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Wrestling Revolution Pro

Wrestling Revolution Pro is a 2D wrestling game where you can create or choose your own superstar and embark over an infinite career full of possibilities as you start attempting to make the best moves over the ring and backstage. Wrestling Revolution Pro – Your Backstage Pass Game was bought in the market by MDickie Limited Inc… read more
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17 Apps Like Wrestling Revolution Pro for Android

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1. Wrestling Revolution 3D

Wrestling Revolution 3D is an exceptional wrestling gaming app for all the wrestling lovers where they can enjoy ultimate matches between world most famous wrestlers by choosing their favorite wrestler for the match. Wrestling Revolution 3D – The Heavyweight Champion is an amazing game presented in the market by MDickie Inc. where you can enjoy fighting ultimate battles in and out of the ring and enjoy wrestling with the most spectacular moves. You can enjoy its Booking Carrier which allows you to call the shots back stages and Wrestling Career challenges you to take shots over the ring. The app brings single match for the world wrestling titles, tag team match with your most likely wrestlers, battle royals, and loads of other battles to enjoy. Wrestling Revolution 3D – The Heavyweight Champion brings interactive tutorial as well, which helps you catch all the basic controls with ease. You can move the wrestler in your desired position, make your desired moves from the wrestlers and work hard in the ring to win the battles for the title of WWE wrestling. Each of the players has its own power, and the one who survives his powers as compared to the other can win. Wrestling Revolution 3D – The Heavyweight Champion is loved by millions of worldwide folks where they can enjoy wrestling in their most likely battles with their most favorite player right under one platform.


2. WWE

WWE is an amazing app which allows you to take everything about wrestling with you, anytime (day or night), anywhere you go. WWE is the official application of WWE which is brought to you by WWE, Inc. through which you can catch all the updates regarding wrestling of your most favorite players from all over the world. In addition to the most trendy or latest WWE videos, tons of photos and up to the mark news, you can even use it as your exclusive portal to the network of WWE along with the all-day streaming service with both scheduled programming, on-demand, massive library as well. WWE app brings intuitive access to your most likely WWE superstars, and even view the profiles for an instant look at the extensive career milestones, video highlights, twitter feeds, biography, and more. You can even explore its fill schedule of the events from all over the world and discover which of your favorite superstar is in action. You can even set reminders for your desired WWE matches and even order your tickets for the experience of a lifetime. Apart from all these, WWE app also allows you to enjoy brand new shop experience of WWE right from your mobile phone, and it makes it available at the swipe of your finger.


3. MARVEL Contest of Champions

MARVEL Contest of Champions is an up to the mark and elegantly designed game where you can prepare for the epic versus-fighting action with your most likely superheroes as well as super villains of Marvel in this incredible cosmic showdown. MARVEL Contest of Champions – Super Hero Fighting Game is a fabulous product introduced by Kabam Games, Inc. which brings Superman, Iron man, Deadpool, Spider Man, Captain America, Venom, Wolverine, Hulk, and various others right under one platform through which you can enjoy classy fights with exclusive backgrounds. You can intuitively assemble a team and begin your quest to become the ultimate marvel champion right away. You can even team up with your buddies as well as with other Summoners to build the strongest alliance. MARVEL Contest of Champions – Super Hero Fighting Game allows you to make ultimate strategies with your alliances and help them keep their champions over the fights. Users can enjoy having battles with the top in the alliance events and take on the alliances from all over the world in the Alliance Wars. It helps you to assemble a mighty team of your favorite characters to collect, manage, and level up your teams wisely to receive synergy bonuses, etc. MARVEL Contest of Champions – Super Hero Fighting Game lets you pick your desired superheroes and enjoy the journey through an awesome storyline I classic Marvel storytelling fashion.


4. Real Steel World Robot Boxing

Real Steel World Robot Boxing lets you join Noisy Boy, Zeus, Atom, and loads of your favorite robots in the exclusive battles for supremacy of the real steel universe. Real Steel World Robot Boxing – No. 1 Robot Fighting Game is an exciting action game introduced in the market by Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Pvt. Ltd. which brings the heroic, spectacular and storytelling action from more than 100 years of Robot Fighting right under one platform. Top the leadership by regaining the supreme as the Ultimate World Robot Boing Title of Champion and claim the mini championship titles as well. You can achieve greatness in the history of boxing where the humongous robots pack robust punches. Real Steel World Robot Boxing – No. 1 Robot Fighting Game allows you to reveal your style of fighting with the deadly jabs special moves, uppercuts, and various other tactics to win world championship belts, knockout friends and collect trophies. You can also unleash robot titans by towering more than 9 feet tall, weighing more than 2K pounds as your 50 fighting robotics, legends, and machine titans among the fan favorite super robots. So grab Real Steel World Robot Boxing – No. 1 Robot Fighting Game for free and unleash your inner fighter in live multiplayer mode and earn bragging rights while enjoying the winning moment.


5. WWE Champions 2019

WWE Champions 2019 is an awesome game where you can join a community of millions of wrestling fans to enjoy ultimate features like ultimate graphics, robust in-ring action, PvP showdowns, and more. WWE Champions 2019 is an awesome Role Playing Game of Scopely Inc. where you can enjoy wrestling battles with the world famous wrestling icons just to battle your way to the top. It allows you to achieve real strength and honor by competing against hundreds of famous world class players in the ring. You can compete worldwide in women, min and mixed tournament and enjoy playing solo or join a faction accordingly. Other than these, WWE Champions 2019 game also enables you to enjoy battles in the puzzle RPG combat to climb the leaderboard and strive over the road to WrestleMania and feel the real essence of the WWE universe. The app contains new PvP showdowns, enhanced animation and graphics, awesome action with no load time, collection of famous superstars, new legends every month, and more. It contains PvP WWE battles with enhanced matchmaking and new showdown shop store which delivers supreme prizes and rewards. WWE Champions 2019 Game lets you enjoy hundreds of exclusive features for challenging and managing wrestling matches and helps you enjoy everything in the way you want.


6. WWE SuperCard

WWE SuperCard is a classy tool contain exclusive graphic, ultimate sound, hilarious commentary, classy wrestling battles, and a pack of all the wrestling champs you love or hate right under one platform. WWE SuperCard – Multiplayer Card Battle Game was presented by 2K, Inc. which enables you to choose your most likely wrestler from the WWE Universe and enjoy winning your desired battles against world-class rivals. It enables you to collect as well as level up tons of thousands of cards featuring the WWE Superstars featuring John Cena, The Rock, Shawn Michel, Triple H, Jeff and Matt Hardy, Goldberg Stone Cold Steve Austin, and various others. WWE SuperCard – WWE Top Card Battle Game allows you to prove your wrestling chops in the game challenges and even compete head to head with other WWE fans to become the Supercard champion of WWE. This wrestling app is entertaining millions of WW fans from all over the world. WWE Super Card – Multiplayer Card Battle Game enables you to collect thousands of cards featuring WWE superstars, WWE legends, NXT superstars as well as the WWE hall of fame, etc. Other than these, WWE Super Card – WWE Top Card Battle Game allows you to win the Money in the Bank title, earn exclusive cards in weekly events, fight in King of The Ring championship, and earn real bonuses just from logging in.


7. Drunken Wrestlers

Drunken Wrestlers is another amazing wrestling game which is quite different from other games because it does not contain those famous superstars of WWE but two dummies fighting to win in the ring. Drunken Wrestlers is an entertaining product introduced in the market by Oleg Skutte Inc. which allows you to enjoy a minimalistic ragdoll fighting game about the wrestlers. The game brings intuitive drunken wrestlers where the one who survives, will win the battle. In the Drunken Wrestlers game, the basic goal in to force the opponent to inflict critical damage or lose the balance. The match goes to 5 wins, and the player with most of the wins will win the match at the end. It contains colorful rings and unique characters who are fighting over the ring for the victory. You have to chop the other character into pieces and win all the rounds for grabbing the victory. Drunken Wrestlers has an opportunity to play over one device together and enjoy everything with ease. It brings easy controls for monitoring and initiating all the moves that the game supports. Drunken Wrestlers is one of the most ancient wrestling games which unique functionality and engaging gameplay.


8. WWE Universe

WWE Universe is an amazing wrestling game which allows you to play as your most likely WWE superstar from every generation and enjoy superb matches with the world famous superstars. WWE Universe – Authentic WWE Game was presented by Glu Inc., which enables its users to enjoy real-time exclusive battles in the ring and use authentic or signature moves of all your favorite players. You can intuitively play as your most likely superstars, explore live content tied to the action, and enjoy authentic storyline put you right in action. The gaming app contains real chants, real voices, real moves, real music, and real commentary, which makes it ultimate for all WWE fans from all over the world. WWE Universe – It’s YOUR Universe, Game allows you to assemble the best team of SmackDown, Raw, NXT, Legends, Hall of Fame, Hell in a Cell and various other superstars and train them to their full potential to compete against other challengers from all over the world. You can enjoy challenging other game users in the PvP mode and enjoy daily events and challenges with a hell of fun. WWE Universe – Authentic WWE Game lets you have everything you love in WWE and enjoy these battles in a way like never before.


9. Wrestling Revolution

Wrestling Revolution is an ultimate wrestling game presented in the market by MDickie Inc. which brings an original 2D wrestling game over your mobile phone to enjoy awesome battles between your desired players. Wrestling Revolution is a fine game through which you can customize your desired wrestler in the way you want, train it intuitively, and win matches against your desired players in an exciting way to go over the top of the ladder. It contains versatile animation where anything can happen at any moment. You can create your own star and embark over a flawless career full of victories and possibilities. Wrestling Revolution Game brings simple controls to manage the player in the ring and make ultimate and signature moves. You can touch anywhere over the arena to walk towards it, pinch to grab or pick up, part your fingers for actions (pin, taunt, or cancel), swipe to run or trigger moves, tap your opponent to attack the rivals, and touch the clock to pause the game anytime you want. Other than these, Wrestling Revolution Game helps you go with simple controls to run gigantic world battles of wrestling having your desired wrestler and win titles of your desired modes.


10. WWE Mayhem

WWE Mayhem is a bolder and bigger wrestling game, with robust mobile arcade action and ultimate moves. WWE Mayhem – WWE Arcade Action Game is a gorgeous game presented in the market by Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited which lets you choose your most likely wrestler of all times and enjoy battles against hundreds of worldwide wrestlers right under one platform. You can enjoy playing as John Cena, Randy Orton, The Rock, Brock Lesner, and your desired one and meet all your favorite WWE superstars and legends in the right over this high-flying arcade action game. You can take your WWE wrestler to the next level through the weekly RAW, WrestleMania, Smackdown and more, by choosing your desired one. WWE Mayhem – WWE Arcade Action Game allows you to compete on the road to the ultimate matches and lead your champ to the top of all. It contains almost six distinct superstar classes so that you can create supreme WWE superstar squad from Showman, Wildcard, Technician, Powerhouse, Highly flyer, and the Brawler. WWE Mayhem – WWE Arcade Action Game allows you to play through these deadly epic matches between the legends of WWE to determine the greatest of all the time and enjoy them along with their signature moves and special techniques.


11. Sultan

Sultan is an official wrestling game inspired from the Bollywood sensational movie Sultan by Yash Raj Films. Sultan: The Game is a gorgeous gaming app presented in the market by 99Games Inc., which allows you to bring out the toughest version of yourself and enjoy battles world class wrestlers. It allows you to kick, punch and knockout formidable rivals from all over the universe in this power fueled and hard-hitting fighting game. It allows you to join Sultan which is a former champion making his comeback of wrestling to become the ultimate wrestling champ and regain his glory. It allows you to don the role from the movie and experience the real wrestling in action. It allows you to improve your wrestling skills as you fight against the most famous and deadly technical wrestlers from all over the world. Sultan: The Game allows you to challenge the opponents and land the most exclusive strikes to score the highest among your buddies in the leaderboard. You can use unique fighter upgrades to level up your characters. Sultan: The Game allows you to earn victories in the title matches and enjoy matches in more than 60 levels to emerge as the most amazing wrestler in the world.


12. Rowdy Wrestling

Rowdy Wrestling is a crazy wrestling game where you can enjoy elegantly animated wrestlers to enjoy fights with others. Rowdy Wrestling is a stylish game presented in the market by Brad Erkkila, which brings easy controls for having exciting, and nail-biting matches against dozens of players. The app brings controls for managing the game right over your screen where you can tap over the icons of the controls to move forward, backward, upward, and attack. This wrestling game allows everyone to choose from a collection of more than 55 characters and let the chaos commence. You can use overhead smashes, steel chairs, wood sticks, steel chairs, and more to stun your rivals and then throw them out of the match, out of the ring. You can also go on the top of all the ropes and jump over your opponents to beat them. Apart from one on one, more than two wrestlers can have fought at a time over Rowdy Wrestling Game. All you need to do over Rowdy Wrestling is to be the last warrior standaing in the ring to win the titles in the rumble mode, fight to the title in The Solo Career and even battle as pair in the Tag Team Mode.


13. World Wrestling Ring

World Wrestling Ring is an amazing game where you can enjoy battles with trained and highly motivated wrestlers and enjoy ever-changing situation if ring fighting game. World Wrestling Ring: Free Wrestling Game 2018 was developed by Toucan Games 3D Inc. which brings outstanding graphics ultimate design, amazing characters, extraordinary rings, and fabulous controls to enjoy wrestling in a crowded ground. The game is exclusively designed for all kickboxing and wrestling warrior game lovers. It allows you to start the journey by picking your desired character, defeat all the rivals, and go on the top to become one of the greatest champions of the world. World Wrestling Ring: Free Wrestling Game 2018 allows you to touch either side of the box or the value to browse its contents right or left. The game brings authentic actions and realistic fights and punches boxing moves and lets you face plenty of boxing and wrestling opponents with different fighting techniques. Other than these, World Wrestling Ring: Free Wrestling Game brings tons of superstars and ultimate wrestling championships, gameplay in three modes (training mode, story mode, and versus modes), heavyweight tournaments, and special moves with 3D animation and ultra-awesome sound quality.


14. Tag Team Wrestling Superstars 2019

Tag Team Wrestling Superstars lets you get ready to participate in the world wrestling tournaments and enjoy all the upcoming fight events right from your mobile phone. Tag Team Wrestling Superstars 2019: Hell in the Cell was presented by World Sports Arena Inc. which brings an action and adventure sports game to experience plenty of challenges in dozens of wrestling matches over the world championships. The game will give amazing access to all the superstar wrestlers and tag team champs in this universal wrestling competition and helps you become the world tag team champions in no time. In the game, you can enjoy tag team wrestling championships by choosing the wrestler that you love the most. Tag Team Wrestling Superstars 2019: Hell In Cell brings real-time famous rivals in action with realistic fight moves, motion, and sound. It carries universal tag team champion tournaments where you face multiple wrestling legends as your rivals. The gaming app contains Ultimate and Super wrestling knockout modes. Tag Team Wrestling Superstars 2019: Hell In Cell brings realistic sound during exciting matches along with 3D animations to heat your blood in a way like never before.


15. Girls Wrestling Legends

Girls Wrestling Legends is an ultimate wrestling revolution specially designed for the boxing fights as well as freestyle wrestling lovers. Girls Wrestling Legends: Super Women on FIRE was developed by Final Punch Inc. which brings ultimate 3D girl wrestling game to let you have multi-fighting experience in this single game of boxing and wrestling action. It allows you to enjoy fighting with more than 30 wrestlers along with ultimate fighting techniques and tactics like Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Boxing, Wrestling, Karate, Taekwondo, Mix Material Arts, and more. Its amazing 3D animations and amazing sound quality give you the feel of a live wrestling match. Girls Wrestling Legends 2019 – Super Women on FIRE brings loads of wrestling modes where you can experience multiple stuff anytime you want. It allows you to use It lets you win the battles against your opponents to achieve the world titles of multiple battles. In the game, women start wrestling challenges and fighting in the rings to climb up the leaderboards. Girls Wrestling Legends – Super Women on FIRE game lets you enjoy action-packed boxers and wrestlers where you can face ultimate rivals with different fighting techniques and a hell of fun.


16. Bad Girls Wrestling 2019

Bad Girls Wrestling 2019 is an exceptional wrestling game where you have to choose your desired female wrestler and enjoy battles with other super-talented female wrestlers from all over the world. Bad Girls Wrestling 2019 is a great game presented by Fighting Arena where you can enjoy having solo or tag team matches of female wrestlers and win the world titles to become the wrestling sensation. It lets you select your fighter and customize it in your own way. The game contains amazing graphics, realistic sound effects, amazing world wrestling championships, and a lot more for all the wrestling fans from. Bad Girls Wrestling Game allows you to use amazing techniques and famous signature moves in your fights against female wrestlers. It carries excellent women wrestling challenges and realistic actions and wrestling moves in the ring. You can also enjoy matches in the cage or fight battles for the hell in cell, and various other belts titles. It contains loads of amazing matches where you can go head to head with female wrestlers. Other than these, Bad Girls Wrestling 2019 allows you to enjoy plenty of ways to enhance your wrestling skills, and you can also enjoy unblocking multiple fighting styles and strikes.


17. The Muscle Hustle

The Muscle Hustle is an exciting wrestling game where you can choose, level up, train, and evolve tons of wrestlers right over your mobile phones. The Muscle Hustle: Slingshot Wrestling Game is a fine product introduced in the market by Foxglove Studios AB, which allows you to enjoy a series of exceptional players to fight against amazing other players in the way you want. It combines the amazing abilities and unique stats of your exceptional heroes to establish the best team for your future matches. The Muscle Hustle: The Wrestling Game brings unique moves of fighting, and amazing combos add exciting strategic depth right away. You can collect tons of unique fighters, train them, and evolve your heroes and even unlock the abilities like holds, aerial attacks, and throws. The Muscle Hustle – Wrestling Meets Pool Game helps you manage your wrestling career path from rookie to pro, jobber, superstar, and the ultimate legend. The Muscle Hustle: Wrestling Game is a simple wrestling game where the users enjoy hundreds of levels on story mode to play and have the fun of throwing chairs and ladders, jump off the top turnbuckle, set the ropes on fire, and do a hell more things in and out the ring.

More About Wrestling Revolution Pro

Wrestling Revolution Pro is a 2D wrestling game where you can create or choose your own superstar and embark over an infinite career full of possibilities as you start attempting to make the best moves over the ring and backstage. Wrestling Revolution Pro – Your Backstage Pass Game was bought in the market by MDickie Limited Inc. where you can enjoy wrestling battles by customizing your own player and help him be the legend of wrestling. This gaming app allows you to customize your player with your own choice of dressing, the color of skin, hairstyle, mustache styles, shoes, skin tone, dressing, and loads of other things in the way you want. The game carries easy controls so that you can fight your battles with ease and win them by having efforts from your minds as well as your fingers. Wrestling Revolution Pro – Your Backstage Pass Game lets you touch anywhere in the arena for a walk, swipe to run, tap your opponent to attack, part your finger, touch the clock to break the game, and pinch to grab or pick-up things the game contains. Wrestling Revolution Pro – Your Backstage Pass Game Allows you to pick your desired character, start your career either side of the curtain with the booking and wrestling modes available in one epic and engaging game.