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Xero is a supreme app that helps you manage the needs of your small business while you are on the move. It is an intelligent and easy to use app that enables the reconciling, send invoices, record receipts, send quotes, create expenses claims, and a lot more business concerned activities right from this mobile application… read more
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10 Apps Like Xero for iOS

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1. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an intelligent and one of the most intuitive and well-known software for a small business that performs a number of smart things for you. QuickBooks Accounting: Invoicing & Expenses is a product of Intuit Inc. that lets you create invoices, manage your cash flow and expenses, track profit and loss, and much more to maintain the smoothness of your business. Having this app, you don’t need to hire any accounting expert to keep your accounting and financial things organized. You can easily create invoices and get paid faster. Its intuitive and smart invoice generator allows its users to track invoice sent so that you always know who has paid you and who owes you. It allows its users to manage expenses in an ultimate way so that you can get maximum tax saving by attaching your photographic receipts to your expenses. QuickBooks Accounting: Invoicing & Expenses allows you to track sales and manage your customers on the go. So just download QuickBooks Accounting: Invoicing & Expenses and manage your small business with the easy to use accounting app.


2. Zoho Books

Zoho Books is an elegant app for managing your business smartly. It is a Zoho Corporation’s production that brings an easy to use and handy application for tracking your money going out and coming in of your business. Through Accounting App – Zoho Books, you can easily create gorgeous invoices instantly and way many incredible features and acquire everything that you need for accounting. Through its dashboard, you can have instant information at a glance. You can precisely receive instant updates on customer activities. It lets you stay up to date on any of your business finance and precisely make decisions on the go. You can easily manage, create, and send invoices and estimates on the move and you can even accept payments from your customers and choose invoices that match your business. Accounting App – Zoho Books allowed you to record bills and other expenses and categorized them right from your mobile phones. This accounting app also allows its business holders to add their credit and bank accounts to make instant transactions and way more features for maintaining smoothness. So just download Accounting App – Zoho Books to get business insights in your pocket.


3. Billy

Billy is an elegant application that helps you manage all of your accounting stuff on the go with this sleekly designed application. It allows you to handle invoicing on the spot and you can even send invoice using your mobile phone. Using this Billy Accounting Software, business holders can easily create invoices with some simple clicks when you are having a customer, and easily add and manage tasks or other products on the move. Billy Accounting Software brings an outstanding list of features that help you monitor your business finance with pretty much convenience. It enables the list view of overdue invoices, unpaid invoices, invoices drafts, and paid invoices. You can easily create invoice draft and send instantly as well as send them later via email. It lets you create new customers and built new contact to invoice. Having Billy Accounting Software in your phone, you can comfortably make new products shift between multiple companies, add discount offers, modify the unit price on your existing products on any invoice, and way more things. So just download Billy Accounting Software to send invoice the moment you have completed the job.


4. Wave

Wave is an intelligent application that helps its users to make simple yet elegant invoice in a matter of seconds. It brings easy to make invoices for the small business holders, contractors, consultants, freelancers, and other enterprise owners on the move. Invoice by Wave enables the sending of unlimited customized and professional looking invoices for free. You can easily add optional credit cards and other bank details to get paid faster. Invoice by Wave has more than 2 million satisfied customers from all over the world to manage their business accounts and finance through this award-winning cloud app and software. It allows business owners and other enterprisers to create beautifully customizable invoices with business logo and your choice of template. Other than these, you can also receive precise notifications (when you have paid), record instant payments, send payment receipts and invoice reminders, check invoice status (paid, view, sent, overdue, etc.), and support for accepting credit card payments to get paid faster. Invoice by Wave’s sleekly designed invoice templates and email messaging to get you paid faster. Wave is an easy to use app to track your expenses and generate accounting for your business.


5. FreeAgent

FreeAgent is the mobile utility that helps you manage your accounting details and other stuff for your small yet smart business. It is trusted by more than 60,000 small business holders, freelancers, and other enterprise owners to control their accounts. FreeAgent Mobile allows current customers capture invoice, capital expenses, and monitor bank statements so that you can better manage your business wherever you are. It is precisely made for existing customers that lets you record expenses, create and send invoices instantly, view and manage bank statements, see a list of your suppliers and contacts, and capture photos of receipts. Free Agent is widely used online specifically designed app to meet the need of your current small business and other freelancers from all over the world. FreeAgent Mobile lets you create estimates and quotes, manage projects and track your well-intentioned time, built a real-time account, take care of your daily admin, and run customizable sales tax reports globally. All you have to need is a FreeAgent Mobile account to use this app. This superb accounting manager app keeps your cashflow on the top by automatically importing your transactions from your current bank account.


6. My Account Manager

Doxo is an intelligent application for small business holders that let them organise, manage, and monitor all your accounts in one intuitive place. My Account Manager – doxo is an intuitive file cabinet used to manage and organized all of your worthy accounts together in one secure place. It enables its users to manage, store, and track all their bills, account details, account numbers, documents, logins, customer support info, and notes from all the companies to choose. You can effortlessly create your own personal directory of your relevant information. You can easily add and remove companies to your list to manage all of your account information of the companies that you have contracts with, in one place. You can easily add logins, personal folders, and important account numbers, contact details, and notes to each provider so that you can never forget appointments, to-do’s, and or never have to reset your password again and again. You can easily create professional folders to organize all your documents including your warranties, insurance cards, and licenses. So just download My Account Manager – doxo, and enjoy account management in an ultimate way.


7. Book Keeper

Book Keeper is a widely used, complete, offline, and easy to use accounting application that requires no prior accounting know-how to manage your accounting in an ultimate way. It is a multiplatform, offline, and intuitive app for businesses. Book Keeper – Accounting, GST Invoicing, Inventory offers a compact accounting package that includes invoicing, receipts, payments, comprehensive financial reports, and much more to manage your business in an ultimate way. You can even use this app offline so that you can easily manage your accounts without having any internet connection. It brings an intuitive interface which can be understandable by everyone. Book Keeper – Accounting, GST Invoicing, Inventory lets you manage inventory effectively to get real-time visibility of your current stock, order optimum qualities, and reduce damages. It also lets you sync your company data across three platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows PC. This app comes with an intuitive subscription plans to get acquainted with the bookkeeper application and then you can upgrade according to the need of your company progressions. You can easily get Book Keeper – Accounting, GST Invoicing, Inventory for free, for a yearly subscription, and for a lifetime (10 years plans).


8. Kashoo

Kashoo is another bookkeeping and invoicing application that enables its users to instantly know where their business stands in the real-time. It has made it easy and handy to create and send effective invoices from wherever, whenever. Kashoo Cloud Accounting see all overdue invoices and get paid online by its effective integration with the credit cards. Having this app, users can easily record expenses and take pictures of the receipts quickly. This accounting application lets you view up-to-date financial reports with just a tap so that you can instantly get particular stuff right from your phone. Kashoo Cloud Accounting lets you access more than one business from one user login. You can easily monitor and track profitability using simple dashboard charts that allows you to see where you spend your finance. Other than these, you can keep source documents, customize your tax rates, connect multiple banks, view professional financial reporting, and is available in English, French, Spanish, and Japanese. It let your customers pay by credit cards and lets you share your books with your accountant. So just download Kashoo, and bring ease for managing your business accounts.


9. Sage 50

Sage 50 is a useful utility for users who want to manage the sales of their business in an intuitive, reliable, and quicker way. Sage 50 Mobile Sales is a widely used app by Sage UK Limited which enables its users to manage their sales on the move. It is a widely used finance app through which you can easily manage your customer relationships, speeds up initiating and closing sales, and save all of your time by having all the information that you need for your business in one place. This app has put products, discounts, and prices at your fingertips, and you can easily create quick invoices, notes, quotes, and orders. It also lets you email and prints directly from your tablet. Sage 50 Mobile Sales is the most effective app for handling sales more professionally through having almost every single thing of your business under your fingers. It accurately and securely protects your data under one place in the cloud so that you can easily access them anytime and from any device. Sage 50 Mobile Sales allows you to take control of your working day with pretty much comfort, so download it to bring ease.


10. Expensify

Expensify is the most intelligent and easy to use application that allows its users to capture expenses intuitively and create reports on the go. Using such a great utility, you just have to take a snap of your receipt, and this app will do the rest for you. It delivers a SmartScan feature that automatically reads your receipts and imports them for you. Through some simple taps, you can easily reject or approve expense reports from your phone. Expensify – Expense Reports is a choice of millions of users that are using such a classy tool for managing their expense reporting, receipt tracking, and business travelling. This superb expense management application is efficiently designed for small businesses, individuals, and accountants who are sick of wasting their worthy time with spreadsheets. Some of its highlighted features include easy receipt capture, global currency compatibility, automatic recording of reports and submit expenses, mileage and time tracking, candidate reimbursement, global currency compatibility, accounting integrations, next-day direct deposit reimbursement, and lot more. Expensify – Expense Reports also delivers many other features to make effortless expense management. So just download Expensify – Expense Reports, take a snap, and relax.

More About Xero

Xero is a supreme app that helps you manage the needs of your small business while you are on the move. It is an intelligent and easy to use app that enables the reconciling, send invoices, record receipts, send quotes, create expenses claims, and a lot more business concerned activities right from this mobile application. Xero Accounting Software is one of the most beautiful accounting app designed sleekly for your small business needs. It brings some smart features that enable the visibility of all of your bank accounts debit and credit cards, PayPal balances, expense claims, contacts and reports, outstanding invoices, and more with comfort. It allows super-fast bank statement reconciliation and makes on the spot billing and other invoicing. You can even create, send, and approve bills directly from this mobile app and manage expenses reports by simple uploading photographed receipts. You can also record and recall your business expenditures and record paper trail on the spot, and easily track accounts, expenses, and invoices. You can easily download Xero Accounting Software to manage the finances of your business anytime, anywhere.