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Word Search Free is a type of game application facilitating you with some fantastic word search puzzles. This app has four difficulty levels providing you 80 different word lists for playing, and you can select unique themes of your choice. Word Search Free is a classic word search puzzle game that has an unlimited number of pre-canned puzzles… read more
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11 Apps Like Word Search Free for Android

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1. Word Search Puzzles

Word Search Puzzles is a game application for word searching. This game is full of themes according to your mood. Lots of puzzles are available in this app for your selection. This app will replace categories to beat your high-score. Here the user can get new puzzles purely free by completing quests. You can improve your vocabulary with the help of the “Vocab Challenge” puzzle. There is no need for the pen and paper because you will never run out of problems with Word Search Puzzles. It’s your opportunity to improve your word power because this game app will challenge your brain. This game has some fantastic features like Treasure-hunting for some pirate-themed phrases or searching for words to survive the zombie apocalypse. This app is a purely free application available in just the English language. The new version of Word Search Puzzles is fully compatible with your screen resolution if you are using an iPhone.


2. Word Search Unlimited Free

Word Search Unlimited Free is a game application for word puzzles. The user will find a uncountable number of puzzles here and each puzzle will be unique. It will access you to play in 3 different levels, and you can select word lists from popular categories and foreign words. Most advance lists for games are like Animals, Colors, Sports, Top Brands, Weapons, Weather, World Countries, Transport, Clothes, Body Parts, Fruit & Vegetable, and much more. This app is using some of the stunning features just like Pencil on paper, chalk on a blackboard, and white grid & black grid. You can use your customize color and background. The user can improve his vocabulary with the help of SAT, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT vocabulary word list. This app will save your game level while attending your call. You can view local scoreboard and share with a friend via Email.


3. Word Buster

Word Buster is a word search application to sharp your mind. It will access your facility to build bigger words to earn bonus like double, triple, or quadruple word scores and by combining multiple rewards, you can get a crazy huge bonus. This app has some POWER-UPS like The Whirlpool to scramble your letters for a fresh start, The IntelliFish to ask for a hint from our lovable bookworm and The Electric Eels to zap the lowest mine and stay in the game. This app is very easy to play, and you have just to drag to choose words. It will let you compare your high scores with your friends. It will furnish you the opportunity to earn 11 achievements and prove that you are a Word Wizard. The user can review daily, weekly, and all-time leaderboards and can share his high score over on Twitter. It is a free app specially designed for both iPhone and iPad.


4. Word Search Colorful

Word Search Colorful is a classic word searching application to find hidden words. Words mixture will be available given on the board, and you have to select a secret word. Without using pen and papers, the user can find word search puzzles with help from various levels and sizes. It will allow you to select grid mode or night mode with the provision of the Gamecenter scoreboard.

This app had a colorful look and supported by eight different themes. Word Search Colorful will look beautiful due to HD graphics and flat design. The user can play unlimited puzzles with the help of dynamic grids, and these grids are adjusted automatically to your device.


5. Ultimate Word Search

Ultimate Word Search is a game application for word finding lovers. You will find here some unique word puzzles every time with no limit. In this app, new words are easy to read, and there is more space to search words. One of the amazing features of this app is that no extra category is present in the game, and unique puzzles will be generated every time by getting different words from the dictionary. The user can play levels 1 to 3 free of cost, but levels 4 to 6 are available for in-app purchase. Each word will give you point equal to its length, and if you complete the puzzle before given time, then you will be given 1 point for each second as a bonus. Ultimate Word Search will access you to play with other players and check your performance. If you are a learner, then you can disable the timer and play the game without any stress.


6. Wordathon

Wordathon is one of the classic game application for word lovers. This app will provide you new challenging scenarios having four different types of grid. You will find the new game every time, and no game will repeat. You are allowed to use a most comprehensive dictionary, and you can also view the list of common and obscure words you missed. The leaderboard will help you to compare your score with other players, and you can search the meaning of every word using an integrated dictionary. The app allows the user to review his lifetime score summary on the home screen. Wordathon has an easy concept and beautiful looks, and it is a challenging and addictive game for people having a smart brain. The user can make the words in swiping horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or go berserk zig-zag in the boggle grid. 2 new features are available in new version of Wordathon, and you can ‘save game’ for later use.


7. Ruzzle

Puzzle is a word searching game application used by more than 50 million players. This app allows you to summon your friends or select random players to find as may words as possible in two minutes. You have to create words from a given set of letters just by swiping your fingers on the screen. By collecting long words, you will get points and bonuses. You will find more fun due to Nice audio and animations. This game have three different rounds, and you have 2 minutes to spare in every round. It is a free application available in fourteen languages like English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Norwegian, Brazilian, and others. The user can find a wide range of cool premium features using Ruzzle Premium including leads of statistics, rankings and much more. Then select Ruzzle Premium to remove ads and enjoy amazing features of Ruzzle. Ruzzle is one of the top 10 games in more than 145 countries.


8. Word Tower

Word Tower is a new word search game application. A collection of more than 170,000 words is present in this game to check your brain, and each word is unique. The global leaderboard is part of this game so you can review your scores and compare your scores with others. Word Tower is a 100% free application and user can play this game in 3 different modes. According to rules of this app, you have to save the word tower as you can by creating words built from the same colors as thirst color of the first letter in your word. If you are not able to match the colors, your tower will be damaged, so protect your tower and you will get your score at the end of the game. Word Tower will provide you exactly 300 seconds to get maximum score and during your performance, no new letters will be added. The user can rate this game as a comment to support it. It is present in more than 15 different languages including English, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, and others. You will find better gameplay experience in the new version of Word Tower.


9. Word Drop

Word Drop is a game application that will help you to learn new words. Due to this app, you have the ability to improve your vocabulary just like other games, for example, TextTwist, Jumble, Boggle or Scrabble. Word Drop will improve your typing speed, and you will learn lots of new words. In this game, words will fall from the sky, and you have to type these words quickly to move on to the next one. You have the ability to use up your lives when you miss some, and you will get a list of words that you got and missed. Word Drop have some difficulty levels to sharp your brain. The free version of Word Drop has some Ads, but it is an exact copy of the paid version. In the new version of this app, some usability improvements are made.


10. Fill-The-Words

Fill-The-Words is a word finding game application. A variety of levels are the part of this app, and you will find intellectual excitement by playing this game. You have to find the hidden words and cute little monsters will help to complete your task. It is an easy task to guess the phrase at the beginning, but the number of words will increase in next levels, and it will be more complicated for you to guess the correct words. The cute words will reveal the beginning of each word to help you to guess the right word. A square field contains different letters and you to find all the words by choosing adjacent letters so that these words fill the whole cell. This app is free available in just English level. In the new version of Fill-The-Words, lots of new amazing levels are added to increase your excitement.


11. Word Search

Word Search – The best-hidden word search game is a word search game application. This app will provide you more than 1000 words distributed in 40 different categories, and other possibilities are unlimited. You can play this game in different languages like English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German. This app has grids that are randomly generated and provide you three difficulty levels to play. Your goal in this game is addictive but straightforward, and you have to find hidden words in the grid.

Word Search has a beautiful design that will look great on your smartphone screen. 1st you have to select word category and the game difficulty, and then you are ready to play this fantastic game. It is a free application that is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The new version of Word Search – Best hidden word search game is now available on the App store, and the newest iOS support is present in this version.

More About Word Search Free

Word Search Free is a type of game application facilitating you with some fantastic word search puzzles. This app has four difficulty levels providing you 80 different word lists for playing, and you can select unique themes of your choice. Word Search Free is a classic word search puzzle game that has an unlimited number of pre-canned puzzles. This app will put so many words from your selected category into the puzzle. To play this game, you have to search the hidden words and swipe these words with a finger. Hidden words can be in any direction or orientation like up, down, left, right, forward, backward, and in either direction. The user can listen to his music during gameplay. If you are not able to find any word, just tap the “Words” button then it will reduce the level of difficulty to get more clues. By tapping the “Solution” button, all the words in the puzzle will be revealed.

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