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What The Forecast is an award-winning weather forecasting tool used by tons of people from all over the world to notice the weather in their areas. What The Forecast?!! was introduced by Night Cat Productions, which makes it easy to monitor the weather of your place without any effort… read more
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18 Apps Like What The Forecast for Android

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1. 1Weather

Both iOS and Android, with their various customization alternatives, incorporate of course their particular climate applications where you can counsel fundamental climate news. Be that as it may, if you need to get more point by point data you can make utilization of 1Weather, one of the best applications of its kind. This is a free application whose lone impediment is that it incorporates coordinated promotions in its interface, despite the fact that they aren’t unpleasantly irritating, and regardless you can pay a little more than a dollar to deactivate them on the off chance that you favor. At the stylish level, it’s very alluring and is composed all around ok to abstain from looking excessively jumbled. The 1Weather begin menu will demonstrate to you the fundamental meteorological information of wherever you happen to be found (on the off chance that you permit Geolocation administrations from your gadget, apparently), with a coordinating screen foundation that progressions hues are relying upon the climate. From this screen, you can search through alternate areas either by on a level plane sliding the screen or by tapping on the symbols on the lower route bar. This permits you to see a numerous day figure with a short depiction in your own dialect (the project is accessible in more than 20 languages), an assessment of the possibility of downpour and massive temperature changes, a realistic with the precipitation lists for every day, a climate satellite picture superimposed on the Google Maps API, and even the sun based and lunar cycles that you’re at present in. As though that weren’t sufficient, you can spare a rundown of your most loved areas in the event that you’d like to altogether counsel the climate in different spots, and there are additionally a couple of outside devices, for example, the alternative to for all time show the present temperature on the upper notices bar on your Android, or to include one of the 1Weather’s numerous gadgets to your desktop with various looks and data pieces.


2. Today Weather

Today Weather is an intensively used weather app comes with a beautiful, simple to use, and intuitive interface providing the world’s best local weather forecasts. Today Weather – Forecast, Radar & Severe Alert is a product of Todayweather.co which is used by millions of people from all over the world to get weather forecasts clearly. This application helps you enjoy all the moments when you are using this app with an extensive amount of awesome photos corresponding to the weather and the day. This amazing weather app helps you protect your health with the ultraviolet index, pollen count, and air quality and enables you to prepare for anything with extremely amazing weather forecasts and even chance of rain for 24/7. You can also get other weather information such as dew point, wind speed, air pressure, humidity, temperature, wind directions, visibility, fog percentage, and other crucial things. Other than these, Today Weather – Forecast, Radar & Severe Alert also lets you have rain alarm, alert severe weather, quick-view weather forecast, easy to view weather info, and daily weather forecast notification. So just download the Today Weather – Forecast, Radar & Severe Alert app on your phone and catch the deliberate moments of sunshine, full moonlight, sunset, and a lot more with the provided information.


3. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is an American-based satellite system and the supplier of nearby and national climate estimate. The Weather Channel gives the now to month end climate figure, climate radar, report and even the tropical storm scope too. In the illustration territory of The Weather Channel, there are the administrations like today’s estimate, national conjecture, severe tempest gauge, suburbanite gauge, cultivating value, sensitivity tracker, wellbeing and readiness, extreme climate, and cautions. At that point there is the guide area of the Weather.com that contains the data about climate radar maps, weather in movement, provincial satellite, high climate maps, drive radar guide and report and recuperates. To put it plainly, The Weather Channel is that level of climate data giving site that provides more than essentially telling about the progressing temperature in a particular district. The route for seeking is exceptionally simple that begin from giving the city, zip or put and receiving the point by point report consequently fit as a fiddle of the day, temperature, depiction, precip, the wind, and dampness. From now to try and weekend, Weather.com give the same level of definite data to its guests.


4. Weather by WeatherBug

Weather by WeatherBug is another fine piece of class through which you can get lightning alerts and real-time forecasts of weather. Weather by WeatherBug: Forecast, Radar & Alerts bought in the market by WeatherBug Inc. which carries an easy to use tool for getting all the necessary details about the weather. This application helps you get the details of the weather both in Fahrenheit or Celsius, and you can intuitively get to know the weather details on an hourly basis. Weather by WeatherBug helps you stay in touch with the future weather of about upcoming ten days just to let you plan things accordingly. Weather by WeatherBug: Forecast, Radar & Alerts also carries intuitive graphical support through which you get the intensity of weather details in blue, green, yellow, and red colours (each colour has its own intensity of weather). It enables its users to customize this weather forecasting tool in the way they like. Apart from this, Weather by WeatherBug also features spark lightning alerts, 18 animated maps, international forecasts, lifestyles forecasts, and world’s largest professional weather network as well. So just download Weather by WeatherBug: Forecast, Radar & Alerts app in your cell phone and precisely measure the weather details whenever it is necessary.


5. Windguru Lite

Windguru Lite lets you grab all the necessary updates regarding weather and wind without any effort or even spending a single penny. Windguru Lite is a great tool which provides live stations, maps, forecasts, alerts, and almost everything regarding the weather of your place. This application enables you to log in here to access all your favorites association with your account and to enjoy Pro forecasts as well. It also contains a solid website and a progressive web app providing all the crucial things for you. Windguru Lite efficiently works similar to the website at www.windguru.com but only offers some must-have features such as maps, live stations, and climate forecast. This application provides a color range of graphs to show you multiple stuff about wind and weather. It is probably the subset of the web version, but its developers are working on it to bring all the features of the old app. While on the other hand, if you are looking for a super traditional or classic weather app having animated pictograms of weather then this is not for you. So just download Windguru Lite app in your phone, and access everything about the weather and wind forecasts while on the move.


6. Gismeteo lite

Gismeteo lite is another widely used application which enables its users to enjoy having weather information and all the necessary details in a way like never before. Gismeteo lite is a classy weather tool developed by MapMakers Group Ltd. which enables its users to get weather details of their respective places over their cell phones and manage things before it happened. It is a superb weather forecasting app for people living in areas where these weather conditions do not remain so well. Gismeteo lite makes it easy for worldwide individuals to get all the severe weather details and prepare for things intuitively. It helps its users to get the current weather from all over the world such as wind, temperature, the air pressure, as well as all the necessary stuff without any effort. Gismeteo lite features local weather, geomagnetic storm alerts, detailed weather forecasts for almost 48 hours, weather forecasts for a week, multi-lingual support (English, Ukrainian, and Russian, etc.), and a home screen widget support as well. So just download Gismeteo lite app on your phone, and prepare for all the upcoming weather situations even if you live in hilly places or somewhere else.


7. Wetter.com

Wetter.com is an intuitive weather station through which you can effortlessly catch all the details about the current climate of your area and manage things in the same way. Wetter.com – Weather and Radar bought in the market by Wetter.com GmbH which lets you have accurate weather forecasts for your locations and weather overviews of the upcoming days without any charges. It carries detailed forecasts of wind and weather for professionals and let them keep an eye on the weather through its accurate home screen widget. This application helps you get the timely warnings of severe weather conditions, and you can easily get things before it happened. It enables users to plan things before the severe weather comes and lets you manage your life more comfortably. Wetter.com – Weather and Radar lets you experience the weather live and in HD. It features 7-day weather forecast, weather warnings, powerful searching and GPS positioning, live weather cameras, editorial forecasts, animated rain radar, home screen widget, and so much more. So just download Wetter.com – Weather and Radar app and track everything regarding the current or the future weather right on your cell phone.


8. WarnWetter

WarnWetter is another excellent weather app introduced by Deutscher Wetterdienst Inc. through which you can get detailed information about the current warning and weather conditions right on your mobile phones. WarnWetter helps you add your favorite places than directly on the home screen in order to get precise weather conditions on the move. It lets you have the push notifications and be informed about the current weather situations of your particular areas. You can catch the overview of the current severe situations in Germany down to the community level. This application allows you to get detailed information about the warning situations for the selected places by the official warning along with the warning trend. It lets you have the configurable warning elements, warning levels, and get the selectable alarm when changing the warning situations. Warn Wetter app contains the switchable warnings (on-site) of severe weather conditions including storms, smoothness, snow, and others at the location through your mobile device. This elegant weather forecasting app also lets you have warnings of natural disasters including floods, storm surge, tornados, avalanches, and other harmful weather conditions. So just download WarnWetter app, and get to know everything regarding weather of almost any place.


9. Radarscope

Radarscope carries a specialized display utility for weather meteorologists and enthusiasts which enables you to view super resolution radar and NEXRAD Level 3 along with the severe thunderstorm, tornado predicated storm, flash flood warnings, and so much more. Radarscope intuitively displays the latest velocity, dual-polarization, latest reflectivity, and various other products. This application makes it easy to view the details about the weather, and you can even zoom to select the warning on the map. This application has all the red-zoned warnings in a side panel, and you just have to tap the warning button in the top right corner to get the precise list of all the current warnings. This application informs you anything about the tornado warnings, severe thunderstorm warnings, flash flood warnings in effect through the US, and so much more. Radar Scope precisely lets you display the names of more than 25,000 cities as well as towns on the map as you scroll and zoom. You can also tap as well as hold the color legend to see the data values as well. So just download the Radarscope app in your cell phone, and get to know all the updates about the weather of your place and manage things properly.


10. Snow Day Calculator

Snow Day Calculator is another intuitive application which enables its users to get the chances of snow in their particular areas. Snow Day Calculator was introduced by David Sukhin Inc. which helps people live in snow falling areas to get the accurate amount of snow in their respective areas. This easy to use application enables people to add the zip code of their areas and precisely get to know the chance of snow. Snow Day Calculator brings a simple search bar which enables you to enter the zip code, and this snow calculator helps you get the estimated amount of snow in that area. It automatically pulls weather information from the national weather service and uses a carefully developed formula to give super accurate snow day predictions for your college and school. Snow Day Calculator app brings predictions which always use the most recent information about the weather from the NWS (National Weather Service) and uses a carefully developed formula to give super precise snow day predictions. It helps you measure wind pressure, temperature, and other necessary things. So just download the Snow Day Calculator app on your phone, and plan your things accordingly.


11. Weather report app & widget

Weather report app & widget is a tremendously used weather forecasting app used by millions of users from all across the globe. Weather report app & widget was introduced by Weather Widget Theme Dev Team Inc. which enables its users to enjoy a beautiful weather widget to forecast all the necessary things regarding the weather of their areas. This application makes it so easy to get accurate wind pressure, temperature, rain forecast, snow forecast, storm indications, and other stuff about the weather of that particular area. This real-time awesome weather widget makes it possible to plan all the outings while keeping in mind everything about the weather. This elegant clock weather app displays weather temperature based on your present location. You can add not only your own city but also add various other cities to get the weather details of them as well. Weather report app & widget brings daily as well as weekly weather report right on the palm of your hand. You can entirely customize this clock weather app in the way you want. So just download Weather report app & widget app in your phone, and check your hourly temperature, rain, and probably the global weather anytime you want.


12. Fu*** Weather

Fu*** Weather is one of the coolest apps which enables its users to get detailed weather conditions without checking the TV, look outside the window, or any other thing. Fu*** Weather (Funny Weather) is a fine product of Zsuiwal Inc. through which you can precisely get weather in your area. This app enables its users to check the weather on the hourly and weekly basis and get the detailed description of it right on their cell phone. You can also get the weather for the whole week and get to know the exact weather conditions. Other than these, Fu*** Weather (Funny Weather) also brings weather maps which contains radar, temperature, humidity, wind, satellite, and so much more. It carries home screen widget support as well so that you can catch all the necessary details on the home screen of your phone. You can get optional weather notifications and detailed current weather conditions. This app is beneficial for homies to professional level folks through which they can get weather information according to their needs, and it also contains solid language as well. So just download Fu*** Weather (Funny Weather) app from the stores, and enjoy getting weather forecasts whenever you want.


13. Accurate Weather Forecast

Accurate Weather Forecast is an ultimate professional widget which enables its users to get real-time weather details and forecast information. Accurate Weather Forecast is introduced by Android Apps Studio Inc. which helps you get the accurate and daily weather details right on your cell phones. It brings weather notifications on the status bar and helps you better plan your day as well as your travels with the weather alerts and warning updates. This weather forecasting tool carries a modern user interface and lets you get all the details of the weather in an easily understandable way. It carries free weather forecasting on the daily and weekly basis, and you can get the accurate precipitation news for each locality, region, or area from all over the world including intensity, wind pressure, rainfall, snowfall, humidity, and other facts. Accurate Weather Forecast brings weather data in almost 30 different languages so that you can get weather details in your respective language. You can get the weather forecast for today, tomorrow, for upcoming three days, and even extend it more for next ten days in the cities or the province of countries of Canada, United States, UK, Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, Spain, Norway, Japan, Korea, China, and others. So just download Accurate Weather Forecast and get weather details on the move.


14. KXAN Weather

KXAN Weather is an outstanding app which enables the people from Austin and central Texas to get most accurate details and hour by hour weather forecasts for the week ahead and the next day without any effort. KXAN Weather is a superb local weather forecasting app intuitively customized for you. This application brings fast and precise reports of local and national weather at your fingertips and never let bad weather wonder you. This app carries one of the most concise and most ultimate radar maps, digital weather technology to let you inform about the weather of your place. Through its elegant radar, users can watch and manage where the storm at the current time and where it is tracking. You can then set alerts to keep you and your family safe from any harmful weather conditions. KXAN Weather brings live interactive radar with various layer options that enable its users to track bad weather. Other than these, KXAN Weather lets you catch the most elegant hour-by-hour weather telecast for the week and the next day ahead for central Texas and Austin. So just download KXAN Weather app from the store with ease, and never let weather let you surprise ever in your life.


15. KLFY Weather

KLFY Weather is another awesome weather tool to have in your pocket just to get updates about the severe weather situations in some areas. KLFY Weather – Weather and Rad was introduced by Nexstar Digital (Formerly LIN Media) Inc. which brings some intuitive and precise weather forecasting features for Acadiana’s users. This application enables its users to catch precise hour by hour details about the weather for the next day or the entire upcoming week just to plan things accordingly. KLFY Weather app makes it easy to enjoy the accurate and fast way to catch all the weather details and beware of things that will happen in future. KLFY Weather – Weather and Rad application carries an outstanding radar maps support with digital technology through which you can precisely check all the situations about the weather in a map and get to know which area is harmful. It also lets you set customizable alerts about the dangerous weather conditions and stay informed with anything even when you are busy. So just download KLFY Weather – Weather and Rad app in your phone and intuitively get to know the weather of your own location to keep you and your family safe from unhealthy weather conditions.


16. KRQE Weather

KRQE Weather lets you beware of the weather and plan your outings, meetings, parties, tours, and other outdoor activities. KRQE Weather is a stunning product of Nexstar Digital Inc. which makes it easy to access weather of your area without any effort. This weather forecasting tool enables its entire users to enjoy getting all the weather details and get to know whether it is cloudy, windy, rainy, or any other. Its hourly updates of weather let you have an exact percentage of weather just to let you noticed about any weather conditions. KRQE Weather brings weather alerts at New Mexico and lets the folks have all the knowledge about the weather in hourly or even weekly basis. This weather tool enables you to get all the weather conditions in the live interactive radar along with various layering options to track weather. It also allows you to set alerts to catch notifications about the weather when it is severe. KRQE Weather brings the latest video forecasting of weather from the New Mexico Weather, and you can catch the current weather conditions for NM, Albuquerque and almost anywhere in the US. So just download KRQE Weather app in your phone and enjoy checking and sharing of weather conditions without any charges.


17. WMUR Weather

WMUR Weather is a must have weather and news forecasting application which lets users to watch Manchester’s local newscasts live and on demand. WMUR News 9 – NH News, Weather app is a classy tool introduced in the market by HTVMA Solutions, Inc. which brings an intuitive application through which users can have real-time access to the Manchester, New Hampshire national news, local news, sports, traffic updates, entertainment content, political stories, and lot more right on their room’s couch. This app lets you be alert to breaking news through push notifications and lets you watch breaking news in live streaming when it happens. You can get all live updates from reporters. WMUR News 9 – NH News, Weather app allows you to check out the weather details and conditions, hourly or 7-day forecasts wherever you might need. You can also submit breaking news, tips about news, and email your videos and photos right to its newsroom and if your content is escalated or significant, then it can be featured on air. WMUR News 9 – Weather app lets you watch videocasts, alerts, and updates from your most likely meteorologists and more. So just download WMUR News 9 – NH News, Weather app in your cell phone and get to know all the much-needed stuff about news and weather on the move, and whenever needed most.


18. My-Cast Weather Lite

My-Cast Weather Lite is a gigantically used weather forecasting tool through which users can precisely get to know about the real conditions and current status about the weather and do their usual things precisely. My-Cast Weather Lite app brings an animated radar feature through which you can get to know the areas which are more dangerous to go regarding their bad weather statuses. It helps you in traveling in the areas where weather surprises people most often and sometimes harm them with its severe conditions. My-Cast Weather Lite lets you have instant access to the weather situations in any party of the world, and you can use this app in the way you want. My Cast Weather app also carries the feature of current weather forecast which includes the entire day of weather conditions. My-Cast Weather Lite lets you have the exact observations on temperature, dew point, pressure, feels like, humidity, air quality index, VU index, and various other functionalities with simple swipes. You can precisely search the weather by area and get to know the exact pitch of weather through its graph support. You can download the My-Cast Weather Lite app from the store for having the most precise weather alerts in the area you live and the place you are willing to move.

More About What The Forecast

What The Forecast is an award-winning weather forecasting tool used by tons of people from all over the world to notice the weather in their areas. What The Forecast?!! was introduced by Night Cat Productions, which makes it easy to monitor the weather of your place without any effort. It is an accurate weather forecasting app through which you can get pressure, wind, humidity, flow, and other stuff. It carries a collection of more than 6660 completely obnoxious and awesome phrases which explains the conditions of the weather so accurately. It contains switchable profanity settings and ultimate accurate weather reports right from the AerisWeather. What The Forecast lets you have daily as well as seven-day weather forecast so that you can plan your outings, business meetings, parties, get-togethers, and other events by monitoring the weather situations. You can also get the precise description of the weather of your place and even select from international units Celsius or even from the United States Fahrenheit. This application lets you noticed whether the day is cloudy, clear, partly cloudy, windy, rainy, or others. So just download What The Forecast app from the stores and monitor everything about weather wherever you are.