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WhatsChat Messenger is another application that has collected the primary tools from other famous apps to make a new app, this one copies WhatsApp and other tools which are important to people. There is open source interface which means the authenticity of anyone can be verified… read more
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48 Apps Like WhatsChat Messenger



Snapchat is a chatting based application that allows the smartphones users to take the snaps and share them with their friends by hiding a message in snaps. Most of the users take Snapchat as a simple chatting app without even knowing about it is a self-destruct message sending an app as well.

Kik Messenger

You register on Kik using your current email address after that select a unique username to permit other users to find you. The application is very easy and does an excellent job in delivering messages to the people or group.


WeChat has become the most widely used messaging apps in China. Just like how you register with WhatsApp, you begin simply by entering your phone number. An SMS will follow, providing you the confirmation code.

Bit Chat

Bit Chat is a secure, peer to peer and protected instant messenger applications which are used to transfer different sort of media files. It is the one messenger for LAN and Internet chat with an end to end encryption.


iMessege is an instant messaging service developed by Apple supported by the messages app in iOS 5 and later and Mountain Lion OS X and later. iMessege allows the users to send or receive the texts, document files, videos, photos, contact information, and also provides group chat over mobile phone internet access and Wi-Fi or some other means of internet access to the iOS and the MacOS users.


Conversations is an XMPP/Jabber client for smartphones that raised to provide a unique mobile experience. You can is a communication app for Android. It allows you to share (send or receive) files, documents, contacts, and embedded images straightly into your chat.


Empathy is a messaging program that supports audio, video, text and file transfer over different protocols. This app is the default chat client in previous and current versions of GNOME, making it easier for other GNOME’s applications to integrate the collaboration functionality using Telepathy.


Groupme provides services to people who wish to chat in a team. You sign in along with your e-mail and then confirm your phone number by mailing an SMS using a code to the provided number.


Wickr is a top secret messenger application to send the disposable messages, and send free end to end disposable text, videos, and picture and voice messages with full sender control. You can set the time to restrict when you deliver the message to other people.


Google Hangouts is a most recent addition to the texting world. Hangouts is a cross-platform text messaging provider that brings together into every Google account on the planet, and it’s the standard application in Android and includes SMS implementation.


Talkatone is another amazing application to have a second phone number for free. It is a great utility introduced by Talkatone, LIc. It is a superb communication app that helps you enjoy all of your commercial activities in a secure and protected way.


Truemessenger is a true messenger in every way! It gives you all the tools that one needs to make sure they are able to chat with their friends, family and other people who matter to them.

YeeCall Messenger

YeeCall Messenger is a new platform where you can text your friends and even interact with strangers. This is not the only things you can do, but the option of calling your friends and voice calls is also there which makes it a versatile tool to have on your phone.

TextMe Up

TextMe Up Free Calling & Texts is a tool which allows people to call and text each other without having to spend any money and without worrying about the costs of different networks.

ZapZap Messenger

This secure messaging and calling app named ZapZap Messenger uses Telegram’s styled API for delivering best communication facilities to its users. One of the best things about ZapZap Messenger is that it is connected with the social media platforms as well so that you can enjoy the social communicating with your friends at the same time as well.


Threema is the world’s preferred safe messenger and also maintains your data from the hands of cyber-terrorist, corporations, and government authorities. Threema can be used entirely anonymously, and offers a rich set of features.

Plus Messenger

Plus Messenger is a place where you can interact with your friends, family and strangers in an equally fun way. There are many tools of the app which are important for the ones who want to have a place that can make their life easy.


Nextplus is a versatile tool which helps people in making sure they are able to stay in touch with their loved ones. Here you can not only text them but also call them and that too free of cost.

Dasher Messenger

Dasher Messenger is a new application where people can chat with each other with the help of options that are being provided and used. There are many things that a person can do in addition to just texting.

Jongla Social Messenger

Jongla Social Messenger is an open application where people can interact with each other with the help of texting and free calls which makes life so much simple for the ones who want to have one app that can perform all the tasks for them.

Tello Talk

Tello Talk Free Chat Messenger is an individual application where people can interact with each other with the help of texting and free calls which makes life so much simple for the ones who want to have one app that can perform all the tasks for them.


textPlus is a free SMS and calling application for making free calls and sending messages to anyone living in the United States and Canada. textPlus deals in two kind of services like textPlus for personal usage and textPlus for commercial or business usages.

VshGap Messenger

VshGap Messenger is one of the newbies in the market for communication. The app has many options which can be termed as beneficial for the people who are using the platform.

Text Me

Text Me is an application which not only gives people with the option of chatting with the people from their contact list but also provides them with the opportunity of getting a United States number for free.

Actor Messenger

Actor Messenger is a versatile tool which helps people to stay in touch with their friends and other people they want. The app contains many options which can be used by individuals.

Wasup Gold Messenger

Wasup Gold Messenger is not as advanced at the name suggests but is an amalgamation of different apps which are existing in the market for the sake of communication. It has taken all the options from then and collectively provides at one place.


TextNow is a free texting and video calling app that don’t require any credit card details or mobile balance recharge at all. It although featured premium call making services but that section deals in commercial and business services only.

Zulip Messenger

Zulip Messenger is a new entrant in the communication sector but is quickly making its mark as one of the best places. The app has many options which can be termed as beneficial for the people who are using the platform.


TalkU is a phone application where you can call your friends or text them without having to pay anything. There are many features of the service which can be termed as beneficial for the ones who want to make use of it.

Wire Private Messenger

Wire Private Messenger is what the name says, a private place where people can talk to each other without worrying about their information being stored. There is open source interface which means the authenticity of anyone can be verified.


Viber is just like WhatsApp only because it utilizes mobile phone contact numbers to recognize people. You receive an access code forwarded to your mobile number through SMS text message. It’ll then obtain your address book to see if all of your contacts have a link with Viber;


LINE subscribes your current contact number into its database that enables you to get connected to your phone contacts who’re LINE clients. The advantage of LINE is that it allows you to reply to messages by using a PC or Mac OS program, provided you sign-up your number with an e-mail account.

Google Allo

Google Allo is another amazing utility for getting an awesome messaging and chatting experience, introduced by Google LLC. It is a smart messaging application which lets you say precisely, securely, and smartly.


Riot is an open source platform where people can talk to others with the help of options that are being provided. There are many features of the app which can be termed as useful for the ones who are interested in using it.


Telegram is a texting app having speed and security. Telegram is a super, fast and straightforward, secure and free application. Telegram easily syncs along all of your devices and can be used on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones.


IMO is a best instant messaging app for mobile phone users that allows them to stay in contact with their family and friends over IMO. Currently, IMO is one of the leading video calling and messaging applications of the world that are linking thousands of people around the world.

Kontalk Messenger

Kontalk Messenger is a new messenger where people can stay in touch with the people of their choice and also get to know other individuals who are new in their life by adding them to the platform.


Tango make free voice and video phone calls. Send free text messages and share photos, videos, and also status updates. Swipe user profile cards or join a famous conversation to create new friends far and near.

Blackberry Messenger

Blackberry Messenger used to be the most famous and secure platform for messaging in the hay days of Blackberry but with the inception of Android and other platforms it has lagged behind.


KakaoTalk is one of the messengers which provide people with the opportunity of interacting with their friends and others with the help of the tools which are available for everyone. The best thing about it is that there is no payment to be made if you want to avail the features.

Signal Secure

Two of the oldest instant messaging services TextSecure and RedPhone combined together to bring Signal Secure Messaging app in the market which can be termed as one of the safest places to interact with people you know and the ones you want to know.

Hike Messenger

Hike Messenger is a multi-platform instant communication application for smartphones with internet data package policy for discussion. Hike Messenger is an app for text messaging and voice communications. Moreover, there’s also an extensive system of sending graphical stickers, pictures, videos, audios, files, voice messages, emoticons, 3d stickers, contacts sharing, maps, and user location.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook is a world largest social platform provide a ‘Facebook Messenger app’ for both platform iOS, and Android has been in existence for some time currently. It will link you to most of the friends you wish to get in touch, Facebook Messenger can be an excellent WhatsApp and other messenger replacement.


Skype just recently joined its contacts with aged MSN or Hotmail accounts and its contacts, linking you to some fairly longtime buddies. Skype is not only a powerful way to call for free.


Kik is one of the most famous applications which helps people to get in touch with each other on the devices. Here, individuals can text each other and do that without having to share their phone number or other details.


Nimbuzz is an Instant messaging for chatting as well as calling. The two primary functions of Nimbuzz is the free discussion between Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz users plus calling at mobile and landlines numbers at low-cost rates.

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger is an ad supported messaging app for the smartphone devices. Yahoo Messenger is one of the fastest means of getting in touch with beloved ones all the time. This simple to use messenger allow the smartphone users to send photos and videos in addition to doing simple chatting.


Paltalk – Find Friends in Group Video Chat Rooms is another intuitive app which brings an exciting platform where you can chat to meet new people and connect you with peers, pals, and even discovers friends from all over the world.

More About WhatsChat Messenger

WhatsChat Messenger is another application that has collected the primary tools from other famous apps to make a new app, this one copies WhatsApp and other tools which are important to people. There is open source interface which means the authenticity of anyone can be verified. Anything that is sent over the network is protected with the help of encryption to make sure no info is leaked. People can use it free of cost which means there are no in-app purchases to be made. People can also call each other with the help of the app, the call quality is perhaps the best among other online places. Since it takes the services from Skype, the most famous video caller, there are no qualms about the authentication. The user has to enter their phone number, the service sends a confirmation code, and your account is ready. You can send each other videos and pictures which take less time than any other place to post. All in all, the app can be termed as a simple tool to make sure all the tasks that are done on other apps can be completed at a lighter place.

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