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WordBrain is a word game application for the real Word Genius. You will find it an easy game in the start but it will become challenging quickly. You have to search hidden words, slide your finger over them, and the puzzle will collapse… read more
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1. WordSmith Free

WordSmith is a word game application for fun. It is a 2 to 4 player turn-based crossword game. This app will provide you a 15 by 15 tile board with bonus squares for Double Letter, Double Word, Triple Letter, and Triple Word scores. WordSmith allows you to play words with tiles in top-to-bottom or left-to-right directions and earn points. The winner of the game will be a person with the highest number of points. The user can play the game in more than 100 distinct levels and unique puzzles that will challenge your mind. This app will furnish you fresh gameplay mechanics and a new game experience. Score preview will be shown on your smartphone screen to help you determine what scores you might get before submitting a move. This app facilitates you an opportunity to play game slow or fast according to your free time in the busy schedule. You can play this game with your friends or can choose random opponents.



SCRABBLE is a game application to play with words. You can challenge your friend via Facebook and more or can find an opponent with a single touch. You can also play against the computer for practice. The user can show his skills by sharing his score on Facebook. This app will furnish you the facility of enhanced chat and notification feature. SCRABBLE is providing a new feature “Teacher” and you can become a SCRABBLE master and could see the best word after every turn. You can use the in-game word list, built-in official SCRABBLE dictionary or exclusive Best Word feature to check your highest choice of scoring. The user can try new Speed Play mode to feel a real-time in-person game and your opponent agree to 2 or 5-minute turns. Nudge and forfeit options will be locked if you are not playing the words in time. SCRABBLE can provide you every detail on the board with HD-quality graphics made to zoom the Retina display.


3. Word Descrambler

Word Descrambler is a word game application to find words. Word Descrambler is a fast and accurate game, and you have to do work hard to play this game. You should play this game with your friends to win more games of Scrabble and Words. Word Descrambler will find for your words as you type. It will search for you a word of highest scoring regardless of bland spaces you enter. You have the ability to supports words with friends, Scrabble TWL06, and Scrabble SOWPODS. Word Descrambler is the full app with everything, so you have not to pay anything extra. On this app, the user can view every possibility from OXYPHENBUTAZONE (41 points) to AA (2 points). The new version of this app has modern UI. It is not a free app, and you have to pay 2.99 USD for it. This app is available for both iPhone and iPad.


4. EZ Descrambler Cheats for Scrabble

EZ Descrambler Cheats for Scrabble is a smart and ad-free game application for Scrabble. This app will input the board with the help of character recognition technology and search the best moves for you. By making 80 point moves, you can cheat or play jokes on your friends or can improve your skills using the built-in dictionary and anagram finder. It has the option of Smart Al by which it will be easy for you to make moves using TW, DL, and other special tiles. The user can win most of the games free but with in-app purchase feature, you will unlock very high scoring words forever. If you are playing on real board, this app will access you to input the letters yourself and use the Anagram finder. The user can also select the word from a list of suggested moves, this app will check how it fits on the board. You have to use the built-in dictionary to see meaning of rare words like VACCIMULGENCE. EZ Descrambler Cheats for Scrabble will provide you facility to make your moves in Words with your friends and waits for your opponent disbelief!


5. Lexulous Word Game

.Lexulous Word Game is an application for a word game to sharp your mind. You can play with your friend or choose random opponents from around the world through Facebook. It will allow you to play in practice mode with the availability of 5 difficulty levels.

It will provide you game status briefly like Avg. Move & Game score, along with total Wins; Bingos played, etc. This app will consume 60% less data so you can play your moves on the move. One of the unusual features of Lexulous Word Game is Analyser that will allow you to view the best possible steps after game completion.


6. Word Chums

Word Chums is the standard word game application. It is a 2-4 game so you can play against your friends or select random opponents from around the world. By customizing chum characters, you will get words beyond the standard vowels and consonants. The user can play weekly leader board competitions, and he can automatically see the strength of his word. You can beat the hint challenges by finding the best terms, and by dropping a word bomb, you can take your turn with a new set of letters.

You can see the working of your friends from the friend’s list on the main screen, and you can find collaborative fun by grabbing a buddy to fight within a couple’s challenge. By discovering new words and new letter combinations through connecting your tile, you will improve your vocabulary. This app will help you by providing you clues to point you to the location of a better word. Word Chums has lots of achievements, best-word challenges, leveling, player stats, leaderboards, and much more.


7. Words With Friends

Words With Friends is one of the most popular mobile application for words fun. It is a free social word game that will test your skills. You can find the best opponent by browsing players profiles in community Match. This app lets you summon your friends with NEW Fast Play, make your move within 24 hours on gameboard with the help of fewer tiles. Smart Match feature of this app will find you players of similar skills, and you can play with players anytime and anywhere with offline Solo Play. It will deliver opportunity to expand your vocabulary with helpful Dictionary and Word of the Day. The user can review his performance to make improvements with detailed stats. This app will allow you to chat with your friends’ in-game and play your games on your phone, tablet, computer, and Apple watch. You have to log in to Facebook or the email account to continue to play without third party ads between moves.


8. Aworded

Aworded is a word game application having more than 8 million downloads. You can play this game against anyone you want, and you can play against your friends or challenge random opponents because it is an asynchronous, cross-platform, and multi-player game. You have to combine the letters in your rack with the ones in the board, and to get more points, and you have to use the bonus squares. You can get the reward of 40 extra points if you can use all the letters on the rack in one same move. The user can review his best moves with the help of an intuitive and sophisticated interface, and he can also play this game by logging in to Facebook. This app is offering 12 different languages just like British English, American English, Catalan, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Basque. There is the addition of new navigations, and some bugs got fixed in new version of Aworded.


9. Hanging With Friends Free

Hanging With Friends Free is a creative type of game application. This app is bringing a new twist to the classic game of hangman that adds creativity, strategy and fun for people of all ages. This app will show you cute characters in perilous situations, and you can also replay to see guesses of your opponent. Turn based design of this app will help you to play up to 20 games. The user can play with his friends or search for a random enemy around the world. Using in-game chat messaging, you will remain in touch with your family and friends. A push notification will tell you about your turn, and you can use strategic lifelines for hints. By logging in to Facebook, the user can search friends of his match for playing. This app will let you Build mystery words to stump, amuse or impress your friends, but you should be ready for their challenging reply.


10. Words of Wonder

Words of Wonder is one of the most magical word game. This app is providing you 300 challenging word game levels to check your brain and more levels will come later. Words of Wonder is supporting multiple languages just like English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish. You can find lots of beautiful storybook-inspired level maps, and this app is also giving access to cool power-ups and strategic score bonus. So you have to fight the grey curse and restore color to the storybook world then use the power of words to unlock the incredible bonus. The user can log in to Facebook to find friends that love this game, and he can also share his level progress with Facebook to impress his friends. In the new version of Words of Wonder, you have the ability to unlock a guide chapter. This application is purely free compatible with Android, iPhone, and iPad.


11. WordBubbles

WordBubbles is a word game application for puzzle lovers. This app is offering above 400 levels, starting levels are easy, but you will find difficulty when you move to higher levels. This app will help you to sharp your mind and improve your skills in vocabulary and spelling. The user can play daily challenges every day to earn free bonus hints. WordBubbles is the perfect blend of brainteaser, word game, and puzzle! You have to swipe across, up, down, and diagonally to connect each letter bubble and you can build specific hidden words. The user is now able to play with his friends and follows their progress to improve his skills. This app is very easy to use but a challenge to beat. If you are solving the words in the wrong order, then you will not be able to connect the letters, and you have to restart the level again for decoding the words in a new order. Some new stuff is available in new version of WordBubbles.


12. Abble Dabble HD Free

Abble Dabble HD Free is the word game application. This app is supporting 1 to 4 players so you can invite players for play or challenge some random opponents and you are also able to play more than 25 games at a time. You will see your words light up green if they are safe and worldwide leaderboards will track your wins, ties, losses, high games and word scores. This app will let you play against yourself to get the maximum score word with mix and match the bonus tile option. You will be given a combination of vowels and consonants so you will never get stuck with all consonants and vowels again. The user can chat with friends and even use emotions without leaving the game. This app will allow you to see what words are valid, and you’re earning score even it’s not your turn. Abble Dabble HD Free will facilitate you to view available letters and number of tiles left on your opponents tray right. The user can select rotation pattern of words by touching the screen.


13. Dabble – The Fast Thinking Word Game

Dabble – The Fast Thinking Word Game is a game application having more than 1 million downloads. This app is like a fast-paced word game, and you can develop useful skills for example vocabulary, spelling, and quick thinking. It is a multiplayer game so you can summon your besties or play with random opponents around the world. In this game, you will be provided 20 random letters, and you have to spell five separate words in just five minutes on a graduated bleacher. The 1st word may be of two letters, the next three letters, the next four letters, the next five letters, and the last word must be six letters long. This game will challenge your mind to think faster or strategically, and dig deep into your vocabulary because Dabble is a simple as well as the challenging game. Players can get reward with quick wits, a large vocabulary, and perfect spelling. Dabble got World Game of The Year award by Creative Child Magazine.


14. Word Breaker

Word Breaker is an ultimate word game application. Word Breaker provides you screenshots from your favorite word games and brings all of the answers free. This app is supporting all version of Words with Friends like Classic, New Words With Friends as well as Fast Play, EA Scrabble, and Wordfeud. Board Solver Mode feature of this app will maximize your score and calculate the other words in the play. With the help of ground-breaking Ghost Mode, you will be able to peek at your most recent screenshot underneath. The option of Remaining Tiles will help you to suggest the next letters you will get. This app is also supporting wildcards and blank tiles, so you have the facility to tell Word Breaker about location and patterns for the puzzle. Word Breaker is highly customizable, and you can use filters for word length changing. This app is available in multiple languages just like English, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Russian, Turkish, and others.


15. Your Move Board Game

Your Move Board Game is a game application where you can play multiple games at a time because of its multiple turn-based gameplay. You can search your friend for play, or you can challenge a random opponent to play. If you can’t find any candidate, then play with seven distinct computer opponents having different styles for each game. It will tell you about your turn with the help of turn notification. The user will remain in touch with his friends and family during gameplay.

Your Move Board Game will provide you dozens of challenges to complete, and you will get a reward for each achievement. This app will track your play using the Elo rating system. The user can use a feature of Pass and Play mode for offline fun and can easily access his games from all devices. You can be multiple amazing games on this app, just like Backgammon, Words, Yatzy Dice, Chess, Checkers/Draughts, 4 in a Row, Reversi/Othello, and Chinese Checkers.


16. War of Words Free

War of Words Free is the action-packed crossword game with bombs. This app will not remain limited to just letters due to a feature of Action Tiles. The option of Bomb Tiles will help you to destroy your opponent’s letters. The user can steal words from other player using Thief Tile and Drop Land Mine Tiles will facilitate him to catch you opponent unaware. Start Over Tiles features furnish you ability to start a word anywhere on the without any other word connection, and you can play two turns in a row by clicking the Extra Turn Tile. The user can block his strategic locations on the board using Barricade Tiles, and feature of Shield Tile will save your areas from your opponent. One of the stunning features of this application is that more than 60 players can play at a time and with the help of Pass and Play you can play with friends at home. You have the facility to invite your friends using Facebook or Twitter and put notification will tell you about your turn. By using Online leaderboards, you can compare your best scores against your friends and another world. War of Words will provide you more than 100 challenges to keep you interesting and definitions of words for these crazy puzzles.


17. Wordfeud

Wordfeud is a word game application where you can play against more than 20 million opponents. It is a multiplayer puzzle game so you can summon your friends, and you can play here 30 separate games at a time. Wordfeud would find random opponents for you, and even you can chat with them. This app will access you to create and place words on the 15 by 15 tile board, and you can earn points for creativity and place letters on Double Letter, Double Word, Triple Letter, and Triple Word tiles. Wordfeud will deliver you Random board option to mix up the DL, DW, TL, TW tiles and with the help of push notification, you will know about opponent’s latest move. The user can access different languages dictionaries just like English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, and Finnish dictionaries. It is a free app specially designed for iPhone and iPad.


18. Word Streak-Words With Friends

Word Streak-Words With Friends is a word guessing gameplay that lets you join the community of millions of people and start challenging them. It is an addictive fast, fun, and amazing game of friend finding. You have to guess the words in a limited time and score the most points by making more and more word as possible in any direction. It contains a panel filled with mysterious words and you have to make many words in any direction like upward downwards, left to right or vice versa. Word Streak-Words With Friends allows you to challenge your friends or worthy opponent to a head to head battle of the best vocabulary. It offers some new exciting challenges on a daily basis and never let you get bored by seeking old words that you already invoked. It also offers some intellectual tournaments and lets you join a Live Tournament to prove yourself and show your abilities and compete against seven others for the top spot to win prizes. Its solo play ability lets you train with the coach offline or online to sharpen your internal skills and abilities.


19. Spell Mania

Spell Mania is loved by millions of worldwide folks who are enjoying this excellent tool for making words through connecting spells. Spell Mania: Word Puzzles and Boggle Trainer app was introduced in the market by Fresh Logo SRL Inc. which brings a classy, clean interface for finding words from the letters provided by the app. It lets you swipe over the (white tiles) letters to discover as many words as you can and start resolving the levels for collecting coins using your strong vocabulary. Spell Mania: Spelling Games allows you to enjoy the game in three modes which include the Free Play, Puzzle Mode, and Time Attack mode. In its free play mode, you can enjoy limitless gameplay by finding as many words as you can or through playing at your own pace. This app lets you get clues to discover more words and you have to improve your score for getting more and more clues. Spell Mania: Word Puzzles & Boggle Trainer app brings Puzzle Mode in which you have to tap any of your desired words in the list to get the clue and by solving all the valid words to solve the puzzle. In its Time Mode, you have to discover as many words as you can just before the time runs out. Spell Mania: Spelling Games lets you have fun hours, excellent user experience, and ultimate vocabulary enhancement without paying anything.


20. Whirly Word HD

Whirly Word HD is one of the most engaging, and well-known word games which contains millions of players who enjoy it anytime they want to boost their vocabulary and word-making capabilities. Whirly Word HD app is an easy to use yet a mind boosting product introduced in the market by Might Might Good Games, Inc. which enables its worldwide users to get entertained by never-fading games and play it beyond the amount of time they intended initially. The app carries six letters, and you have to discover as many words from those letters as you can. You have to solve its engaging puzzles by discovering the six letter words or even set up to challenge of finding all the possible words that these letters provide. Whirly Word HD brings more than 7500 intuitive puzzles, two levels of puzzles (Tournament and Abridged), multiple color schemes, bonuses, recording keeping track of your game progress, background sound with real music, and both landscape or portrait modes for your ease. Its abridged dictionary level use the words that you will recognize, and you can even take a plunge into the Tournaments puzzles for a brain-boggling experience. Whirly Word HD app enables you to challenge your vocabulary words prowess and play until you succeed.


21. Whirly Word (Free)

Whirly Word (Free) is one of the most engaging, sleek and easy to use word game which contains tons of worldwide users who are enjoying making words of simple letters in its engaging scenario. Whirly Word (Free) app is a fine tool presented in the market by Might Might Good Games, Inc. through which you can enjoy discovering your desired but valid words from the letters that the app provides. Whirly Word Free app enables you to use a collection of 6 letters and discover as many words as you can through them. You have to clear these mysteries by getting the right words from the provided letters. This intuitive, effective, and amazing tool helps you to boost your vocabulary and sharpen your English learning skills with the engaging user interface. Whirly Word (Free) app carries two levels of puzzles, bonuses, background music, multiple schemes of color, a built-in dictionary to look up definitions, and precisely capture your score whenever you succeed the levels. If you enjoy playing games like Text Twist, Boggle or the Word Scramble, and Scrabble, then Whirly Word (Free) app is for you to download. Whirly Word (Free) enables you to challenge your vocabulary and play it till you become the master.


22. Crossword – World’s Biggest

Crossword – World’s Biggest lets you join thousands of players who are exercising their brains every day through one of the most exclusive crossword game for cell phones. Crossword – 100s of fantastic puzzles app bought in the market by Redstone Games Inc. which enables you to enjoy free packs every week and play the best crossword for mobile right on your mobile. Crossword – World’s Biggest is a free to use word puzzle which normally takes the form of a rectangular or square grid of black and white shared squares. In the Crossword Puzzle Redstone – Crossword Lovers Dream app the main motive is to fill the white square with letters by forming phrases or words and even by solving clues that lead to the answer. In the language that is written here, the answer phrases as well as words are precisely placed in the grid from top to bottom or left to right. It brings a smart look, multi-word entry hints, smart step support, incorrect puzzle assistance, clear or shows errors support, offline mode, and an easy to use and modern way of navigation. Crossword Puzzle Redstone – Crossword Lovers Dream app is available to play over all the mobile platforms, and you can enjoy fun puzzles in the way you want in any time of the day.


23. Word Collect

Word Collect has exciting word gaming scenarios through which you can not only build your vocabulary but also enjoy having great, engaging time with these words. Word Collect: Free Word Games app was presented in the market by Platinum Player LLC which enables you to connect words given on the smart and classy interface of the app and enjoy collecting real stuff. Word Collect Game: Play with 7 Word Puzzle Games app lets you make words of a specific length (such as two, three, four, five, or even bigger), and earn real coins which helps you get real hints. You can precisely connect these letters in any direction to form the uncover word matches and even discover as many words as possible to earn bonus rewards and level up. Word Collect: Word Games app lets you swipe your fingers across these words to create words and enjoy collecting more and more coins as you’ll succeed in uncovering the right words. Word Collect: Play with 7 Word Puzzle Gaming app lets you make as many words you want and all the words which are not the part of the game will be collected in the extra words feature. Word Collect Game: Word Games app brings more than 900 engaging and healthy levels, and you can even enjoy 500 coins at the first-word game login. You can play the Word Collect Game: Free Word Games online or offline and is equally significant for people of all the ages.


24. Word Cookies!™

Word Cookies!™ is an excellent tool which boosts your brain in an effective way and lets you be ready to unscramble the limitless lists of words on the move. Word Cookies!™: Free Word Games is an intuitive game developed in the market by BitMango Inc. which enables its users to dive into one of the most bizarre word puzzle game to unravel their lists of words. You’ll have to simply swipe across the words to connect each letter over the baking pan to establish a word and enjoy making coins as you succeeded in the game. Word Cookies!™: Free Word Games app brings enjoyable graphics with a simple premise and intuitive controls of the app. This is a simulating brain game which brings a high level of entertainment and education for everyone to keep their brain young and healthy. When you are tired of making limitless combinations, you can even shuffle the letters and rearrange them to spark recognition. It lets you use its Hints feature whenever you stump upon the words that you can’t recognize. Word Cookies!™ does not contain any limit of time or penalties for the incorrect answer. Other than these, Word Cookies game lets you enjoy daily rewards and exciting new levels and stay up to date.


25. Word Jewels®

Word Jewels® is an incredibly healthy and engaging game being loved and enjoyed by tons of worldwide folks for making endless combinations of words right on their mobile devices. Word Jewels® – Crossword Puzzle Search Game was presented in the store by Boy Howdy Technology LLC which brings an addicting, fun game where you need to join correct words to earn real coins. In this word game, users are provided by an endless string of letters spread over the entire mobile screen, and you can join words from the directions as you seek is reasonable for making words. Word Jewels® – Crossword Puzzle Search Game brings six engaging game modes which start with the most likely word jewels word-discovering without the frustration in its Endless mode. You can connect words from everywhere whether it’s it top to bottom, left to right, bottom to left-top, top to left-bottom, left to top-down, bottom to top, or the like because the app doesn’t carry the boring feature of left to right, top to the bottom only scenario. Other than these, you can also enjoy Word Jewels® – Crossword Puzzle Search Game in Classic Mode, Challenge Mode, Blitz Mode, Rally Mode, Solo Mode, and Multiplayer Mode, etc.


26. Word Lookup Pro

Word Lookup Pro is an intuitive application which enables its users to discover all the valid words with ease and get to know everything about them. Word Lookup Pro – Word Game Anagram Finder is a great app introduced in the market by Peter Hunt Inc. which brings an intuitive anagram, dictionary as well as word finder for all the word games including the Welder, Crossword puzzles, Friends, Letterpress, WordFeud and tons others available in the store. You can use Word Lookup Pro to resolve a challenge for improving your game and for learning new words along with their meanings. You can precisely add your disordered letters and improve your game by learning loads of new words. Word Lookup Pro – Word Game Anagram Finder app contains lists of words as well which enhance your skills precisely without going to any academy or to pay any charge. It contains more than 170,000 words English dictionary, and you can precisely enter almost 11 words along with 2 blanks to discover all the valid words or the sub-words. So you can download Word Lookup Pro – Word Game Anagram Finder app for free to enjoy word arrangements, word definitions, fast and intuitive searches, and useful word predictions right through your cell phone effortlessly.


27. Big Brain Quiz Game

Big Brain Quiz Game brings an excellent way to warm up your brain with tons of ultimate quality and challenging questions. Big Brain Quiz Game – The Most Famous Guessing Game is a trivia-based game introduced in the market by Bytewaves Inc. through which you can enjoy thousands of quizzes for all the areas of interests. In Big Brain Quiz Game, you can challenge yourself with timed quiz mode, enjoy customizing your backgrounds from more than 15 backgrounds, enjoy over 50 quick packs to choose from, and enjoy it in various quiz modes as well. This app contains more than 10,000 questions from all the areas of interests, and you can enjoy them in Classic, Concentration, Backwards, Timeless, Quiz Master, and various other game modes. Big Brain Quiz Game – The Most Famous Guessing Game allows you to get hints whenever you do stuck at somewhere and enjoy colorful graphics themes with fully accessible voiceovers. This app brings social integration with the game center and Facebook so that you can share your desired stuff with any of these. Big Brain Quiz Game – The Most Famous Guessing Game app contains queries from science, hobbies, technology, literature, humanities, history, biology, geography, chemistry, sports, music, entertainment, video games, and lot more.


28. Brain Boost

Brain Boost contains a smooth UI and simple design which enables you to boost your brain by testing your brain skills. Rapid 70 – Brain Booster is an excellent tool presented in the market by Akshay Bhange which enables everyone to improve their speed, reflexes, concentration, way of thinking queries, get battery accuracy, and much more. Rapid 70 is a race in contradiction of time, where only the concentration or coordination and speed between mind and eyes will help you in your way. This app contains multiple modes to play the game, and each contains a fresh look and its respective awesome scenario to play as well. Rapid 70 – Brain Booster is fun and a fast game which will boost your brain, and blow your mind in a way like you never think of. This app contains a normal mode which lets you have a minute to complete the task where you are guided to click on the number in ascending order from 1 to 70. This app carries the Reverse Mode, Normal Mode, Zen Mode, Search Mode, Battle Mode, and the Real Time Battle Mode, etc. Rapid 70 – Brain Booster is an excellent tool for increasing your thinking capabilities, train your reflexes, increase your accuracy, improve your memory, prove your touch ability, increase your accuracy, learn color coordination, and hell more things having this single tool in your cell phone.


29. Brain Yoga

Brain Yoga is an effective tool which enables you to train your brain and lets you move in that relaxing states with this superb tool. Brain Yoga – Brain Training Game app was developed in the market by Megafauna Software Inc. which brings eleven puzzle games that boosts or train your memory, numeracy, spatial ability, vocabulary, pattern matching, and lot more things with damn ease. The app only takes a few minutes each day to enjoy being relaxed and be fresh at that minute. It does not let you get the frustration of time pressure or any high score, and you can enjoy diverting puzzles right on your mobile devices. Brain Yoga – Brain Training Gaming app effectively reduce your stress and wind down before bedtime so that you can sleep better and tension-freely. It contains 11 puzzle types with almost ten levels of difficulty from the beginner to advance. Brain Yoga Brain Training Game provides high-quality HD graphics in each of its game along with the dose of relaxing background music to help you focus way better. You can download Brain Yoga – Brain Training Game from the store if you want to get comparable and less expensive brain training program right through mobile devices.


30. Brain Challenge

Brain Challenge brings an effective, convenient, and intuitive way to train your brains and compete with your buddies. Brain Challenge – Brain Training Game was presented in the market by Wetpalm Inc. which carries a brain training game with amazing animation, excellent graphics and intuitive gameplay for all the brain exercise. It is an exciting and easy to use tool which comes with almost 8 mini-games to test your capabilities and brain level in almost 4 categories which includes Analytical, Memory, Visual, Calculation, and more. Each of its mini-game lasts for a minute, and you have to answer as accurate and fast as it would be. Brain Challenge – Brain Training Game allows you to use training mode to improve your capabilities, sharp your brain skills in multiple areas. You can intuitively use its training mode to enhance your brain abilities in plenty of areas. Brain Challenge app carries 8 even mini-games including the Analytical, Calculation, Memory, Visual, and many others. Brain Challenge – Brain Training Game lets you beat your own high score and even compete with the rest of the universe and sign-in to enjoy fast and accurate answers.


31. Sight Words Coach

Sight Words Coach is an awesome application through which you can enjoy the fun game by covers all its extremely engaging levels and boost your creativity in a way like never before. Sight Words Coach – Brain Training app bought in the market by Sierra Vista Software Inc. which makes the most of the time of the study. This app brings a dramatic or magical difference in your student’s future by playing the game for just five minutes each day. Sight Words Coach – Brain Training app brings colorful graphics, fun animations, amazing sounds, list creation support, and enable kids to learn to read while having real-time fun. This app lets you show and remembers question results and enjoy an amazing user interface. You can precisely record custom words by featuring your as well as your child’s voice. The Brain Training is an ads-free app which enables you to create a list of ten words that requires more work automatically. Sight Words Coach lets you get fast recognition of sight words which are an essential part of functional literacy. This fun and engaging game cover all 5 gaming levels of Dolch Sight Words. By remembering which words are more challenging to your student as well as asking them more often, Sight Words Coach – Brain Training app will make the most of the time of the study.


32. Jumbline 2

Jumbline 2 is one of the most effective, addictive, and engaging word game over the stores, available to use for free. Jumbline 2 – Find & Underline Jumbled Words app bought in the market by Brainium Studios Inc. which allows you to scramble and twist your mind to make words from jumbled lines of letters. You have to rearrange all the scrambled alphabets into the words and underline them using your fingers to score points. Jumbline 2 – Word Game Puzzle app includes two additional games including the Star Tower and the Cloud Pop. In the Star Tower, your task is to build the highest tower before it bowls into the ground. While on its Cloud Pop mode, you have to pop as many clouds as possible through spelling all the words out of the letters floating over each of its cloud. Jumbline 2 for iPad app supports photons, touch screens, tablets, and physical keyboards which is intuitively adjusted to fit any device screen or size orientation thrown into the mix. Jumbline 2 – Find & Underline Jumbled Words app brings more than 20,000 puzzles with five, six or seven letter. Jumbline 2 – Word Game Puzzle app brings a physical keyboard, Brainium trademark underlines input, timed and untimed modes, landscape and portrait mode, and enjoy three games in one app.


33. WordMix

WordMix is mixed with addictive and fun word dice game which is loved by loads of crossword lovers who love to play the game in a way like never before. WordMix app bought in the market by Sacha Hlusiak Inc. which enables you to toss the dice and arrange the jumbled letters to form various words that are valid, both vertically and horizontally. You can intuitively get points for the alphabets used only in the correct words, and you can get minus points for all the letters are remained unused. This application allows you to form words horizontally and vertically just like in the puzzles crossword. You can precisely move the letters around by tapping over them, and you can tap on the joker to select the letter you want it to stand for. Some of the available dictionaries of WordMix app includes English, Dutch, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Maths, and various others. Word Mix app also contains Pro version which is free of advertisement, 3D graphics, ultimate animations, classy sounds, suggestion during the game, plenty of more backgrounds, swap letters during the game, and loads more fun functionalities. WordMix app allows you can precisely challenge yourself and see what words you can discover in each the game.


34. SpellTower

SpellTower app allows you to pick your words wisely as you work, more tiles rise from the bottom of your mobile screen. SpellTower – Awesome Words Strategy app was bought in the market by Zach Gage Inc. which allows you to work wisely using this app over your cell phone. Spell Tower app brings tower mode which enables you to get the highest score possible out of its collection of 140 tiles, eliminating small words to set up the 8 letters and 7 letter blockbusters. In SpellTower game, you have to discover words to clear all the tiles, and you can find longer words to clear extra tiles quickly. It carries Daily Tower Mode where you can stack up against other of its players over the identical towers that alter on a daily basis. SpellTower – Words + Strategy = Awesome app also brings puzzle mode which brings strategic word discovering at its best which adds a new row of letters when you make every word. Other than these, Spell Tower – Awesome Words Strategy app also carries Extreme Puzzle Mode, Zen Mode, Rush Mode, and the Super Tower Mode with amazing functionalities. You can download the SpellTower – Awesome Words Strategy app for free to enjoy everything it carries.


35. Crosswords With Friends

Wanna test your wits and creative skills then Crosswords With Friends is an application designed for that purpose. Being available for both online and offline playing, Crosswords With Friends is accepted as one of the most mind challenging applications available over the internet. In case WiFi connection is enabled in your smartphone, you can enjoy daily crossword puzzles that are designed according to the complexities and techniques of the modern day. Crosswords With Friends is just like the word matching and drawing guessing social games but with the only difference on solving the word puzzle. This game will test your brain power through its mind challenging puzzle. For the information of the players, Crosswords With Friends don’t contains automated or artificially generated puzzles at all. The puzzles offering by this game or basically written and designed by the industry experts. Simply start playing Crosswords With Friends and exercise the brain power and even expand the English language by solving the tricky and mind shattering puzzles. You can make challenges to your friends as well.


36. Zarf

Zarf is a game application for Scrabble players. It is the game of multipurpose utility for Scrabble players. It furnishes word list lookup, pattern matching, tournament-style adjudication and a timer customized for tournament Scrabble play. You have to use the search panel to search legal word in one of five built-in word lists to perform pattern matches, and anagrams. The user can tap on a word in the word list to bring up a list of hooks or look up the word’s definition on the internet. This app will not provide you downloadable word lists, but you can find them easily with a small web-searching. One of the amazing features of this app is that you can use judge panel to adjudicate tournament-style challenges in Scrabble. You have to enter one or more words, and the play will be ruled acceptable or unacceptable. The Clock panel will show a digital countdown timer for Scrabble use. When time is expired, an indicator will lights up as required in the tournament. Challenge buttons will be provided to pause the timer automatically and adjudicate in-game challenges.

More About WordBrain

WordBrain is a word game application for the real Word Genius. You will find it an easy game in the start but it will become challenging quickly. You have to search hidden words, slide your finger over them, and the puzzle will collapse. Do it correctly and in the right way and it will be easy for you to remove the grid. WordBrain is a very intriguing word puzzle game just like Soduko and Candy Crush Saga twist on Puzzle & Scramble. This app is available in 15 different languages, and you have to remove 580 levels in each style. It is a real challenge for the smartest word game enthusiasts to complete WordBrain. It is possible that some levels are impossible to solve, these levels are also a part of the challenge, so you have to address the puzzle in right order, including the right letters for each swipe. If it is impossible for you to solve the level, just restart the level and try to solve it in the correct order.