Where’s My Head? Alternatives for Android

Where’s My Head?

Where’s My Head? is another widely used physics based puzzle and video game by Top Free Games. This game used to play with some skeleton type head which is tied up with one, or more than one chains. For collecting three golden coins, the user must cut the skeleton head loose from the chains… read more
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22 Apps Like Where’s My Head? for Android


1. Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is a widely played game which is Puzzle-based, single player video games series developed by ZaptoLab. It is the first edition in the series published by Chillingo in 2010. There are many exciting features in this interesting game. The main objective of Cut the Rope is to cut the rope. It has a little cute green creature and its Hero named Om Nom that feed the candy that comes with the rope. There are many exciting new levels in this game which moves to more complexity and excitement and took your attention to start interacting with the game. There is a candy suspended with a rope, you can easily cut the rope by swapping of your fingers. You just have to avoid obstacles and use the bubbles to get the gold stars and throw the candy to OM NOM’s mouth. Next level is more exciting and contains new challenges and the score that you have made depends on the stars that you gather through passing these levels. This series contains a variety of games that lets its users spent their time in a fun way. You can use this app on almost all the platforms.


2. Cut the Rope 2

Cut the Rope 2 is another game of the exciting series. It is a single player, physics based video game developed and published by ZaptoLab, and Chillingo respectively. It is a direct sequel to cut the rope and provides a similar type of mechanics and gameplay. It is an awesome addictive, and puzzling game features the candies in a way never before. You just have to collect stars to open the next levels. Each of the levels contains more exciting features that make its user to get intermingled with the app. the star of this game Om Nom moves around and collects the stars. The player that plays this game can also use bellows and bubbles to tuck Om Nom in and gather the stars. The more the stars you collect, more levels would be available for you and each level is a bit more interesting and exciting than the previous one. Cut the Rope 2 is widely played the game and you can download this app on iOS, (iPhone, iPod, etc.), Android, Blackberry, Mac OS X, Windows Phone and some other devices.


3. Spider Jack

Spider Jack is an amazing physics-based puzzle video gaming app that offers Jack the Spider as the main character of this game. Spider Jack have to collect some flies by cutting threads like the web. So he hangs upside down, and the player that plays this game helps him collecting the flies. Jacks get bigger and bigger with every fly eaten. Collecting the stars is necessary on the way to fly. Players are able to get some extra points by collecting more and more star. Spider Jack is an interesting game that lets its user play with interest and ease. It offers almost 75 new levels, amazingly realistic game physics, multiple solutions to the complex puzzles and levels, easy controls and beautiful visuals along with an awesome hand drew artwork. It is an amazing catchy game for all the Cut the Ropes series fans. Spider Jack is an amazing release of Chillingo and is easily be available on Android and iOS devices.


4. Catch the Candy

Catch the Candy is a widely used game. You just have to help the Blue Critter catch the different candies piece. You can use tapping and swipe to move the Blur Critter. You can move him for by latching into the candy and some other objects. In this game, you must collect the balls and match them with similarity in color, protect the blue balls from attack all the circles to make a string and immerse yourself in the puzzle experience. This app has some exciting new levels that let you play some exciting levels. Every level in this interactive gameplay is unique, attractive, and tough from the previous one. With its unique interface, amazing graphics, and stunning sound quality you can play this game with extreme ease. It is an addictive, Puzzle, physics based. It is a handy app that includes many interactive features that help you play this game with amazing ease.


5. Cut the Rope: Time Travel

Cut the Rope: Time Travel is a great app for game lovers. It is s physics-based app for single player only. Using this app, the user can enjoy a smooth and soft gameplay for some entertaining purpose. Join the Om Nom (which is the main character of this game) as he goes back in time to feed his ancestors with some candies. There are many features of this interactive game which include 11 levels packed with almost 156 inner levels. Each level is more interesting and tougher than the previous one. This gaming app does not let you get bored because of its uniqueness in every upcoming level. Some of its features include physics based gameplay, adorable characters with outstanding graphics, Om Nom animation shortcuts, some amazing superpowers, and constant free updates with some new animations and levels. Visit six exciting locations includes ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, a Pirate Ship, the Renaissance, the Stone Age and the Disco era, etc. Cut the Rope: Time Travel is an astonishing game and is available on almost all platforms.


6. Rope ‘n’ Fly 4

Rope ‘n’ Fly 4 is an amazing game which is physics-based puzzle video spirit, introduced by Djinnworks GmbH. It is a sequel to the best-selling game named Rope ‘n’ Fly 4. The newer version of this app is more interesting and eye catching than the previous one, so that you enjoy playing this game in a way never before. In Rope ‘n’ Fly 4, you have to manage a ragdoll initially which is tied up with a rope hanging in the air. So when it starts, the player taps and swipes on the buildings and that ragdoll moves through attaching and throwing the ropes to the wall. The player in this game can perform different tricks mid-air by double swapping the ragdoll. As you will able to cover a big distance, then you can able to get more and more scores and achievements. So it is clear that these accomplishments depend truly on the distance that you have made using this game. This really challenging game offers numerous features, some of which includes modified design and graphics, realistic game flow, new locations, ultra realistic rope physics, etc. You can use this app on many platforms includes Android, iOS, and many other devices.


7. Contre Jour

Contre Jour is an app that is blurring the lines between the interactive art and game. It is a beautiful world shaped by The Interplay of darkness and light. This app lets you use your finger to morph the landscape, which is propelling the mysterious creature Petit of safety. Tap, swipe, and pull the gadgets including air gestures, pulling the complete clever puzzles and tendrils. Moreover, Contre Jour also includes five captures featuring almost 100 levels and about 300 collectible light which will have you to play for many hours. You can easily use intuitive and effective controls to change the environment around you. It provides 12 different interactive stuff to master, slingshots, portals, tentacles, blowers and more. It provides organic, original, and rich soundtrack by David Ari Leon. So Contre Jour is a great app with amazing graphics and sound quality so you can enjoy both the look and the music that it delivers. You can use this interactive gameplay on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and some other devices.


8. Cut the Rope: Experiment

Cut the Rope: Experiment is a fun platform that lets you enjoy an intuitive game-play. It is a widely used app, which is based on the principle of cutting the ropes. It has a scientific theme and lets you start with a new character named The Professor, who adds a commentary to your game-play, and berating you when you fail and prizing you when you do great. Cut the Rope: Experiments is a nice interactive release to the Cut the Rope that reminding us the tutorial approach to Little Big Planet. Cut the Rope: Experiments offers 125 levels with a set of five gorgeous designed worlds. And you will find it pretty simple and easy to get through all these levels. Each level offers a minute difference than the previous one. It also features different achievements to unlock a story that involves gathering pieces of the photo to discover who The Professor really is, in the game. This game also introduced Om Nom Cartoons player into the game with three superpowers for free.


9. Greedy Spider

Greedy Spider is an app that mixed meal, a new scenario with some new levels. Greedy Spiders has come to town, and they are prepared on dining their friendly neighbors. It is a game depends upon your intelligence, and you use your mind to solve the puzzles game and prevents the spiders from dragging of their plans. You have to carefully plan your escape from Wild Hills, Scary Crypts and some other scenario to reach the last cut scene. As you progress and completing the levels and enters some new levels than some new actions, new surprises, and new spiders will be available for you. Each level is harder and different from earlier, and your basic aim is to stop the spiders from accomplishing their plans. You can use your points to unlock the features and future levels and immerse yourself in Physics. So complete an awesome series of levels and unlock new exciting features. Some of the core features that it includes are seven different bugs, over 86 exciting new challenges, upgrades, Delightful visual deals, cut the web strategy to save the neighbors, and much more.


10. Make a Rope

Make a Rope is a physics-based Puzzle video gaming app designed for those players who love to play some puzzle like games. This is a widely played game and have its players from all over the world. This game only supports single player mode. This is an interesting game that helps you by letting you a chance to check your determination, skills, hand-crafted, and addictive worlds. Using Make a Rope, you can enhance the span of your mentality by moving so far and clearing some levels of this game. The basic theme of this gameplay is that you must match and connect the balls having same color and you have to protect the blue balls for falling. Immerse yourself in this puzzle experience by attacking all circles to make a string. There is a pre-defined set of levels that it offers and each next level is unlocked when you clear the previous level. Each level is more interesting and exciting and lets you engaged with the game. So earn rewards by completing levels and unlock some new exciting ropes. Make a Rope offers some amazing features which includes, collecting red circles with ease, Spiky guys, unlock new ropes, connect and match balls, save the balls, connect and match balls, and many more. Try it out and you will damn enjoy this game on different platforms.


11. Cut the Chain

Cut the Chain is an addictive game that lets you enjoy some of its amazing features. Using this app, you will enjoy a real time physics-based and single player gameplay. This game features a cute and small monkey that demands bananas. The whole game takes place in a jungle and consists of a variety of levels. Each level offers an exciting and more difficult gameplay, and you can easily use this app on many platforms. You can easily use this app for entertainment and for passing your leisure time. In Cut the Chain, you have to help a monkey to get all the bananas hanging on the trees. Cut them so that the monkey get the bananas to his fill. This app lets you embark in the jungle with a funny little monkey which loves bananas. You cannot get the bananas easily because they are secured with some metal chains. It offers a variety of features that includes almost 36 levels, Innovative physics gameplay, Adorable character, Cool visual effects, outstanding graphics, Interactive sound play, and is Low Processor demanding game. It has all the characteristics to become a marvelous puzzle game.


12. Cut the String

Cut the String is an awesome action, physics game puzzle game that lets you play in a single player mode. This game is available on Android platform only. This game includes many fun activities and is developed by Game Squared. It lets you immerse yourself in rope cutting experience, and lets you clear the levels by solving some complex puzzles via cutting the ropes. The main objective is to feel the particular candy to a cute cat Cookie while collecting three stars. Cut the String consists of almost ninety levels each of which consists of one or more than one ropes. Each level is extraordinary and challenge your mental abilities to clear it for going ahead. Every next level will be unlocked by clearing the previous level. Each level consist of a hungry cat that want to eat candies and one or several ropes. Using all this stuff efficiently, you have to collect all stars to go on to the next one. Each upcoming level become tougher than the previous one. Some of its core features includes, brilliant mechanics, exciting gameplay, touch controls, and superb graphics.


13. Cute Cat Cut Rope

Cute Cat Cut Rope is a Physics-based, Puzzle and Single player game that lets you play with some handy features. It offers the similar gameplay just like cut the rope, developed by Dev Evil. It offers one hundred levels, each with more difficult than the previous. Your main task in this game is collecting the available stars and cut the string so that the candy which is ganged with that rope goes in the mouth of that cute Cat. Through Cute Cat Cut Rope, you can increase your mental efforts so that you can manage to get all the levels done. Cute Cat Cut Rope is a free game that offers different scenarios and allows you enjoy the Puzzle-based gameplay. More the stars that you gather more the levels with be unlocked for you. Some other features of this game include 100 levels and more, many challenging levels, challenging to master, easy and fun to play, available to play on mobile and tablet devices, beautiful HD graphics, and beautiful Background.


14. Where’s My Perry?

Where’s My Perry? is one of the most popular interactive puzzled games developed and designed by the Disney for the smartphones and tablet devices. In this real challenging and physics based puzzle game, the players need to use the water in multiple levels to solve the puzzles and mysteries of each level in a proper way. They have to sort all kind of puzzles more smartly by collecting the water for a spy. Don’t forget that each drop will count so try to waste a single drop of water. In the free version of the game you can access to the fifteen challenges only, but the paid version of this game will open over two hundred action packed levels on you. Each level is containing collectibles, challenges, and bonuses as well. Uncover as much as you can and earn more and more points by completing them on time.


15. Where’s My Water?

Where’s My Water? is a puzzle video game for the smartphones. Where’s My Water? was first released as a desktop based version and later on was introduced for the leading smartphones operating systems as well. This simple yet mind boggling puzzle game requires from its players to route a supply of water to an alligator. However, it is not easy at all. It required special skills to complete any mission within prescribed time and stipulated terms and conditions. Where’s My Water? has been praised from millions of regular players across the world. Either it is its graphical style or special recognition of the lead character, Where’s My Water? best and perfect by all means. Each level of this game is challenging and based on physical puzzles all with amazing life like mechanics. Don’t forget every drop counts so don’t waste even a single drop at all.


16. Leo’s Fortune

Leo’s Fortune is an award winning gaming platform where you hunt down the mysterious thief and the cunning that stole your gold. It offers some beautifully hand-crafted and exciting levels for the sake of fun and brings the life of Leo on his epic adventure. Leo’s Fortune is so special and is one of the most drizzling games with amazing graphics and epic sound quality. The person in this game turned home and sought that its gold is stolen and that thief dropped some piece of my gold through the woods. Now he has to recover from a different scenario. It includes recovering through lush environment form Arid deserts to Mossy forests. Survive by solving physics based puzzles and vicious traps through twenty-four exciting levels of the adventure. Just try to survive as long as possible and also try that you have done the game without dying.


17. Cut the Rope HD

Cut the Rope HD is a physics-based, a single player gaming platform that supports high resolution and optimal experience of the gaming world. This game offers a high class in graphics, and you can enjoy both the attractive sounds and amazing high-quality graphics. It has a huge fan following so that 750 million people download this app on their Android, iOS, Windows, and some other platforms. Some of its amazing features that include almost 17 boxes with 425 exciting levels, adorable character, outstanding graphics, innovative physics gameplay, Om Nom Stories animation shorts, and lots of superpowers. It is an award winning app that lets you collect coins, gold stars, discover hidden prizes, and unlock new levels. Each level is tougher, exciting, and mind blowing than the previous one, and once you get through the first level, you take it interesting to play this game. It is an addictively fun game that offers exciting features. You can play Cut the Rope HD on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and some other platforms.


18. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a juicy and fruity slicing action game for the iOS and Android devices. In addition to offering you a new entertainment level this app based game is also an excellent means for spending the spare time. The stunning graphics, playing environment and high-end command and control make this app one of the best slicing games over the internet. For the same reasons, it has millions of downloads, and millions of people like to play this game on a daily basis. Just imagine there is a rain of multiple kinds of fruits and you have to slice them by swiping on the main screen, how fun and entertaining will be. Make it sure no fruit should be gone unsliced otherwise you will lose the points, and continuous missing will kick you out from the game. Keep the eyes open and finger active. Judge and slice, judge and slice that is what this game demands from you.


19. Blast Monkeys

Blast Monkeys is an amazing stuff in the gaming zone, and you can play this game with a cute monkey. The monkey is seeking for some bananas hanging out there. The monkey comes from a cannon, and for clearing that particular level, you have to pick all the bananas throwing the monkey towards them with the help of that cannon and some other stuff that is available there. That monkey is the Hero of the game, and that cute monkey does all the deeds. There are a huge number of levels that it offers. Each level is filled with more excitement and difficulty. The Monkey is named as Moki, which is a hungry monkey, and only things can fill his belly. Moki eat bananas by flying through creative obstacles in search of a giant bunch of banana that is placed at some particular point. If you got that banana through Moki, then a new level welcome you and if you failed, then you have to clear that level again and again.


20. King of Thieves

King of Thieves is a game that helps you vanish in the mystery of exciting gaming. It is launched from the creators of the game Cut The Ropes; they launched a new great adventurous game. In this game, you have to steal the gold from other players around the world. It is a uniquely designed app that lets you explore many stunning and amazing features of this app. King of Thieves lets you design your own dungeons defense effectively and uniquely, and collect some precious gems and become the king of thieves. This is an interesting physics-based single player app which let you elaborate your creativity. It is a game with a unique design and has a huge amount of fan following from all over the world. Some of its key features include stealing some precious things defend your loot, claim the thrones, join the guild, customize your outfits, and travel or explore through 12 single mode levels.


21. Hambo

Hambo is a story telling the game that is based on some heroines that do not come back after the victory of the war. And a hero has made his way to getting them back and take the revenge. It offers more than 200 exciting new levels, and each level is more interesting than the previous one. There are some army members, and you have to shoot them with your gun. You are loaded with a gun which helps you killing those enemies that took your hero partners along with them. Each level begins with an amazing physics based puzzle game and acquires your attention to make your way to the last level. Some of its exciting features include more than 200 levels over five mission packs, over 20 cool costumes, leverage your gameplay experience, amazing HD graphics, leaderboards and achievements, and interactive tutorial to learn how to play. You can easily download Hambo on almost all platforms.


22. TripTrap

TripTrap is a new puzzle game introduced by the creators of iSlash. It offers some unique features that make this game more interesting and popular among others. TripTrap is awesome casual, a puzzle game that provides a fun way to spend some leisure time. The little Ched is very hungry and needs your help to get cheese. There are a mysterious and exciting ways to get the cheese. You just have to flop and flip in his way through some dangerous paths and just get the cheese avoid the traps. Some of its exciting features include Single touch original flip-flop gameplay, four rooms, 80 well-planned tricky levels, Casual Mode with limitless freedom, Puzzle Mode with a limited number of jumps, etc. Rather than this, it also offers global leaderboards and achievements, beautiful graphics designed to support both Tablets and phones. TripTrap is an amazing game for passing your time in a fun and exciting way. Its impressive levels improve your imagination and help you explore more to get all the levels done.

More About Where’s My Head?

Where’s My Head? is another widely used physics based puzzle and video game by Top Free Games. This game used to play with some skeleton type head which is tied up with one, or more than one chains. For collecting three golden coins, the user must cut the skeleton head loose from the chains. The game play allows you to join the head with the body by resting on the platform beneath. Placement, clicking and swiping on the right time matters a lot for the user to make progress and jumps up to next levels. Each level is more interesting, exciting and amazing than the previous one. The player seeks more attachment and interest in the app by clearing some levels. The player must judge the order for swiping or doing other deeds effectively. It is a realistic game that lets you pass your time in a fun and exciting way. It is a gorgeous video game that provides truly a very addictive gameplay.

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