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Zangi Messenger is called to be the safest and relatable messaging and video chatting application. It is safest because it puts the vast emphasis on the privacy and protection of the chatting and calls its users made to anyone. In addition to being a free calling app, the other characteristic of Zangi Messenger is that it works from everywhere without any geographical restriction at all… read more
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1. Verizon Messages

Verizon Messages is a new means for starting a conversation on any carrier or compatible device. This communicating app will empower the smartphone users to get their selves connected all the time using Verizon Messages synchronization features to the smartphone, tablets, PC and even to the smart watches as well. This simple to use application will empower you to stay connected with the beloved ones all the time by simply switching between multiple devices. Verizon Messages is freely available for all smart devices. The group is chatting, and video calling system of this app is so featured rich that even you can create larger group chats with up to three hundred people at once. You can use this app for two-way transferring of photos and videos as well. In case you want to get your chatting environment personalized then you can do so by shuffling between available avatars, colors, themes, backgrounds and much more. Verizon Messages is simple the best for having fantastic communication.


2. AW – Free Video Calls and Chat

AW – Free Video Calls and Chat is a personal and business communication application that offers a free platform for sending text messages and making free voice and video calls. It works equally on both smartphones and tablets. This app puts no geographical restriction at all so it can be used from anywhere to meet those people who matters you most. AW – Free Video Calls and Chat is packed with both personal and social communication features. In addition to interacting with friends and family members, it also allows is users to get connect with those people who are living nearby them or in other parts of the world. In the social communication section, it will also show you the interesting people living nearby you. AW – Free Video Calls and Chat will give you full command and control over your texting and calling so that no one should be able to manage what to accept and what to reject.


3. Wire

Wire is a multifunctional and interactive communication application for the smartphones and tablets. The major benefit of using Wire is that it puts a great emphasis on the security and protection of the communication made by its clients. It is a best means for making secure, private and end to end encrypted communication in both personal and commercial purposes. For the information of the readers, Wire is not a means for making voice and video calls only. It can be also used for sharing multimedia messages as well like sharing of images, sharing GIFs, files, documents and much more. It is awesome because of offering audio and voice message filters. It is private because of having no profiling and data gathering system. It is secure because it offers end to end encryption.


4. Google Duo

Google Duo is a one to one video calling and messaging application that is a best means for getting closer to all those you love for having high quality and simple video calling on any smartphone. The simple user interface of this calling app aims to offer the smartphone users a reliable and entertaining way to get connected with others. The users of this application can make call to any of the number stored in the contacts with just one tap and the user interface of Google Duo will bring video to the forefront of the screen. High quality video is the main advantage of using this application that is backed by crystal clear audio quality. In addition to video calls, Google Duo can also be used for making free audio calls as well. For the information of the readers, standard data charges will be applicable so make it sure your WiFi or internet connection is enable for making calls.


5. TextNow

TextNow is a free texting and video calling app that don’t require any credit card details or mobile balance recharge at all. It although featured premium call making services but that section deals in commercial and business services only. Here we will discuss its free and standard features and functions like free messaging, free multimedia messaging, free voice calling and free video calling. You will not give a separate identity at all as your personal phone number will work as your identity and will work as TextNow registered number. After setting up the app, you can instantly send as many text and multimedia messages as you want. It will don’t charge a single penny from you. TextNow is although offering free voice and video calling services but at the moment this service is available for the people of Canada and the United States only. In case you want to enjoy the premium features then you will be required to go for the premium version.


6. textPlus

textPlus is a free SMS and calling application for making free calls and sending messages to anyone living in the United States and Canada. textPlus deals in two kind of services like textPlus for personal usage and textPlus for commercial or business usages. Your personal phone number will work as your textPlus number that you need to share with others. For the information of the readers, you are not bound to use the same phone number as anytime it can be changed. Anytime the users can change the phone number by simply selecting from any area code. All of these shuffling is free for all time. Although, textPlus is packed with a lot of advantages, still there are many disadvantages attached to this application. At first instance, the users can make free video calls and text messages to those living in the United States and Canada only. They can create the group and invite the others to join the group for sending group messages and making group voice and video calls.


7. Zalo

Zalo is a free and new messaging application containing all those features that are found in the leading messaging and calling applications. It is packed with the amazing features like unlimited group chat, send files instantly, capture screen for recording favorite memories, synchronization messages from the smartphone, compatible with almost all operating devices. The user interface of Zalo is very simple and easy to understand. The smart messaging system of Zalo will allow you to message to anyone in a snap and receive notifications the moment the other person reply back. The integration of stickers and emoticons will enable you to express yourself in a more fun and entertaining way. If talk about the video calling feature of this app, then Zalo allow its users to make voice and video calls with crystal clear sound quality and no outside noises at all. Group chatting is the other advantage of Zalo that is for both messaging and video calls. The unique feature of Zalo is that it can be integrated with social media platforms as well.


8. Talkray

Talkray is a free group-based messaging and video calling application for the iOS and Android devices. This simple to use the app, allow its clients to send free text messages, share images including multimedia files, make voice calls and video calls for free. The feature that makes this app recommended one is that it support for group messaging and group video calling as well. The main advantage of using Talkray is that it always ensures that its clients are experiencing HD video calling along with crystal clear sound. Group chatting and calling is the other benefit of using Talkray that empowers its users with the system of making video calls to many people at a time. They can also add as many people as they want to an ongoing voice or video call as well. The features like making one on one call and group call, instant messaging, file sharing system, making groups having unlimited people, and much more make Talkray one of the best apps for both personal and business communication requirements.


9. FreePP

FreePP is a free and multifunctional multimedia communication application that offers diverse number of features and functions to the smartphone users like free SMS sending, free voice calling and free video calling. FreePP is available for both iOS and Android smartphones. With the usage of FreePP, anyone can enjoy free talk across the world from any device including tablet as well. All the users need to get their smartphone connected to the internet by means of 3G or WiFi and after that they are all set to enjoy the free text messaging, free voice calling, free video calling, free image sharing and much more. One of the major benefits of using FreePP is that it offers its support for all countries without any geographical restriction at all. FreePP has divided its functions into four main areas that are voice calling in excellent quality, multimedia messaging without any word limit, group chatting and video calling and file sending support from multimedia to simple documents.


10. YeeCall

There is no work of a calling app at all if it is not capable of offering you HD quality videos that are backed by the high-quality sound. YeeCall is listed among those messaging and calling apps that are offering the revolutionary high-quality phone to phone call, all with HD voice and video technology. It offers an enormous amount of immersive communication experience because of the reasons it doesn’t consume the too much mobile data at all. Once you start using this application, you will realize like having installed Messenger, WhatsApp, and LINE at once. YeeCall can be additionally used for making group video called as well. Just like one on one call, you will also have super high quality and smooth video calling experience in the group video call as well. YeeCall allows its users to make video calls with up to twenty people at once. YeeCall is simply one of the best messengers for multiple functionalities.


11. SOMA

SOMA is a free video, voice calling and chatting app made for multiple communication purposes across all parts of the world. It is called to be one of the most secure messaging applications because it puts significant focuses on the communication of its users by not storing any of their data into or on the servers of third parties. This free to use messaging and video calling application is used for making high-quality video calls backed by the crystal clear voice and extending even text messages as well. It can be used from any part of the world and can be easily used for the holding face to face discussions, sending messages in a secure environment, and making video calls right from your smartphone. It will never ask you to pay any fee at all at any stage. Security is the top priority of this app that’s why most of the people over the internet like to use this app for enjoying the end to end encrypted secure chatting environment.


12. Fast Messenger-Lite Messenger

This IM and video messenger works in synchronization with Facebook that’s why most of the time taken as original Facebook Messenger as well. This will allow you to use it with the official profile of Facebook; however, before using it, it will never ask you to give access to your public profile to this messaging application. The main advantage of using Fast Messenger-Lite Messenger is that Facebook Messenger is already included in this app and you don’t need to separately download the Facebook Messenger. Fast Messenger-Lite Messenger is perfect for all kind of chatting because using it is very easy and simple and it offers the fast messaging and calling features to its users. It will never put extra burden on your battery life because each time you don’t need to open the app for viewing new message as push notification system of this app will bring the alert of new message on the main screen. It is simply best for many reasons.


13. Glide

Glide is a kind of live video chatting messengers that in addition to holding video chatting used for the purpose of live streaming and broadcasting as well. The specialty of Glide is that it combines the convenience of video calling and text messaging at one place. It allows its users to enjoy transmission of lightning fast video messages, extend text messages, and see responses in real time or later on as per their convenience. This live video calling application is entirely different from its opponents on the grounds it offers the super-fast, back and forth video chatting. After installation of the application, all you need is to tap on the blue button and start getting closing with the people who matter you most. It will make you able to chat with your friends and family in one to one mode or simply turn on the group chatting to hold communication with all. It will also allow you to capture your favorite moments during the video chatting and make the memories together. Voice recording, replying to text messages, watching videos, access from many devices and much more are the features that you will explore in this app.


14. Oovoo

Having communication with beloved ones and for business purposes is no more a big deal. The instant messaging and then video calling apps have made the communication easy for the people. We are living in a world where you can talk for free for unlimited hours. All you have to pay for the internet fee to your internet service providers. Among a lot of instant messaging and video chatting apps, Oovoo is one of the most renowned names that are making talking easy and free for the people. It is simply a way to get connected with the people all the time. It’s time to stay in touch with those who matter most. The noteworthy feature of Oovoo is that it allows its users even to make a group video call and that is with up to twelve people at a time. The message service allows the users to send text and picture message and even extend the video messages as well. It is full of fun and facilities.

More About Zangi Messenger

Zangi Messenger is called to be the safest and relatable messaging and video chatting application. It is safest because it puts the vast emphasis on the privacy and protection of the chatting and calls its users made to anyone. In addition to being a free calling app, the other characteristic of Zangi Messenger is that it works from everywhere without any geographical restriction at all. The main advantage of using Zangi Messenger is that it empowers its clients always to enjoy the HD video calls in crystal clear voice but subject to the best internet or WiFi connection. The security system of Zangi Messenger is so advanced that it never stores the messages, calls, and contacts of are users on its servers or the servers of third parties. All of the messages will remain stored on the devices of the users until the users permanently delete them. For those users who have slow internet connection, they can enter into a unique chatting mode to enjoy the chatting features even in slow speed.