White Noise Lite

White Noise Lite app brings ambient sounds of the environment that help you get yourself positive by being relaxed during sleep at night as well as the entire day. White Noise Lite – Sounds to Relax & Sleep Better is a fantastic tool presented in the market by TMSOFT Inc… read more

Apps Like White Noise Lite for iOS

#1 SleepScore


SleepScore is an exclusive application developed in the market by SleepScore Labs, which enables its global users to personalize their sleep improvement journey in the best possible way. SleepScore: Top Sleep Tracker is an excellent tool that enables its global users to track and understand their sleep and get tons of exclusive tips to help you back to sleep.

This application lets you get the benefit of using your cell phones to monitor your sleep cycles, ultimately improve your sleep cycle, and get advice and insights whenever you want. You can intuitively get non-contact sleep monitoring without needing any hardware or wearables. It brings an elegantly designed smart alarm clock designed to wake you up in your sleep cycle.


#2 Relax & Sleep Well


Relax & Sleep Well is an intuitively loved application that helps you enjoy plenty of amazing teachings and techniques experience therapist as well as recordings in high quality to never let you down on anything. Relax & Sleep Well: Hypnosis and Meditation is a sleekly designed tool that helps you get professional studio productions that initiate healing transformations and deep alterations in users.

It enables its global users to have instant access to four free meditation and hypnosis recordings and a collection of more than a hundred in-app purchases options. These options cover stress, mindfulness, anxiety, insomnia, weight loss, sleep, confidence, solfeggio frequencies, binaural beats, spiritual healing, addictions, phobias, and various others.

#3 Sleep Cycle Power Nap


Sleep Cycle Power Nap is a significant tool for people who want to take a power nap, feeling tired, and want a deep and healthy slumber. Sleep Cycle Power Nap is an awesome tool presented in the market by Sleep Cycle AB, which uses the inbuilt accelerometer to analyze all your moments all the time. It brings multiple nap modes that you can choose according to the situation.

This application provides a power nap where you can rest up to 20 minutes and wake you up whenever you fall into deep rest. It also brings 1 sleep cycle mode that enables its global users to sleep for an entire sleep-cycle and wake yourself up in your light sleep phase.


#4 Moshi


Moshi app brings magical audio stories to help all its global listeners fall asleep in a way like never before and get positive vibes while staying happy. Moshi: Relaxing Stories and Meditation is an elegantly designed sleep monitoring tool presented in the market by Mind Candy Ltd. that enables you to join millions of parents who are using it to settle their families into a restful and peaceful sleep with loads of exceptional features.

It brings more than 75 hours of genuine sound stories, exclusive music, enhanced meditation, and sleek sounds that help you relax and have real peace of mind. Moshi: Sleep and Mindfulness app brings a fine set of special guest stories unrated by legends of screen and stage, including Patrick Stewart, Brain Blessed, Goldie Hawn, and various others.

#5 Sleepiest


Sleepiest is a magnificently amazing tool that helps you fall asleep faster with sleekly designed medications, bedtime stories, and sleep aids. Sleepiest Sleep Sounds & Music is an elegantly designed tool developed by Happiest LTD, enabling you to read engaging stories, glossy sounds, and hand-made meditations to relax and sleep better. This application lets you read award-winning voice actors that help you go in deep slumber.

This app lets you have in-depth information on your sleep habits so that you can precisely get to know everything you need right through your cell phones and tablets. Sleepiest – Mindfulness & bedtime stories app lets you effortlessly choose what works best for you by choosing your soundscapes available in the app.

#6 Reflectly


Reflectly is an exclusive personal journal and diary driven by artificial intelligence to let you deal with the negative mentality, to teach you about the science of positivity, and make positivity louder. Reflectly – Journal / Diary is an elegantly designed health and sleep management tool presented in the market by Reflectly Inc. that brings the world’s most comprehensive journal that lets you manage plenty of things effortlessly.

It is an exclusive application that enables you to make your brain positive, reduce much of your stress, develop gratitude, and various other aspects. Reflectly – Journal and Diary app also allows you to learn to apply kindness and empathy to almost every aspect of your life.

#7 Slumber


Slumber is an exceptional platform for people who have trouble falling asleep and want an exclusive assistant to manage things properly. Slumber: Fall Asleep, Insomnia is a sleekly designed tool presented in the market by India Summer Media, LLC, which brings a collection of ultra-relaxing sleep, including meditations and stories to beat Insomnia.

You can either choose a meditation or a relaxing story to listen to and go in deep calm and turn off your mind whenever you fall asleep. You can intuitively manage the nature of the sound and effects of backgrounds and create the perfect ambiance to stay asleep all night.

#8 Movnow Plus


Movnow Plus is an elegantly designed health and management tool that brings plenty of marvelous functions and helps you manage everything using your cell phones and tablets. Movnow Plus is a powerful platform presented by Movnow Inc. that helps you manage your health right through your cell phones and tablets.

The app helps you manage steps calculation, warning, informing and anti-lost, sleep management, and various other stuff right under one platform. This application also records activities of sleep and exercise daily for you to measure and share things intuitively. You can precisely share this valuable health information with friends and family members.

More About White Noise Lite

White Noise Lite app brings ambient sounds of the environment that help you get yourself positive by being relaxed during sleep at night as well as the entire day. White Noise Lite – Sounds to Relax & Sleep Better is a fantastic tool presented in the market by TMSOFT Inc. that brings dozens of sleek features right on the palm of your hands.

The app helps you sleep by blocking all the distractions and increase focus while enhancing security and protection for all its global users. You can reduce stress and relaxes by taking good naps whenever you need them. You can intuitively select between plenty of relaxing alarm melodies, enable sleep aid, and get a snooze functionality.

It contains 40 sounds, including mechanical sounds, light to heavy rains, beach and ocean waves, rushing water sounds, and so much more. White Noise Lite – Sounds to Relax and Sleep Better app lets you get numerous benefits and helps you mix sound to share your creations.

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