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YourHour is trusted by hundreds of thousands of phone addicts for controlling their phone usage and helps them be more productive and fertile. YourHour – Phone Addiction Tracker and Controller app is a great tool presented in the market by Mindefy Labs Inc… read more
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6 Apps Like YourHour for iOS

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1. ZenScreen

ZenScreen is an intuitively used application which helps you regain the control of the usage of your mobile phone and its internal application by letting you track screen time as well as set sensible rules to limit app or the use of the screen. ZenScreen – Track and limit screen time is an ultimate tool presented in the market by Zenlabs Inc. which works great for all the individuals and especially for parents with kids. Zen Screen is an easy to use the parental application, which lets you manage the control of the phone’s usage of your kids in an elegant way. ZenScreen – Limit Screen Time app leans effectively from your applications use, suggests breaks, monitors unhealthy usage, and intelligently restricts access to multiple apps in early mornings and evenings. ZenScreen – Save time + Improve Health app allows you to set a healthy bedtime schedule to stop applications from working at the bedtime, ending endless social media scrolling, and all night video marathons. All your kids can watch the time over the same dashboard as you are using, and once you agree on the right set of rules, your children can monitor their own usage as well. ZenScreen – Save Time and Improve Health app makes things ultimately crystal clear and enables avert plenty of frustrations and fights.



SPACE is a widely used application which helps you focus on the usage of your phone as well as your life way better, just for helping you while achieving your life goals way simpler. SPACE: Break Phone Addiction, and Stay Focused is a marvellous tool presented in the market by Space Team, which allows you to understand your life and all the concerned matters for focusing on what you do and what you want. The app allows you to understand your current habits and helps you managing everything about them in a way like never before. You can intuitively set goals to track your phone unlocks and usage, the usage of apps, and monitor progress against those goals timely. SPACE – Track screen time & focus lets you understand the what type of phone user you are and let you know whether you are social sticky mitt, rabbit hole wanderer, be it boredom battler, or the busy bee. SPACE – Break Phone Addiction app allows you to use the tools including the notification blocking, excluding apps, screen dimming, and more to curb the usage. SPACE – Track Screen Time and Focus app allow you to share your entire progress with your families, colleagues, and friends and building new, good habits altogether. SPACE: Break phone addiction, stay focused app is makings its effort sincerely for letting you spent less time with your cell phones.


3. UBhind

UBhind is an awesome app which brings mobile life tracking ability for showing the usage of your smartphone for the real time. UBhind: No.1 Mobile Life Tracker/Addiction Manager is an up to the mark tool presented in the market by RinaSoft Inc. which allows you to see and monitor the entire usage of your cell phone, categorized app usage, individual usage of apps, graphical view, or the timeline view for managing everything that you want. The app shows you about the usage of your mobile phone data by weekly, monthly, yearly, and even on a daily basis. UBhind: No.1 Mobile Life Tracker app allows you to set the usage time limit, and it will automatically lock the app if you used it for more time against the preset time. UBhind: Addiction Manager app provides daily reports of the usage of your mobile phone, and you can take the assessment of your daily mobile’s usage. UBhind – Mobile Life Pattern is an easy to use app which allows you to check the usage of the app currently running, and even the apps that are expected to run as well. So just download UBhind: No.1 Mobile Life Tracker and Addiction Manager App and never let your mobile phone control your life by controlling it in the most suitable way.


4. iFocusMode

iFocusMode is an exceptional tool which blocks all the distracting applications which distract you while doing your daily work and increase your productivity a hundred time better than before. iFocusMode – App Block For No Phone Addiction is an easy to use app blocker presented in the market by iFocusMode Inc. which helps you block all the disturbing apps from your phone to get your work efficiency, fertility and your happiness back. iFocus Mode app allows you to restrict the browser, music, chatting, videos, and even the social media application that you want and get rid of the addiction of cell phone through it. FocusMode – Stay Focused allows you to select your addictive app, set the duration of your phone break, and then select your challenge worth amount. iFocusMode – Stop Wasting Time on Phone app will let you get fill refund over your iFM Wallet in the case when you successfully complete the challenges. iFocusMode is a great tool for all the working professionals, students, teenagers, housewives, and other folks who prioritize the device called Cellphone than their life. iFocusMode – App Block For No Phone Addiction is an awesome app blocker which blocks all the self-destructive apps from your cell phones and enriches your productivity plenty of time than ever.



OFFTIME is an exceptional app which intuitively lets you monitor and customize your connectivity with the cell phone, so you can sort out life’s matters way better. OFFTIME – Distraction Free is an amazing tool presented in the market by MindCubed Inc. which lets you have quality work time without any distractions with the folks you care about. The app lets you enjoy the real peace of mind by providing a distraction-free life in an effortless way. OFFTIME Light – Track how much you use your Phone app allows you to create multiple profiles which blocks your notifications, calls, SMS, and more and you can limit your phone usage and even restrict the access to applications. The app intuitively lets you grab the insights of the usage of phone and all the installed applications so that you can intuitively identify your habits. (OFFTIME) Light – Digital Detox and Unplug to Focus app allows you to block your calls, notifications, and text while unblocking calls and text from VIPs, sending out custom auto-reply, and comprehensive list of missed phone activity. OFFTIME – Distraction Free app helps you get things done without any distractions so you can make sure that you are focusing over your deeds without any interruptions and to have quality time.


6. RescueTime

RescueTime is an effective tool which lets you gets to know about the time that you spend on your devices every day by taking instant insights about your mobile as well as desktop’s time. RescueTime Time Management and Digital Wellness is a widely used application developed in the market by RescueTime Team Inc. which lets you built better habits and even focuses on positive changes in your life. It is an automatic time tracking as well as productivity that enables you to track and control the time spent over your mobile devices. Rescue Time app lets you get amazing features which enables you to control and understand the time spend on the cell phone device. RescueTime – For ideal work-life balance app lets you catch all the crucial insights into how you spend your day, beat distractions, and building better habits. It tracks the usages of the application over android and desktop devices to give you a full of an accurate and fully-functional pic of how you spend your time. Rescue Time – For ideal work-life balance allows you to see the usage of impacts, phone impact your day, overall focus, work patterns, and more. RescueTime – Time Management and Digital Wellness app allow you to keep all your goals center and front to help build better habits.

More About YourHour

YourHour is trusted by hundreds of thousands of phone addicts for controlling their phone usage and helps them be more productive and fertile. YourHour – Phone Addiction Tracker and Controller app is a great tool presented in the market by Mindefy Labs Inc. which brings a curated and tailored solution to awaken your self-realization against the addiction of using smartphones. Your Hour app intuitively focus on the time that you spend while using your mobile phone and enables you to bring your fertility and productivity back. The YourHour app provides you plenty of user-friendly and fun features that can help you track as well as control your mobile phone usage and even lets you know the kind of category of a phone addict, are you. YourHour – Phone Addiction Tracker and Controller app tell you about the exact information about which, what, when, and how much you use all the apps. Its elegant dashboard brings all the essential information that you need to know and precisely monitor the usage time and unlock time as well by providing the graphical view of your daily activities. YourHour – Phone Addiction Tracker app lets you get personalized and tailored challenge recommendation to beat your mobile phone addiction. So just download YourHour – Phone Addiction Tracker and Controller app in your phone and manage the way you use your mobile phone by grabbing loads of exciting features and functionalities.