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Weight Watchers is a fabulous health and fitness app that lets its users eat better and track his health in an innovative and fun way. A gigantic amount of people uses this exercising app for maintaining their fitness on a daily basis… read more
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1. Lose It

Lose It is an app for keeping your health issues more effectively. It is an amazing health and fitness app that is used by a huge community of people for tracking the food they love, search, snap, and scan items that attract you, lose weight once and for all, and lot more. You can track more than just the calories with health, water, macronutrient, and other body measurement goals, and effectively learn what helps or hinders your progress. It is one of the most fun, and effective weight losing app for people that enables you to set your motives, and track the food you love to lose your weight. You can even lose your weight several pounds and be accountable for exercise and food intake. It is a brilliant weight losing and tracking app which contains over 10 million items in its searchable international food, exercise database, comprehensive stuff and their details, more than 30 million journeys, 25+ health and macronutrient goals to choose from, and an effective range of 50 million Lose Its members.


2. Fooducate

Fooducate is a widely used fitness app that helps users keep their life healthy in a damn fun way. It is one of the best food coaches that delivers some extraordinary stuff beyond a simple calculator. It is probably the world best nutrition app that featured multiple time in the play store. It is your effective, healthy diet partner that enables you to track your recipe, exercise, food, and quality of calories in a much accurate and modified way. It has effectively graded more than 250,000 unique products, and you can even get recommendations for health foods, and fetch answers and get motivated from a vast community of this stunning app, and share your motives, tips, and success to others. It delivers food analyzes information found on the product ingredient list and nutrition panels. You can also scan any product and discover some unrevealed things like Trans fats tricks, high fructose corn syrup, controversial food colorings, MSG and its cousins, GMO (genetically modified organisms), artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, and dangerous additives and preservatives, etc. This app is precisely personalized for any age, gender, height, weight, and activity level or criteria.


3. Fitbit

Fitbit is an application that gives you a chance to keep a complete record of your physical action, and also you’re dietary patterns and even your rest plan. The ideal approach to utilizing the Fitbit application is close by one its gadgets, which help you measure your physical movement for the duration of the day: the strides you take, stairs you climb, calories you blaze, and so on. Other than measuring your physical action, Fitbit additionally helps you keep a record of the water you drink and the sustenance you eat. The application prescribes a day by day measure of water you ought to expand, so every time you have a glass, you ought to note it down on the application. Fitbit additionally prescribes a particular number of calories you shouldn’t go over in a day and gives you a chance to record the sustenance you eat. Fitbit, to put it plainly, can turn into a focal switchboard for keeping your propensities reliable. It gives you a chance to control everything about your wellbeing: athletic movement, dietary patterns, water utilization, and so forth.


4. Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker

Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker is a health and fitness app that helps its users make some amazing fitness-concern activates. This remarkable app lets you efficiently keep track of what you eat, how many calories you burn, see your calories broken down by the meal and by the day as well, make healthy habits with its articles and recipes, and lot more. It also provides healthy tips and advice from some of its professional coaches, discovers inspiration and motivation in the community feed, and try the premium app for its full features. It is an effective lifestyle, and personal diet coach that helps you do healthier activates for maintaining your diet and fitness. It offers customized meal plans and workouts, and allow you to lose your weight by planning your proper diet and tacking food. It brings some amazing crab counting and fitness tracking tools, exercise demos, calories chats, and detailed reporting criteria that help you achieve your desired fitness goals.


5. My Plate Calorie Tracker

My Plate Calorie Tracker is another health and fitness app that helps its users efficiently watch their diet and other healthy activities for making them fit. It is one of the most user-friendly fitness maintaining app that offers a petty unique and quite a different way to track as well as reduce your calories and stay vigorous. Using this effective app, you can easily browse a comprehensive food database along with more than 2 million food items, create custom meals and foods, use its handy barcode reader to track and find food easily, get a personalized profile information, and do many other healthy activities. You can precisely track your weight, keep track of your water intake, and review the detailed data and easily formulate daily goals for your nutrition intake of the sugar, fiber, protein, fat, crabs, and more. It lets you set meals-time remainder for getting notifications on the right time, log workout from the extensive exercise tracking database, integrate with google fit app, and get the full support it mobile phone users.


6. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is an application intended to make the smartphone users able to get more fit. It is the quickest, least demanding calorie counter for Android and iOS smartphones, and it incorporates a database of more than three million unique nourishments, which is greater than that of some other calorie counter. The application permits you to include the nourishments that you eat either physically, via scanning for their names in the sustenance database, or utilizing the standardized tag per user. If you use the last mentioned, you simply need to examine the standardized identification with your gadget’s camera, and you will rapidly have the majority of its data. Notwithstanding tallying the calories that you ingest as nourishment, Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal likewise permits you to monitor the calories that you expend when you work out. For instance, you can record that you ate a 500 calorie serving of pasta, however, that you blazed 200 calories running for a half hour. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal is one of the perfect weight reduction applications out there. You can match up your advancement with the official Calorie Counter site, which permits you to keep a predictable record of all the nourishment you eat.


7. Fitted Lifts – Workout log and exercise tracker for bodybuilding and weight training

Fitted Lifts – Workout log and exercise tracker for bodybuilding and weight training lets you manage your fitness in one of the best way possible. It is a super stunning application that enables its users to their desired workout plans and sustains a better lifestyle. It is a simple fitness tracking application that lets you be healthier and get stronger on the go. You can easily create fully customizable practices personalized to fit your fitness objectives. You can better monitor your fitness goals by tracking your progress on the go and at the gym just to see you in the mirror. You can easily create and change your routines easily and quickly and get estimated single rep max for each exercise, etc. Fitted Lifts – Workout log and exercise tracker for bodybuilding and weight training also lets you add your own exercise or use its database of exercises for achieving your fitness goals. While on the other hand, you can edit exercises, view daily summaries right on the calendar, configure rest timer, and set a target of sets per exercise, etc.


8. My Net Diary

My Net Diary is an effective health and fitness concern pocket coach that enables you to maintain your fitness by real-time effective coaching. Using this effective fitness app, you can track your weight and its progress in a damn interesting way, and it lets you lose weight and eat healthy with an app that guides, motivate, support, and leads you towards achieving your fitness goals. This app takes much care of each of your fitness-anxiety activities including planning calories, counting nutrition, exercising, and better eating. You can easily interact with this health and fitness app and set your health-related goals for keeping track of your activities. This app professionally calculates and manage your fitness targets, analyzes your food diary, and effectively guides you towards attaining your goals through getting diet tips, and personalized advice. It offers one of the fastest fitness calorie trackers, provides best food database with grocery stores, hotels, restaurants, special diets, and ethnic food, etc.


9. JEFIT: Workout Tracker, Gym Log & Personal Trainer

JEFIT: Workout Tracker, Gym Log & Personal Trainer helps you stay organized, get fit, and get the most of your workouts. It features data-driven training and easy workout logging criteria. This app delivers smart past gym log loading that lets you preload data based on your previous workout log. Some of its core feature includes the autostart workout timer, allow users to better focus on the actual workouts rather than wasting time on configuring the app, an ability to take quick notes, and lot more. JEFIT: Workout Tracker, Gym Log & Personal Trainer comprises extremely big databases of exercises with more than 1300 exercises along with High Definition exercises demonstrations through videos and images. It includes all the ordinary and the most professional workouts that help you get things according to your workout desire such as from squat, leg press, and bench press to weightlifting, Olympic styles workout and bodyweight workouts, etc. You can manage your gym workouts using this stunning workout taking app and lets you easily achieve your fitness concern goals.


10. Calorie Counter by Fast Secret

Calorie Counter by Fast Secret is an application which does what is there in its portrayal; it includes calories an appropriate way that can help the client to shed pounds and deal with their nourishment consumption. You can join with the assistance of your Facebook or Google account. There is a sustenance journal accessible where diverse food things can be entered to keep a record of the considerable number of calories devoured. There is additionally a journal for an activity where you can maintain a record of the distinctive physical exercises done throughout the week. You can enter the sustenance things physically or utilize the standardized tag scanner to locate the nutritious quality of the item. Autofill alternative for manual sections exists too. The journal appears as a schedule over a timeframe so you can see the aggregate calories expended in a month or more. A weight tracker which deals with your weight is likewise a vital part of the application. The application is easy to utilize, yet there is no advertisement free form accessible which is a slight downside. Generally speaking, this application is a precise method for checking your calories and getting smarter.


11. MapMyFitness

MapMyFitness is a GPS workout training and tracking app for the iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Rom waking to running and jogging to workout, this app maps all of the activities of its users and shows them the real time reports how overall performance is going. This app will track all of the fitness activities in the shape of workouts and exercises and allow them to access all of its resources in the online and app based version. Start planning first and after that move to the next stages of tracking and analyzing the fitness journey. All of the features are the part of this app like gear tracker, hundreds of activities, real time workout stats, and much more. Training with this application is just like training under the supervision of the professional coaches. In the end the data can be shared over the internet with your friends as well.


12. Yazio Calorie Counter

Yazio Calorie Counter is an accurate and real-time health and fitness maintaining app that allows you to manage your daily food diary, lose weight, and track your activities, and achieve your health-related motives successfully. It has made counting calories and losing your weight so handy and comfortable. This fitness app possesses the master technique to measure the healthy goals and go through an effective and daily exercising panel to attain your intentions. This app enables users to register easily and get a personal plan to build your muscles and lose your weight. It provides calorie table with over 2 million foods items, lets you track your calories and food dairy for all meals, create meals and add favorites, track your crab, protein, fats, and others, and provides built-in barcode scanner for quick searching, etc. It lets you track your daily activities, exercise, and sports activities, and your daily steps walked. There is a never-ending list of this app that helps you maintain your fitness in a way never before.


13. Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer is a fine app that lets you work out anywhere anytime having this robust application in your pocket and workout trainer at your fingerprints. It is the finest workout manager that provides thousands of custom training programs and workouts through some expert coaches whether you like working out at gym or lifting weight at your house. Workout Trainer contains certified trainers that professionally guide you through each and every exercise with step by step audio, video, and photo instructions. It is suitable and better fit for your fitness journey with adjustable and customizable difficulty levels. Whether you are a newcomer or a daily routine work outer, you can better understand the fitness training that it delivers. Whether you are a starter who want to learn and perform recommended exercises or an athletic trainer to break through plateaus or maintain fitness, Workout Trainer has efficiently guided millions of individuals sustain an active and healthy lifestyle on the go. So just stay motivated and more inspirational with a 20 million-member community and exchange your through for better workout and fitness journey.


14. S Health

S Health is your wellness mentor. Set targets, track your regular exercises and achieve new developments with Goals. With instinctive graphs and helpful tips, the objectives will direct you to accomplish your wellbeing and wellness targets. Stay fit and gets sound with the new S Health. Whether it’s a single stride, a chomp at lunch or time spent absorbing the sun, track everything with Trackers. The trackers not just make it simple to track your everyday exercises, they additionally permit you to quantify and deal with your wellbeing and original records, for example, heart rate, SpO₂, and bright utilizing the worked as a part of sensors in Samsung cell phones and wearables. Whether you are a newbie or an enthusiastic runner, the projects help you achieve your wellness points of reference. With the voice guide, keeping pace is less demanding than any time in recent memory. You can hunt down the nourishment thing you are searching for and after writing the application will naturally recommend the likeliest choice you are searching for, you can likewise spare your most loved sustenance and dinners for future use. It will obviously include the aggregate calories from that nourishment in your total calorie admission.


15. Nike Training Club – Workouts & Fitness Plans

Nike Training Club – Workouts & Fitness Plans is a super stunning working out application that has extremely enhanced the ease of getting strength. It acts as your ultimate personal trainer and lets you get fit with more than 160 free workouts from endurance and strength to yoga and mobility. It features world-class master trainers in every drill which provides personalized training plans adapt to your schedule whether you are just getting started or a seasoned athlete. Its worldwide lovers can easily manage their workouts to get the exact workouts scenarios that they want even when life gets in the way. You can get personalized workout recommendations, and its daily picks are entirely based on your routine. The library of Nike Training Club includes the Boxing (including yoga, mobility, strength, and endurance workouts), workouts training ranging from 15 to 45 minutes, and you can do workouts with low, moderate, and high intensity, etc. You can also get rep based and time-based options and get motivated from Michael B. Jordan, Ashton Eaton, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kevin Hart, Serena Williams, Kyrie Irving, Rory McIlroy, Alex Morgan, Ellie Goulding like your favourite athletes.


16. 8fit – Workouts, Meal Planner & Personal Trainer

8fit – Workouts, Meal Planner & Personal Trainer is one of the best apps that help you to get the best version of yourself with proper exercise training and workouts on a daily basis. It delivers interactive workouts to work out anywhere, effective meal plans efficiently designed for your goals, 100 percent customized exercise programs, and lets you start little habits for a big change. It is a gorgeous mobile personal workout trainer that lets you enjoy the quick workout routine combined with a simple, healthy meal planner excellently tailored for you. This app lets you realize your potential and skip the gym for the real-time by working anytime, anywhere such as at home, at the hotel, or on the go. 8fit – Workouts, Meal Planner & Personal Trainer is a personalized step by step guide that is beneficial for both beginners and advanced level athletes. It delivers fitness assessment support, customized healthy diet plans and meals, healthy recipes and shopping list, foods to avoid and foods to acquire, etc. You can easily achieve your fitness aims having this classy fitness planner and personal trainer.


17. Freeletics Bodyweight

Freeletics Bodyweight is one of the most fitness training programs that enables you to achieve your fitness level and goals in the most innovative and damn cool way. Whether you want to lose your weight, building your muscle, maintain your health, or simply want to get in the shape, this app is there for you providing the best fitness experience. It provides 5 to 30-minute working outs and offers more than 900 workouts to choose from for getting things done in the most innovative way. Freeletics Bodyweight is an adaptive-friendly application that is advantageous for both starter and the advanced athletes. It provides tutorial videos for perfect execution and adaption of workouts for its worldwide users. It comprises a community of more than 20 million users that effectively reduced their weight and overcome their respective fitness goals. Freeletics Bodyweight provides fitness test to access your fitness levels, define your goals for exact or perfect workouts and provides weekly workout plans for perfect adaption. There are lot more valuable features of this app that enables its users to get their daily dose of workouts and maintain their health in the most desirable way.


18. Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio is a damn cool thing that provides everything you need for a better shape of your body. Its collection of beginners includes 10 classes, 11 classes for intermediates, advanced level classes are 9 in numbers and almost 4 classes in Sun Salutations. It is everything that you need in a particular and fully-features yoga studio, and the awesome part is it pays for itself with one use. Whether you are looking for beginner level classes or some professional or expert level stuff, this app obviously does things for you in the most user-friendly and damn cool way. This application lets its users to play, create, discover, customize, and schedule easy to follow classes with high definition video support. Other than these, it delivers 65 personalized meditation and yoga classes, lets you easily customize or create your own classes, a library of more than 180 poses with detailed instructions, etc.  Yoga Studio is damn perfect for beginners and awesome for experts.


19. J&J Official 7 Minute Workout

J&J Official 7 Minute Workout offers a fast, simple, straightforward, and science-based way to make every minute count, designed by Chris Jordan director of Exercise Physiology at the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute. Its workout library contains almost 22 preset workouts and is varying in the duration and intention, and these workouts are designed to better fit your schedule ranging from 7 to 32 minutes. You can get access to almost 72 exercises feature gauges your motivation and fitness level and creates a number of workouts for you. You can easily control audio prompts and music from your device and set inactivity and workout remainders that helps you to stay on track. You can create custom workouts targeting workout intensity and multiple focus areas as well. You can easily manage and track your fitness concern motives and share these progressions and workouts through Facebook and Twitter. J&J Official 7 Minute Workout contains more than 2.5 million followers in over 230 states.


20. Aaptiv: #1 Audio Fitness App

Aaptiv: #1 Audio Fitness App lead audio workouts for a fraction of the worth of a live trainer. This awesome fitness tracking and managing app lets you get full access to more than 2500 workouts, provides personal training anytime anywhere, fitness routines for every level, and lets you work your way through custom workout lists. Having this fitness app on your mobile phone enables you to get access to hundreds of fitness classes in cycling, running, treadmill, strength training, elliptical, meditation, yoga, and walking. You can get full as well as the half marathon and a 5k and 10 k training programs to get ready for your rivalry. It also delivers high-intensity interval training to help you burn calories more effectively, built muscles and lose weight in the most ultimate and professional way. Aaptiv: #1 Audio Fitness App also lets you listen to an amazing playlist of songs that you love, provides customizable workouts, Google fit integration, and the ability to track your fitness progress in a healthy way. You can also access all of its classes with a paid membership as well.


21. Keelo – Strength HIIT Workouts

Keelo – Strength HIIT Workouts is a workout tracking and managing application that is published by Throwndown Labs, Inc. and featured by Apple, SELF Magazine, Glamour, Elite Daily, Forbes, and Entrepreneur. Keelo is one of the most perfect applications for busy individuals that do not manage time for a proper workout in their busy life schedule. It lets you manage your workout in almost 7 to 20 minutes, and you have to do them thrice a week, and you can see real-time improvements in your health in just a few weeks. You can do them at the gym, at home, and get free coaching by emailing them anytime for asking any of your desired questions about any problem regarding your workout stuff. It lets you chat with your coach to get faster responses to your exercise or workout questions. It delivers HD quality instructional video for all of your movements. All the workouts are efficiently scalable to the experienced individuals as well as beginners. You can easily track performance and compare your previous score to see your body improvements. It does not occupy any login process so that you just have to open the app and start enjoying it. It adds new workouts regularly just to ensure that you have the right working out application.


22. Sworkit: Workouts & Fitness Plans

Sworkit: Workouts & Fitness Plans is one of the smartest health concern application on this planet trusted by more than 35 million people from all the world. It enables you to choose any kind of workout you want, and the time for having that workout, then it will professionally show you exactly what to do. It allows you to get leaner, stronger, and fitter in a period of six weeks, and have effective plans for all beginners, intermediate level individuals, and advanced persons as well. While on the other hand, it also delivers an active and gigantic database of body weight exercises so that you can easily choose any of them and start it anywhere. It provides you the ability to make your own custom workouts so that you can now do workouts with all of your favourite exercises. Another of its awesome feature provides a proper solution for wellness and health coaches through personal trainers, PE teachers, Sports trainers, physical therapists and more. This application helps you get in shape more reliably and smartly by providing you with a series of features. Some of its core features include the guided workout plans, custom exercise intervals, exclusive workouts and ultimate exercises, simple access to its web app, unlimited custom workouts, and an ads-free atmosphere for a smooth experience.


23. Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga is one of the most intuitive applications that help you keep up with practice at your own stride in the comforts of your own place. You just have to roll out your carpet, place your mobile device or tablet in front, and this app will guide you through your entire session for the real-time. It lets you choose between 27 different sessions of varying difficulty and duration approaches. You can learn the poses with pose dictionary which contains detailed clarifications of the correct alignment, benefits, and correct posture, etc. You can easily approach detailed visual and audio instructions that guides through every pose comprise each exhalation and inhalation. It provides more than 200 beautifully illustrated pose images with right alignment and posture. Using its ultimate dictionary of poses you can get descriptions, details, and benefits of each pose. Other than these, you can unlock new environments as you progress, play music from your music library, and maintain an ongoing log of your yoga practices to manage and track your progress, etc. All of the yoga practices that it delivers are efficiently designed by the experienced and the most professional yoga instructions. Hence, you can manage your workout in the most ultimate way having this application on your mobile.


24. Strava Running and Cycling GPS

Strava Running and Cycling GPS is one of the most amazing apps for runners and cyclists for recording their activities, compete with their community, comparing their performances over time, and sharing the stories, photos, and highlights of their activities with friends. There are millions of individuals that are using this robust app for tracking their rides and runs for free. Strava Running and Cycling GPS delivers an activity tracking that lets you get key stats as calories burned, elevation gained, pace, speed, and distances along with an instructive map of your activity. You can participate in monthly challenges to impulse yourself further. You can easily connect with your friends, fellow athletes, and social trainers to view each other progress, and activities or encourage them with comments and kudos. This app lets you showcase the best moments of your ride or run, shoot and dig deep for a top time, get heart rate monitor, and share activity details on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Strava Running and Cycling GPS enable some of its passionate trainers to go premium and use some extraordinary and ultimate features for overcoming their health motives.


25. Fit Radio Workout Music & Coach

Fit Radio Workout Music & Coach is the finest app that lets you burn your calories with a coach in your ear pushing you further. This is an awesome health coaching application that helps all of its clients to keep on the track throughout the week. As minutes per mile varies from runner to runner, that is why it lets its users to find and choose the exact pace. Listening to the same music over and over is boring and ruin your workout, therefore, everyone needs a new and high energy playlists every day that wonders you and keep you moving. The incredible music that it delivers is awesome to get your blood pumping and has almost everything that individuals need to take your workouts to the next level. Some of its extraordinary features include the providence of large variety of programs (including bike, HIIT, walk, jog, elliptical, treadmill, etc.), over 24 new coached workouts, suggestions of playlists that better fit the workouts perfectly, high-quality sound recording, and lot more. Other than these, you can also enjoy the right amount of coaching, pair workouts with your most favourite genre, get motivation when you need it the most, and share your workouts with your friends a well.


26. CARROT Fit – 7 Minute Workout & Weight Tracker

CARROT Fit – 7 Minute Workout & Weight Tracker is a finest health and fitness application featured by Apple, Good Morning America, USA Today, CNN, Wired, and more. It is efficiently established for one simple motive to transform your chubby and flabby carcass into a grade a specimen of the human race. It is one of the most ultimate guider and a vital tool for ensuring your fitness level on the top. It has efficiently comprised the hours of workout into 7 soaked minutes and efficiently trains personally on some great exercise. CARROT Fit – 7 Minute Workout & Weight Tracker lets you work out with a hilarious Al construct, enjoy more than three hours of encouragements, ridicule, and spoken tips, integration with Apple Watch, and sync data with Apple’s health app. Using this app, you can get 12 additional exercises, record your weight once a day, set reminders, set a goal weight for a better approach, track your weight loss progress, bind with your cuddly and cute meatbag avatar, and enjoy a lot of other healthy activities.


27. Cyclemeter GPS – Cycling, Running, Mountain Biking

Cyclemeter GPS – Cycling, Running, Mountain Biking is one of the most advanced applications designed to maintaining your health-related activities in the most superb way. It has efficiently makes your mobile phone device a fitness computer with a robust integration of maps, splits, intervals, laps, graphs, announcements, training plans, zones, and more. It lets you experience an unlimited number of features and dependability for free. Cyclemeter GPS – Cycling, Running, Mountain Biking lets you record unlimited workouts, no login process, swipe across the stopwatch, view bar, pie charts, and your workouts, and analyze your workouts on your iPad as well.  It also excludes stopped time, record heart rate, bike power, bike cadence, bike speed with sensors, record steps all day, automatically record the weather, and support starting and stopping with earphone remote. It efficiently supports running, walking, cycling, biking, skiing, and many other activities, keeps on track with extremely configurable interval zones, targets, and trainers, etc. This application lets you select from more than 120 configurable announcements, and hear stats at time or distance intervals, and comments from others. There is a never-ending list of healthy features that it delivers to its users that let them manage their health in the most innovative, impressive, and elegant way.


28. StrongLifts 5×5 Workout Gym Log & Personal Trainer

StrongLifts 5×5 Workout Gym Log & Personal Trainer is the simplest yet most effective workout application that helps you to build your muscle, burn fat fast, and get more stronger. It delivers three exercise, thrice a week, and almost 45 minutes per workout and there are thousands of this app loved this app to get all the useful things listed above. It is same like having the muscle building and personal strength coach in your pocket. It guides its worldwide users through every workout and shows you which exercise to do, with how much weight, and how long to rest between sets, etc. It contains an intuitive design that lets you record weight, reps, and sets effectively. It provides a better graphics approach that helps you to view your progress all the lifts and for body weight, a calendar for monthly and weekly workouts overview. Rather than these, it lets you know what to do and who to do, auto add weight each workout, provides time suggestions, videos of exercises and workouts, ads-free scenario, and lot more.


29. 30 Day Fitness Challenge – Workout at Home

30 Day Fitness Challenge – Workout at Home is a widely used application that helps its users to get their health on the top with extremely easy and intuitive workouts plans. It is a suitable app for almost all the users and delivers supreme features that make this app more effective and instinctive designed by a professional fitness coach. Through fully considering workouts rules, this app increases the intensity step by step, so you can easily stick daily workouts. It greatly admires and helps you lose weight and maintain your fitness effectively. Using this application, you can easily record progress automatically, get detailed video guides, increase your exercise intensity according to your desire, and share things with your friends on some social media platforms. It also provides 30 days fully body challenge, abs challenge and butt challenge and effectively guide you to get your desired fitness level. Each of its challenges has almost three difficulty levels from beginners to pro. Hence, 30 Day Fitness Challenge is one of the best weight loss and fitness application that provides some amazing workouts and extreme ease.


30. Moves

Moves is a superb application that tracks your everyday performance regarding exercise and life through carrying this application in your pocket or bag. It provides automatic tracking that lets you record daily walking, running, and cycling and recognizes places in daily life. This app lets you visualize your day with an easy to read the storyline, see the paths through routes on the map, counts your steps through pedometer, and lets you use your moves data with other apps. You can track your everyday exercise that helps you think about your workout life in the ultimate ways and lets you start with some minor changes to lead you towards healthier habits and fitter lifestyle. This app makes it so amazing to get your daily dose of exercise in the best possible way. This app works marvellously great on your mobile phone and is working on minimizing the consumption of your mobile phone’s battery. This application proved to be awesome as your health coach that lets you maintain or track your daily life activities regarding health.


31. AllTrails – Hiking, Trail Running & Biking Trails

AllTrails – Hiking, Trail Running & Biking Trails is a master guide to your outdoor activities. It lets you find the best trails in the outdoors to run, hike or bike. With a collection of 50,000 hand curated trails maps, as well as trail photo and reviews, crowd-sourced from millions of mountain bikers, trail runners, and hikers and all of these trails lets you spend more time doing things that you love. You can explore a huge collection of trails from all over the world. All Trails has almost the largest collection of detailed and thorough topo maps and hand-curated trail maps, and you can browse review, photos, and ratings from millions of trail runners, bikers, hikers, and mountaineers like you. You can find your perfect hiking, mountain bike riding, and trail run by length, difficulty level, and ratings whether at home, on the road, at a national park. You can easily filter by kid-friendly, dog-friendly, and wheelchair-friendly trails. You can track your monthly, annual, or lifetime progress and stats for recorded elevation gain, moving time, and distance, track your personal bests, view stats for people who are inspired form you or people you follow, save your favourite trails, follow friends for getting inspiration, and lot more.


32. Fasting Secret

Fasting Secret is a smart tool which helps you track fasts, ketones, weight, and other stuff and lets you enjoy your life in a more balanced way. Fasting Secret is a widely used application introduced by Fenlander Software solutions Ltd. through which users can enjoy an effective diet board with a countdown timer to track everything regarding their health. This stunning tool effectively tracks the weight, blood pressure, heart rate, ketones, body fats, blood sugar and all your measurements and keep in under one place. It is a super marvellous app for losing weight and let you have the long-term maintenance. There are millions of people from all over the world who are using it for the sake of the better-maintained life. You can manually stop and start fasting period, use the weight graph dashboard for managing info relevant to you, get calendar view, enter daily notes, and intuitive record and monitor your weight and height. You can intuitively schedule your fasts by using its recurring and manual options. So just download Fasting Secret app over your cell phone and enjoy detailed weight loss analysis with progress charts and goal settings.


33. iFit-Track

iFit-Track is another marvellous application through which people can maintain their fitness in an ultimate way. iFit—All-day Fitness Coaching is a great app where you can get a precise fitness plan crafted by its superb trainers, sleep experts, and dietitians. You can receive three workout options every day based on your body goals and body metrics. This application enables you to eat healthy stuff and maintain your diet to make you the person of your imagination. It enables you to eat what your body exactly needs with individualized eating scenarios. You can also learn how to sleep intuitive each night with the precious advice that is unique and good for you and your health motives. iFit—All-day Fitness Coaching enables you to track your exercise, activity, sleep, weight, nutrition, and other regular things just to let you focus on everything regarding health. You can also gain insights with the comprehensive stats for exercise, nutrition, and other facts into your day. It provides authentic workout recommendations every day based on your daily activities, workout preferences, exercise goals, and others. So just download iFit—All-day Fitness coaching app on your phone, and experience an entirely personalized fitness app to achieve all your fitness and diet goals.


34. FitDay

FitDay is another marvellous application for maintaining your fitness level to the ultimate level and lets you lose some weight to look gorgeous. FitDay – Free Diet and Weight Loss Journal is an easy to use and free calorie counter for your mobile device which carries the quickest food search feature, entry, and logging food on the move. It enables you to search form the database of more than 20,000 foods items and uses the USDA database which is one of the most secure, trusted, and reliable source. You can effortlessly log your food to count your calories. It also enables its users to create custom food items. It is your ultimate food planner through which you can manage and track your all-time diet plans for effective weight loss. FitDay – Free Diet and Weight Loss is a super elegant app through which you can track your calories, carbs, protein, fibre, and more along with a daily nutrition tracker as well. You can also see how much calories that you have already eaten over time for motivation. So just pick FitDay – Free Diet and Weight Loss Journal from the stores and enjoy managing your health in a way like never before.


35. Happy Scale

Happy Scale is an effective app for maintaining your health which helps you make sense of the frustrating downs and ups through using the mathematical analysis to make sense of scale weight through the mobile phone. Happy Scale: Predictive Weight Loss Tracker app bought in the market by Front Picket Software Inc. which enables its worldwide users to split their goals into smaller mini-goals and follow them properly. It enables you to smooth out your fluctuations to understand your true trend. Happy Scale predicts when you achieve your goals and lets you stay motivated on your daily exercises. It also monitors your recent weight trends and also makes concise progress reports as well which can further be shared with your supporters. Happy Scale: Predictive Weight Loss Tracker allows you to understand your trends, be able to predict what you will weigh for events, and take the sting out of the plateaus. Other than these, Happy Scale app lets you see your true progress, see the perfect dose of supplement, see predictions about your weight, and enjoy this universal app over your desired devices. So just download Happy Scale: Predictive Weight Loss Tracker app in your mobile phone and enjoy this ultimate weight tracker if you are on a journey of losing weight.


36. Fitocracy Workout Fitness Log

Fitocracy Workout Fitness Log efficiently helps and motivates you to succeed at the extreme fitness and level up in real life. It delivers exercising in the damn fun way so that you can easily track your workout, unlock achievements, beat quests, earn maximum points, and slay the laziness dragon. Just download this app, join one of the best fitness community to get real-time fitness goals done, and lot more. On this platform, you can use its workout tracker to earn points and level up your performances, and complete quests to get bonus points as well as earn badges by reaching the milestone. You can even find friends on this platform, follow them, leave comments, and give them props. You can also increase your motivation level by participating in the fitness social network and become more social and awesome. Fitocracy delivers a robust workout tracker that lets you track tons of exercises, save routines, log supersets and circuits, and more. You can unlock achievements to track your progress and take on quests to take on new challenges and push yourself. You can also follow other participants of this app to get better inspiration and motivation and join in on conversations and lot more.


37. My Diet Coach

Everybody who has counted calories before realizes that it is anything but difficult to be enticed and offer into those yearnings, especially since they turn out to be increasingly visited. With My Diet Coach, in any case, you can figure out how to maintain a strategic distance from every one of the impediments that stand amongst you and weight reduction. With My Diet Coach, you can stay roused and never lose restraint. This application will help you accomplish the weight you need by helping you comprehend the passionate force of nourishment and remunerating you when you do things right. The application will urge you to keep on exercising, helping you get thinner and stay aware of your activity arrangement as opposed to losing determination. My Diet Coach will likewise help you bring an end to the undesirable dietary patterns that you have had for quite a long time, the kind that hurt your body. The application is separated into five capacities that together will help you achieve your objectives. Initially, it will send you indications of the amount of weight you need to lose and how you can lose it. Furthermore, in the event that you are ever enticed to eat something you shouldn’t, you can approach the application for backing, and it will help you defeat these desires with persuasive photographs. Third, there are impetuses in the application like photos and motivational quotes with indications of your objectives. You can likewise add your own difficulties to the application, and perceive the amount of advancement you have made. At last – and best of all – the application has a prizes framework. With it, you can acquire focuses and virtual rewards for your significant propensities and the weight you lose. In case you’re continually falling into enticement and think you’ll never lose that weight, My Diet Coach is the ideal apparatus for you.


38. Weight Loss Tracker

Weight Loss Tracker is an app that lets you track your fitness for making your healthy activities a bit schedule and regular. It is a minimal and handy app with a user-friendly atmosphere to interact with tracking your fitness activities. It provides a weight diary with pretty much handy number-picker that lets you enter your body weight effortlessly. It allows you BMI by specifying your height in profile. You can choose your display panel to display your progress such as a graph or table, etc. It holds your weight progress in a damn efficient way. You can access your weight dairy anytime you want and observe your fitness results for better inspection. It delivers an excellent way to chart your weight lose progression along with the stunning visual design in an easy to read scenario. Hence using this app, you can straightforwardly maintain your fitness concern activities and track your health activities for attaining your fitness level.


39. iTrackBites

iTrackBites is an amazing app compatible with your weight lose system. It is one of the best apps that help you track your diet, and weight lose journey, having more than 530,563 downloads over many iPhone and Android devices. It contains everything that you need including food database, restaurant database, weight tracker, barcode scanner, and lot more. This app provides a precise backup and support system as well. There is a vast community of people use this app for making their health-related and fitness concerns more effective and regular. It does not have any monthly fees or charges and subscription plans, and you can choose from the classic plan, plus, smart, and even use calories. It provides daily allowance calculator, simple daily log calculator and effective barcode scanner, large pocket help with some accurate food items, support decimal point, daily notes support, track healthy choices, cloud backup and store, export logos to your mail, and lot more.

More About Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is a fabulous health and fitness app that lets its users eat better and track his health in an innovative and fun way. A gigantic amount of people uses this exercising app for maintaining their fitness on a daily basis. This app lets users eat better and track their activity and food on the go, move more with the personalized activity goals, and share these big as well as small victories with the Weight Watchers community to explain your fitness trends and progress towards fitness. This is a stunning app that helps you make effective health by keeping a proper diet and lets you lead a healthier and more active life. Using this app, you can easily share your victories, post your most recent and the old pics, and get inspired by the huge number of the community of people using this platform to the new social experience. You can follow your progress and track your weight on a daily basis just to maintain your fitness level on a peak with the newly designed weight tracker. It also lets you add your favorite diet to the Recipe Builder, and quickly track multiple items form recently added food items, your favorites, and a lot more for maintaining a healthier lifestyle.