6 Apps Like What Will My Baby Look Like for iOS

Have you ever though you can know in advance the face of your upcoming baby? We are not talking about any ultrasound test or any other kind of pregnancy test at all. These are an application named What Will My Baby Look Like that shows the parents how their baby will look like when he or she is in this world. What Will My Baby Look Like is an application that uses two pictures and that of the parents. After that, by facial recognition feature and digital image processing technology, it then creates the estimated face of the upcoming baby by parent images. Using this app is simple. All you need to upload the images of the parent from your image library or take the photos of both one by one and after that adjust the size for better recognition. What Will My Baby Look Like in the end will create the image of newborn baby.

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1. What Would Our Child Look Like?

What Would Our Child Look Like? is a simple to use baby face making an application that by images of the two people generate the image of their future baby. The newborn baby face contains the actual parts of the parent faces. With the usage of this baby face making…

2. Future Baby Generator

This face recognition application is deploying the sophisticated and advanced face detection technologies to make the estimate of what the baby will look like. This application can be used by boyfriend and girlfriend as well. This application can also be used for comparing the baby face with the celebrity face…

3. iHatch

iHatch is a new interesting and fun way to see what your upcoming baby will look like. If you don’t want to wait for nine months to see the real face of your baby the iHatch is an application that will fulfill your curiosity of knowing about your future baby.…

4. Make A Baby Booth

Make A Baby Booth is a future baby and child face making an application that deploys the unparalleled face mixing technologies to generate a bay from two parents. Have you ever wondered how you baby would look like when he or she is in this real world? Make A Baby…

5. Instababy

Instababy is an application for those parents who don’t want to wait for nine months. Give a chance to Instababy and start making the predicted images of the future babies. Instababy is not a means for being used either as a prank application or an app for making fun at…

6. Future Baby’s Face

Future Baby’s Face is a brand new way of getting the image of the upcoming baby during pregnancy. It deploys the advanced and real working mathematical face, skin, hair and eye detection algorithm to give the best possible result to the user. By its automated system, Future Baby’s Face will…

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