intuitively. Through its Christmas music, you can double tap to play or stop music and tap for once to change the songs. Christmas countdown by Aqreadd Studios lets you disable the countdown only to see the tree or even modify the countdown to set a New Year live wallpaper. This classy tool features eight kinds of trees, snow of light, the setting of camera angle, customizable colours of background and snow light, rotate the view on scrolling, day or night customization, control lights fly direction, and so much more. So just download Christmas countdown by Aqreadd Studios, and enjoy tracking your Christmas intuitively.


13. Big Days – Events Countdown

Big Days – Events Countdown is a super stylish and lightweight application that helps you track your events in a fast and sleek way. Big Days – Events Countdown enables everyone to view the days elapsed after the event or the reaming days before an event happens. This application reminds you everything regarding your favourite events by letting you know about the date or time of your anniversaries, holidays, exams, birthdays, convocations, events, festivals, and any of your special moments. You can intuitively customize your own lovely or memorable pics or even search hundreds of thousands of free images over Pixabay. You can choose the event images from the gallery, camera or even search online. You can also create a notification for each event so that you can precisely get to know days remaining before the event and days elapsed after that special moments. You can tap twice over the countdown to change the colour and even drag the countdown whenever you want. Big Days – Events Countdown enables you to get the list of all events, add an unlimited number of events, and share your events over the social network or with your favourite apps. So just download Big Days – Events Countdown app and start countdowns for your special moments.


14. Birthday Countdown

Birthday Countdown is the simplest and one of the cleanest birthday countdown through which you can never forget the birth days of you and your beloved ones. Birthday Countdown is a simple to use application introduced by Kulana Media Productions LLC which helps you set up unlimited countdowns by choosing your own countdown styles. This app makes it possible to track the months, days, hours, minutes and even the exact amount of seconds for all your special events. One of the unique facts about Birthday Countdown app is that it brings the support of Quote of the day feature through which you can learn one good thing on a daily basis and share them as well. You can share your countdowns over WhatsApp, Facebook, Email, Skype, and other social apps to let your loved one stay updated from all your life happenings. Birthday Countdown enables you to choose your favourite theme as well as your favourite pic. You can start the countdown to an important birthday with this super talented countdown app. So pick Birthday Countdown app from the store and count the time until the birthday of you, your brother, mother, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend, or anyone close to you.


15. Wedding Day Countdown

Wedding Day Countdown enables everyone to start the countdown for enriching the level of excitement of one of their most memorable and sensational event of wedding. Wedding Day Countdown was introduced by Jayakrishnan Inc. which helps you add the names of the wedding couple, set the exact date, time or venue to track the time left in the big day and start a countdown. You can effortlessly set your most likely pics as the backgrounds and customize your wedding countdown in the way you want to see. While on the other hand, Wedding Day Countdown allows you to play background music by browsing any of your favourite music from your music collection. One of the unique features of this app is the enabling of its love quotes on a daily basis. You can effortlessly change the opacity and shape of the heart which displays the countdown of your wedding. Other than these, this elegant countdown enables you to change the text size of both digits and labels, size of the selected heart, font size, background image, and so much more. So just download Wedding Day Countdown app over your phone devices and customize your wedding countdown with your own background, music, quote, and anything else you want.


16. Ready Set Vacation!

Ready Set Vacation makes it easy to start a countdown for your vacation at your fingertips and never forget any single thing with its integrated checklist. Ready Set Vacation brings in the market by Cobalt Sign Inc. through which you can start your countdowns for your vacations and enjoy this useful travel preparation app for free. It is simply developed countdown which exactly tells you that how many hours, days, and weeks you have left until that immensely awaited weekend or vacation starts. You can intuitively check everything right on the screen of your cell phone and get to know everything whenever you want. You can also share all your vacation updates and the remaining time with your friends by sharing it over the social media platform that you often use. It never enables you to forget things through its elegant integrated vacation checklist and always let you stay informed by built-in weather indicator as well as the temperature provider. You can effortlessly browse suggestions for activities and tours prepared for your destination and book them in advance. So just download Ready Set Vacation app in your phone and schedule your next countdown for your big events.


17. D-Day Reminder

D-Day Reminder never let you miss any of your special events such as anniversaries, birthdays, and so much more by letting you keep track of every upcoming big day. D-Day Reminder allows you to set anything you want to track and its elegant countdown will surely help you measure anything you want and never let you forget your special moments. This application supports the setting of more than one countdowns in one time and lets you manage everyone separately. D-Day Reminder allows you to add date, month and year to remember precisely and you can even set alarms and alert notifications that you want to listen. It keeps all your events such as anniversary date, exams dates, birthdays, concerts, meetings, TV shows, and all the events that you schedule over one place and you can get detailed information about everyone with simple taps. D-Day Reminder makes it easy allows you to remember a lot of dates and events you cannot remember. So just download D-Day Reminder app in your phone and start a brand new countdown for your next big event.


18. Countdown Star

Countdown Star brings one of the most precise and probably the best way to countdown to and counts up from all your preferred occasions. Countdown Star makes it so comfortable and handy to track the remaining days as well as time for your most favourite events in your family, concerts of your favourite superstars, a get-together of your friends, sporting events, New Year day, Parties, weddings of your beloved ones, and so much more. This application helps you measure the number of hours, minutes, and even seconds until your next birthday. Countdown Star app enables you to exactly count the number of days until the upcoming Christmas, Eid, or other special events. You can precisely check the days remaining for your holidays and keep in mind all the stuff of it as well. Other than these, Countdown Star also enables its users to add their own events, customize each event with their own photo or wallpaper (from its collection of 15), swipe the slider to adjust the units of time, share the selected events with your friends, and even set the exact time for each events. So just download Countdown Star app in your phone and grasp a precise countdown to and count up from all your most likely events.


19. Dreamdays Countdown Free

Dreamdays Countdown Free carries counting down things to an ultimate height, introduced by Guxiu Design Inc. It is an exceptional countdown all the events that matter to you with remainders, voices, and style with over 2 million users. It enables you to sort through your countdown events through the degree of importance and categories. This app supports counting down and counting up to events with your personal background and various other classy features. Dreamdays Countdown Free supports countdown to events once they arrive and count up when they go off. This application also supports the recording of voice memos that reflect your feelings and lets you share your delight and happiness with your family and friends over Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Dreamdays Countdown Free carries almost 6 default categories including anniversary, holiday, trip, school, life, and birthday, etc. along with the capability to add new categories as well. You can set your favourite event as cover with style and comfort and manage PIN protection to keep things private. So just download Dreamdays Countdown Free app to get a customizable order of events, home screen widget, push notifications support, voice notes support, and so much more right on your cell phone.

More About Wedding Countdown App

Wedding Countdown App is a gorgeous application which increases the level of your excitement for one of the biggest day of your life called the Wedding Day. Wedding Countdown App is a widely used application bought in the market by Kulana Media productions LLC which has developed an ultimate wedding date counter with the engaging and romantic background. You can set your wedding date on this application to start a countdown, and it will show this countdown until your wedding day comes. You can share your wedding countdown with you better half, friends, family members, and others to let them celebrate equally. Wedding Countdown App helps you add your most likely wallpaper over your wedding counter, and you can set your desired format for watching the days, hours, minutes, and seconds left behind. You can even import your own pics for setting them the backgrounds for your wedding counter. Apart from the simple countdown, this Wedding Countdown app also brings planning guide, quote of the day, organizer and so much more for managing that big day. So just download Wedding Countdown app in your phone and enjoy this wedding app by choosing your favourite styles and backgrounds.