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WePhone is another intuitive application for users who want to enjoy cheap phone calls. WePhone – free phone calls & cheap calls is one of the best solutions if you want to enjoy free calls with your friends and family members live far from you… read more
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1. Rebtel

Rebtel is amazing stuff for enjoying international calling for everyone everywhere for free. Rebtel – International Calling is an elegant application through which users from all over the world can enjoy free international calls and messages between Rebtel to Rebtel. It allows you to have a damn intuitive experience of high-quality international calls for both mobile and landline users and it will automatically detect your best available connection type. It elegantly tells you that whether to set up call through mobile data and Wi-Fi or through local phone numbers. Rebtel – International Calling never let you worry to have call dropping and bad reception. You can make unlimited calls to a number of individuals. After its subscription, you can enjoy calling any mobile phones as well as landlines in over 50 countries. Each of its payment is valid until one month and is renewed automatically at the end of each month. Rebtel – International Calling is one of the best application for making free, internet-free and unlimited calls to friends in various countries. So just download Rebtel – International Calling to become a Rebel and start to enjoy free calling.


2. Dingtone

Dingtone is a damn elegant and an awesome way to talk, text and share media between individuals from all over the world. Dingtone Free Phone Calls, Free Texting is a fine production of Dingtone, Inc. which brings some immensely great and powerful features like calling, text messaging, voice calling, and many other things in one powerful platform. Dingtone is an all in one solution for enjoying Live Walkie Talkie, free phone calls, free text messaging, Facebook integration, and lot more things. Dingtone Free Phone Calls, Free Texting has made it tremendously great to enjoy clean and high-quality conference calling. It allows you to enjoy all these stuff in high sound quality so that you can never get frustrated again for poor connection and call dropping-like scenarios. DINGTONE Free Phone Calls & Text Messenger With Cheap International calls is the only solution for your secure conversations. Dingtone Free Phone Calls, Free Texting works on all your devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and other devices simultaneously. Once you use this super application, you will never go back to your ordinary cell phone’s calling and text messaging service, and step into an entirely new era of talk, text, and share.


3. magicApp

magicApp is another awesome stuff when you talk about calling and messaging, introduced by magicJack VocalTec Ltd. magicApp Calling & Messaging allows you to make unlimited local or long-distance calls to the U.S, Canada and other unlimited magicApp customers in all over the world. This app brings a number of intuitive features through which you can enjoy calling and text messaging, caller ID, voicemail, call forwarding, and more in a damn ultimate way. MagicApp Calling & Messaging allows you to enhance your calling and messaging experience through a number of awesome features. You can easily make calls from your magicJack number on your Android and iOS devices. You can never miss any call because the call to your magicJack number precisely rings on your smartphone at the right time of the call. magicApp Calling & Messaging users can enjoy calls over the internet so that you never have to worry roaming charges when travelling. It also allows you to enjoy texting with any U.S user’s mobile phone numbers using it which doesn’t have to download the app to text. So just download magicApp Calling & Messaging to enjoy unlimited calls.


4. Yolla

Yolla is a smart calling application that allows you to enjoy calling in probably the best rates on calls to any mobile and landline numbers. Yolla – International Calling start calls rates starting from $%0.001. It is a damn crazy application that helps you get all the features for almost free. It is an awesome tool for making calls to mobile and landlines in United States, Canada, France, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Oman, India, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, and many others. When you can compare its rates from other brands of this planet, then you will obviously check the most unimaginary and eye-catching stuff over here. Yolla – International Calling provides one of the best rates for more than 30k international call destinations. Apart from this, it also lets you avoid roaming fees, keep a caller ID, value for money, earn credits, and kept things under control. So just download this app to enjoy a community of millions of well-trusted Yolla users.


5. WeTalk

WeTalk is an effective application where you can enjoy cheap calls and free text messages over this application in a number of countries. WeTalk – cheap calls & cheap international calls is a great product of Phantom Software Inc. that allows you to enjoy calling and text messaging in a brand new look. You can easily record calls for free with its ultimate call recorder. We Talk makes it able to display your phone number or the caller ID that you are using to enjoy cheap calls and free text conversations. It allows you to enjoy hassle-free calling without any registration so that you can work right out of the box having this application on your mobile phone. WeTalk – cheap calls & cheap international calls bring an exciting way to call anyone, anytime, and from anywhere in the globe and get bonus credit for each of your call. So just download WeTalk – cheap calls & cheap international calls to enjoy free calls to India, USA, Nigeria, Mexico, UK, Brazil, Pakistan, Kuwait, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, UAE, Germany, Egypt, UK, China, and India.


6. Camfrog

Camfrog is another awesome tool for making effective one to one and group communication with people spread across the globe. Camfrog – Group Video Chat is a widely used application that enables its users to bring their way through getting exciting communication with their beloved ones. Using such an amazing application, you can enjoy joining thousands of chat rooms. It is an effective cross-platform video chatting application which enables its users to enjoy chatting with people from all over the world. Camfrog – Group Video Chat comprised of millions of active users in thousands of video chat rooms, and you can video chat with everyone in its gigantic community whether they are on Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Mac, or PC. You can also do private video chat as well. You can enjoy this superb video chatting application in across all the devices. Camfrog – Group Video Chat allows you to join any of its tons of chat room to video chat with people from all over the world right from your couch using this easy to use application.


7. appear.in

appear.in is another intuitive application that helps you connect with each other using a damn fun way of communication. Appear.in is a fine stuff introduced by appear.in, Inc. which helps you collaborate from anywhere with the painless and intuitive video conversations. You can make effective videos calling with your friends, colleagues and other mates by sharing some important as well ordinary stuff with them. It allows you to enjoy calling with damn intuitiveness by sharing your valuable links, photos, and other stuff with your conversation partners. appear.in is a great application through which you can view and create room links, and people can join from other devices. It doesn’t require any registration, and you can create your own video room with custom links. It allows you to invite people by sending a link by the email, calendar invites, or anywhere you’d prefer. People can automatically join your room after approaching those links. So just download this remote working space to enjoy group chatting and videos calling in a damn intuitive way.


8. WowApp

WowApp is another effective tool for enjoying the free revolutionary platform through which you can earn as a result of your regular activities, introduced by YouWowME Limited. WowApp – Earn. Share. Do Good is a gorgeous application that helps you to get rewarded for activities such as Wow Games, Online shopping, Paid calls, and more. You can effectively earn real money with this superb app. After earned money, you have to decide whether to cash it out or to donate it to one of the nearly 2k charities in more than 110 countries. WowApp – Earn. Share. Do Good app allows its users to make effective use of earning cash for the real-time. It allows you to earn from chatting by keeping in touch with your friends. You can also earn by playing your favourite games. You can earn while reading your favourite content and by giving you cash back if you want to make paid calls at low rates. You can earn instantly by its daily offers, and by purchasing from over 5k online shops in all over the world.


9. Whistle Phone

Whistle Phone is an intuitive application that allows you to get your customized phone number and make as well as receive phone calls in an ultimate scenario. It is a fine production of Vail System, Inc. This superb application brings more ease of use and allows high-definition phone calls to landline and cell phone numbers for free. Whistle Phone lets you make inexpensive calls to landlines and cell phones for a fraction of your regular rate when you go premium. It brings one of the most secure and fully encrypted calling and prevents snooping on public wireless networks. You can easily make high definition calls with other of its members through its call forwarding service at a very low price. Whistle Phone also lets you send free calls to other clients as well to make your calls sound as clear as the music you hear. It brings an inbuilt integration with your address book, and you can also get precise push notifications for incoming calls. It also allows incoming calls to continue in the background (on speakers). So just download Whistle Phone to enjoy one of the most reasonable calling apps.


10. UppTalk

UppTalk is another intuitive application to make free calls chat and group messages with millions of people from all over the world. Upp Talk brings a number of intuitive application through which you can get millions of free unlimited calls group or one to one chats with millions of UppTalk users from all across the globe. It brings a damn intuitive and limitless experience of chatting and communication with the VoIP technology and group chat. It gives you a real phone number so that you can make or receive calls when only Wi-Fi. This superb chatting application allows you to talk with multimedia. It offers a number of high-quality features in sharing pictures, location, audio, and you can finally receive any type of files including videos. Having this application on your mobile phones, you can effectively do chat with people in a super secure atmosphere. It keeps all your conversation protected from other using strong encryption. So just download UppTalk to get into a new world of free calling, chatting, and group conversations.


11. Ringo Pro

Ringo Pro is a superb tool that lets you make low cost international as well as local calls, introduced in the market by Riva Inc. Ringo: International calls app brings suitable calling for all the local or international callers who want to talk with their buddies, family members, and others lives anywhere in the world. You can now talk to your heart’s content without having any tension about internet connectivity or phone bills. Ringo Pro: International calls app lets you have the most suitable and reasonable international as well as local calling experience so that you can easily talk to all your loved ones in a way like never before. Ringo app lets you call Canada (for almost 0.3 cents per minute), call Mexico(for almost 2.5 cents per minute), call United Kingdom (for almost 1.5 cents per minute) for all the customers live in the UK. While on the other hand, Ringo Pro enables all the IK users to enjoy calls in India, call in Germany, and make calls with US fellows for free. Ringo: International calls app has paused local calling experience to provide you a better experience for everyone use this app in India, but its international calling experience is as amazing as ever.


12. Free Calls

Free Calls lets you call any of your desired phone number in the whole world even if they do not have the same app in their cell phones. Free Calls – International Phone Calling App bought in the market by HotSpot VPN (Proxy and security) Inc. which brings an entirely new experience of making free phone calls to any of your desired number in the whole world. It contains coverage of calls in more than 200 countries to mobile or landline numbers and lets you enjoy the ultimate clear, and stable high quality calls wherever you want. This free calling service lets you get free credits for calling rates every day so that you can enjoy those to your favorite contacts that live abroad. Free Calls – International Phone Calling App enables you to use your own mobile phone and internet connection to make free texts and calls. Other than these, Free Calls app brings cheap or free calls to more than 200 countries so that you can enjoy this service in China, UK, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Germany, United States of America, Mexico, India, and various others. Free Calls – International Phone Calling App brings entirely a free global phone call services without any written contracts, or any hidden fees charges.


13. Voca

Voca is an easily accessible and quality calling app that lets you make connections with all your beloved ones around the globe at some of the cheapest or most reasonable calling rates. Voca – Cheap International Calls and Messaging is a great tool introduced in the market by Voca Communications AB Inc. through which user can enjoy cheap calls to their desired landlines and mobile phones around the world. You can connect through tablets and mobile phone devices with this hundred percent free calling service for now and for always. Voca – Calls and Messaging app lets you enjoy free Voca to Voca calls and messaging, and you can invite your friends to chat for free. Voca – Cheap Local Calls and Messaging app makes it so easy to share videos, texts, images, voice messages, as well as your locations to anyone you want. It brings safe and secure calling and messaging which are filly encrypted when using Voca to Voca functions. Voca – Calls & Messaging app lets you personalize your profile with custom photos, contact lists, color themes, and more. You can download Voca – Cheap International or Local Calls and Messaging app from the store to explore more neat, effective, and significant features and updates.


14. Phone Free Call

Phone Free Call is a free to use calling service which enables you to enjoy calling to the beloved ones that are working or living abroad and helps you enjoy establishing a connection without any prior efforts or spending money. Phone Free Call – Global Wi-Fi Calling App is an amazing calling tool introduced in the market by HotSpot VPN (Proxy and Security) Inc. which enables its worldwide users to enjoy calling their most likely mobile phone numbers without spending money. It lets you enjoy stable and clear phone calls so that you cannot get frustrated while making long distance calls. Phone Free Call is one of the awesome free VOIP calling apps which enables you to enjoy costless calls to all your most likely contacts via 3G or 4G cellular data as well as the Wi-Fi. Phone Free Call – Global Wi-Fi Calling App makes it so easy to make calls in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, China, UK, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Mexico, India, United States of America, and in more than 200 countries. You can either hide your caller ID (to enjoy making international calls anonymously) or show your call ID (to improve answer rate). Phone Free Call – Global Wi-Fi Calling App lets you dial away and make high-quality voice phone calls with crystal clear sound just like making calls from your landline.


15. Viber Out

Viber Out is one of the best and the widely used application that efficiently connects millions of people from all over the world to enjoy free calling, text messages, immense chatting, and more with damn ease. Viber Out Messenger allows its users to enjoy to-go free messenger and make messages and calls anyone in the world through the internet connection. It is a highly-decorated application for making free calls to your buddies and family members. You can send a text message with more emojis, emoticons, smileys, and with more fun to your friends. Viber Out Messenger brings a lasting experience that helps you instantly connect with the friends and family members using instant calling live video calls as well as voice calls. This intuitive communication app allows you to have hassle-free long-distance calls no matter in which part of the planet your family members or friends live. It allows you to enjoy all these happenings in a damn secure atmosphere through its extreme encryption of text messages, voice and video calls, group chat, and sharing of photos and videos. So just download this application to get an unlimited fun of free voice or video calling, group or single chatting, instant video messaging, and lords of stickers and emojis to better express yourself.

More About WePhone

WePhone is another intuitive application for users who want to enjoy cheap phone calls. WePhone – free phone calls & cheap calls is one of the best solutions if you want to enjoy free calls with your friends and family members live far from you. It is an elegant communication app that brings cheap or free international calls in more than 200 countries. It precisely displays the caller phone number as well so you can easily get to know the person who is calling you. WePhone – free phone calls & cheap calls come with a great, crisp and clear quality as well so that you can never encounter umm, err, etc. while your voice calling. It allows you to enjoy free VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), and cheap international calls. You also can enjoy free SMS texts and free international texting. Other than these, you can Check-in daily to earn free credits, and you may also earn bonus credits for each call you make here and then pay as you go with the Google Wallet. WePhone – free phone calls & cheap calls is an easy to use app that helps you enjoy cheaper video calls in United State, China, Kuwait, Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, and more.