YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is one of the most famous and high rated camera app. It is best for taking random clicks and real-time selfies. The app is a gift for selfie lovers, who wants to clicks perfect selfies. The app removes all the wrinkles and blemishes and clears the users face, and it looks like natural… read more

Apps Like YouCam Perfect for Android

#1 B612- Selfie from the heart


B612 is an ultimate selfie camera developed by LINE Corporation. The app has been awarded ‘Best of the Best’ 2015 app by Red Dot. The app is quite famous and is highly rated by its users. The prominent and unique feature of this camera app includes self-videos, real-time filters, editor and photo booth, etc. The app can capture 3 to 6 seconds mini selfie video clips with full sound support.

The user just has to tap on the screen and hold to start recording the video. It is not only a selfie app, and the user can capture photos through the rear camera too and enjoy almost the same filters and features that are available for the front camera. Vignette and Tilt-shift are some more features that the app provides through which the user can highlight a particular part of the pic and focus on the desired side, respectively. The app is free and is available on iTunes and Google Play for iOS and Android devices, respectively.


#2 Facecon: selfie emoticon


Face on is the camera app developed by Prompt. It is not like usual camera apps available nowadays, and it’s quite a different one. With the help of this app the user can create his avatar and can share it with friends and fellows. It is the new and modern form of communication that is being introduced by the app. It is fun app build for making people amuse and enjoy. The app contains many fresh and exciting features that are not in other camera apps. The user not only can create a unique character of his own but also can edit and modify it, by changing the hairstyle, the shape of the face, background, themes, stickers, and stamps. The app is equipped with lots of fun based interesting content. The app provides the option to the user to create his life story by the life story choice. The app is free and is available for iOS and Android devices.

#3 Frontback


Frontback is the camera app developed by Social Apps BVBA. The app contains many unique and exciting features. It is the camera app that let the user take pics from the front cam and as well from the rear cam. The unique and surprising feature of the app includes that it combines the both photos taken from the rear and front camera, and make it a single image. The combined picture is known as auto foto. The photo two photos taken from the front cam or the both taken from the rear cam can also combine with a single photo. The app provides the option of mentioning and putting hashtags on the captured photos. The user can also add a location to the picture. The photos can instantly be shared via SMS, Facebook, and Twitter and through many more other ways. The app is free and is available on iTunes and Google Play for iOS and Android devices.


#4 Perfect365: One-Tap Makeover


This app is one of the most in-demand camera apps currently. ArcSoft, Inc develop the app. It is a combination of photo editing and makeup apps. The app already has more than 75 million users and still counting for more. The app has won CES’s Innovations Design and Engineering Award for its astonishing and alluring build-up and user interface.

The app claims to be the world’s smartest one-touch virtual makeup app. The user can design their portraits and make their selfies look more beautiful and appealing. The app provides more than 20 beauty tools for customization, which are Erasing dark circles, brightening of skin and eyes, vanishing blemishes, shaping eyebrows, whitening teeth, and much more.

#5 CreamCam


CreamCam is a type of auto selfie editing and selfie enhancement application for achieving the more professional and stunning looks of the normal selfies. This simple portrait enhancement and editing app is designed to get the flawless complexion in just few seconds. The latest version of CreamCam is now supporting for editing of videos as well, however, using this app for editing selfies and photos is the best output that can be get from this application. One of the best things about CreamCam is that it is based on automatic face editing system so you don’t need to go for any manual editing at all. All you need to upload the image select the filters or effects that you want to apply over the face and that’s done by CreamCam. Entire transformation is simple and can be attained with a simple touch of a button. That feature makes CreamCam simple the best selfie editing app.

#6 Camera360


Camera360 is the most trending camera app developed by PinGuo Inc. The app has more than 500 million users all over the world and is rated among top cameras app of all times. The app is said to be global trendsetter regarding mobile photography and selfie clicking. The app provides a vast range of funny stickers with smart facial recognition, due to which the labels are easily fit to the face. The app offers the option of quick videos and sharing them to the photo challenge. Photo challenge is a type of sharing game included in the app which is played by its subscribers. The app is equipped with more than 100 filters and in which some are unique including interstellar, star story, magic, and storm HDR. The photos can be beautified on just one touch and can also be converted into 3D format. The app has many more blistering features that make this app one of the world’s best camera app. The app is free and is available on iTunes and Google Play for iOS and Android.

#7 BeautyPlus


BeautyPlus called itself the easy photo editing application because of offering those editing tools that are easy on hand and ensure the creation of beautiful images as well. Recently BeautyPlus has got new features named AnimeCam that lets the smartphone users to transform their regular photos into animated collages and express their creativity with their friends over the social media platforms. A lot of photo editing apps are there that are making the process of editing easy and simple for the smartphone users. Among these apps one common name is of the BeautyPlus that is even letting the fashion magazine to get best face for their covers. With the usage of BeautyPlus anyone can create natural looking and beautiful photos and can deal with even photo and video selfies as well. The editing and retouch tools being offered by the BeautyPlus are skin editor for removing all kind of skin problems, perfect eyes maker to even deal with red eyes, creating the smile on the silent face, live auto retouch system, etc.

#8 Kiss My Selfie


Kiss My Selfie is the camera app developed by EliteInfoWorld. The app is best for selfie addicts. The interface of the app is quite different and impressive. The red-colored background theme makes the app more alluring and appealing. The app is default set on the front camera. It means the user can directly take selfies by just opening the app on one touch and no need to switch the camera. The app is purely designed for taking instant amazing selfies. The user can apply different effects on the pics.

Unique filters are introduced by the app for selfie lovers so that they can fill their urge of looking different. The photos taken by the app can be instantly shared on social media. Other than these features, the app has its social atmosphere where the images can be shared and liked by the subscribers of the app. The user collecting more likes on the app will be named as a selfie of the month. The app further conducts fun challenges between the subscribers of it. The app is free and is available for Android devices.

#9 Bestie – Best Portrait Selfies


Bestie is another selfie camera app which is developed by PinGuo Inc. The app is rated among top selfie apps present currently. The interface of the app is astonishing and praiseworthy as it readily captures the interest of the user and make him use the app for photography. This app especially has very straightforward and reliable build app specially designed for selfies. It is like a gift from the heaven for the real selfie lovers who are mad for taking selfies. As the generation is getting addicted to the selfies and wants to look better and different from others, so this is the perfect app for such people. The app is equipped with amazing real-time filters and latest editing tools. Various makeover and beautifying options are also available. Latest fun stickers are also included in the app for the users. The app is free and is available on iTunes and Google Play for iOS and Android devices.

#10 PIP Camera – Photo


Camera – Photo is the photo editing and capturing app developed by Fotoable, Inc. The user can import photos from the gallery and also can take instant photos for editing. Photos obtained from other camera apps or the default camera can also be imported and edited by this app. The app has a simple and quite an impressive interface that enables the user to use the app with comfort and ease. The app has equipped with a variety of amazing pre-loaded frames, and more can be downloaded as well. The app offers different themes as well including the trademark theme of glass and hand. Through blur photo option the photos can be blur automatically. More than 200+ collage frames are present in the app for the user to use them in their pictures. The app is free of cost and is available on iTunes and Google Play for iOS and Android devices respectively.

#11 Selfie360


Selfie360 is a new selfie camera app developed by Egos Ventures. Although the app is new and is not much popular among users the people, who are crazy for selfies and are real selfies lovers undoubtedly getting attracted towards the app. The app still is not that high rated but with the speed it is growing, soon it will be quite viral and will stand among the top selfie apps. The app introduces new technology for taking selfies. The user now in spite of taking flat, dull selfies will be able to take 3D animated selfies and from the rear cam, the user will be able to capture the surroundings in a full 360-degree panorama fashion. The app captures portrait selfies with the ability to rotate the picture by 90 degrees. Panorama selfies feature enable the user to take clear and brighter photos of the surroundings like landscapes etc. The most prominent feature of the app is 3D animated pictures. The objects or subjects can be captured in a 3D fashion. The app is free and is available for both iOS and Android devices.

#12 RetroSelfie – Selfies Editor


RetroSelfie is the camera app created by Atanas Dimitrov and developed by AP soft Apps. The app is one of the most famous selfie app currently used. The app has a huge number of subscribers and is counting for more. The app provides many quality filters. The most prominent and unique feature of the app is the professional retro effects and frames. These effects and frames are totally like the real one and are not present in other camera apps available in the market. Other exciting features of the app includes selfie stickers, auto-focus option, and enhancement option, editing tools like cropping, resizing and rotating. The app has cosmetic tools for beautifying and makeover. The user can add colorful texts to the pics. The user can share the photos on various social sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. The app is free and is available on iTunes and Google Play for iOS and Android devices respectively.

More About YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is one of the most famous and high rated camera app. It is best for taking random clicks and real-time selfies. The app is a gift for selfie lovers, who wants to clicks perfect selfies. The app removes all the wrinkles and blemishes and clears the users face, and it looks like natural. The app has a picture editor and a photo booth for editing images according to own desire. The user can add different frames, stickers, can write text on the pictures. The user can use many special effects in the pics to make them different, as the blur tool and much more. The app has real time beautifying effects. The app provides short video option, through which the user can make their selfies live and speaking for 4 to 8 seconds. The app has six beautification levels with Multi-face detection, which mean that the faces of friends in the pics can also be modified. Unique eye features are present included in the app that is eye enlarger, eye bag remover, and double eyelid creator. The app is free and is available for iOS and Android devices both.

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