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ZenUI Launcher will bring a new life to your smartphones by simply offering you the beautifully crafted themes and wallpapers. It is one of the perfects ways for personalizing and optimizing the home screen of the smartphones with the new themes and wallpapers and exploring the new working style of your device beyond your imagination… read more
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20 Apps Like ZenUI Launcher

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1. Solo Launcher

Solo Launcher paints itself as a DIY Android launcher as it inserts a lot of emphasis on offering the Android users the ability to do stuff their way. The app comes with a lot of gestures, themes and even wallpapers that are packed in the material design of this application. The unique feature of this launcher is that it allows its users to customize the each and every area of their home screen so that everything works in the way the users want. In addition to holding very small space in the internal storage of the device, Solo Launcher will boost the performance of the device as well by running smoothly and restoring the memory. According to Solo Launcher, it can perform the functions like cleaning the cache to boost speed, it clears the storage, customize the device by offering thousands of smart widgets, themes and wallpapers, offers new locker plugins to protect the device from unauthorized access, and much more. Solo Launcher is simply the perfect Android launchers.


2. Google Now Launcher

Google Now Launcher is one of the most famous Android launcher developed by the Google. This simple to use launcher aims to allow the Android users to make their devices to work faster. It will keep the main screen clean from all kind of clusters so that you can always enjoy the best navigation system. Google Now Launcher is widely available for all versions of the Android devices. The key features and functions of the Google Now Launcher are that it offers the quick access to the Google search from the all available home screens, fast scrolling system for quick searching of the applications on the smartphone, app suggestion to allow the users to easily get to the apps they are looking for, and much more. Google Now Launcher is a perfect Android launcher when it comes to keeping home screen clean and responsive.


3. KISS Launcher

This blazingly fast launcher is simply the must have a launcher for all kind of Android devices. KISS Launcher permits its users to simplify but extends the functionalities of their interface to give a new look to the screens and get instant access to all those functions including apps and widget that they need as quickly and as simple. It will not take too much space on your device and will even optimize the battery life as well. The smart search system of the KISS Launcher allows for searching everything that you need. With this, it intends to make you smarter and more productive. The reality is that KISS Launcher is working style is based on the principle of KISS, and that is to keep everything simple to save time, be more efficient and save the battery power too. This simple to use application for the Android devices, enable the users to explore the widely used features of their smartphones to offer an adaptable service all the time depending on use style.


4. Yahoo Aviate Launcher

The best about this Android launcher is that it will automatically organize all of the information and applications hold your device. By this way, it saves the time of the users by empowering them quickly access the most and favorite items. It is not only beautiful, but it is also even smarter as well. What makes this special launcher one is that it anticipates the all of the data of the smartphone that are useful to the users based on where they are and what they are doing. The key features of the Yahoo Aviate Launcher are its clutter free navigation system, smart streaming for getting updated with online news and events information, gorgeous and stunning style, giving a new look to the home screen, convenient search box and instant notification system for being aware of the bill pay reminders, task to do and more personalized information. Yahoo Aviate Launcher is simply one of the best launchers that will give a new look to your Android device.


5. Lightning Launcher

Lightning Launcher is used to be minimal and fairly decent launcher for the Android smartphones. Since the date of launching, Lightning Launcher has grown into one of the most demanded and customizable launchers for the all kind of Android device. The best about all it is super lightweight and easy to use too. It will empower you with the system of transforming anything on your home screen. Being a customizable launcher, Lightning Launcher aims to empower it users to create the faster, responsive and perfect home screen. The main advantages of using Lightning Launcher are that it is propelled by a powerful and unique management engine that will allow you to give a new arrangement order to the widgets and application using the best possible style and flexibility. Lightning Launcher is being offered in both free and paid version. The free version of Lightning Launcher offers very limited and restricted features. In case you want to unlock premium features then simply go for the paid version of Lightning Launcher.


6. EverythingMe Launcher

EverythingMe Launcher is the provider of those features and Android management tools that will boost the performance of your smartphone. The smart folder of this application will let you to automatically categorize all of the apps according to their usage or preference of the users. Check out all those stunning features that will boost the performance of the Android devices are its prediction bar that anticipates the needs of the users and deliver, fastest search, context feed to access the recent photos, missed calls, calendar, customizable gestures, and much more. This advanced launcher will also give you the option to search through millions of applications via the apps stores being shown by this application. Although EverythingMe Launcher is filling with a broad range of features and functions so at first instance you will feel this application difficult one. But don’t worry at all as the drag and drop system of this app will make everything interesting for you. EverythingMe Launcher is simply one of the best Android launchers available from the Google Play Store for unleashing the powers of your devices.


7. Atom Launcher

This newly launched Android launcher is moving in the right direction because of letting the Android users to use their devices more conveniently and easily than before. This simple to use Android launcher offer a lot of personalization settings to its users so that they can manage and control their smartphones as they thing suitable according to their preferences. The availability of wide range of themes and functions in this application will allow you to enjoy a brand new and smarter Android life. The main features of Atom Launcher are that it allow the users to design their own themes via its theme maker, new atom bar for quick setting and searching, availability of streamlined widgets, gestures for easy controlling of the installed applications, editing the tray for easy management of the installed apps, smart folders for categorizing the apps according to their usage, dock bar system for accessing twenty apps at once, hiding unwanted apps, icon setting and much more. In short, possibilities are endless here.


8. ADW Launcher 2

This smartphone launcher has been widely accepted as the Android home screen replacement tool because its fits in line better with the requirements of the Android users. The specialties of this updated Android launcher are that it offers the best possible and most configurable tools to its users. It will empower you to transform your old Android into new one within few taps. The features in the shape of icon appearance, app drawer for categorizing the apps according to usage, custom widgets, quick themes changing system, new gestures controlling system to access the desired apps faster and easier and the better screen management are the reasons behind the wide popularity of ADW Launcher 2. The advanced apps management system of ADW Launcher 2 will let you to deal with too many apps at once by categorizing them as per usage requirement. Moreover, ADW Launcher 2 also offers a lot of configuration options that is compatible with all of its tools and functions.


9. Action Launcher 3

Action Launcher has long been one of the favorite launchers of millions of Android users. This simple to use launcher that is in fact the powerhouse of uncountable functions and features make the mobile phone users able to give a new look to their boring smartphones. Its definitive material design and pixel looking style make it the perfect launcher for adding a wealth of customizable unique features and colors just to make the home screen shiny and more responsive. Some standout features that needs the attention of the users are quick theme setting system, new shutter system to swipe a shortcut to show the app’s widget, new quick bar for customizing the all kind of quick bars and their shortcuts, quick editing system for editing any section, and much more. Action Launcher 3 is widely available in both free and premium version. Of course in the free version you will get limited features but the premium version of this application will give you advanced controlling and personalization features and functions.


10. LINE Launcher

LINE Launcher is a new kind of launcher for the Android devices that will make the dull and boring smartphone become brand new in few taps and twinkles. This will empower you with the system of spicing up the life of your smartphones by giving it more controlling features and functions. By using LINE Launcher you will be simply in the position of changing the smartphone style to give it a new stylish style, enjoy thousands of trendy themes, icons and wallpapers, suggestion for applying which wallpaper that match to the screen of the smartphone, availability of wide range of stickers to be used on the home screen and much more. For making the mobile phone faster and more comfortable, LINE Launcher will provide you the all of the optimization tools. Wanna give more decoration to the mobile phones then a full range of smart widgets are also the part of LINE Launcher. LINE Launcher is simply one of the best launchers for the Android users.


11. Buzz Launcher

This smartphone launching application has been widely accepted as one of the best personalization apps because of the reason of offering best management and phone organization facilities. This application is itself a powerful home screen personalizer and customization launcher that allows the users to give a new shape to the home screen of their mobile phones. One of the best things about Buzz Launcher is that it even allows its users to apply shared home screen to their own mobile phones. That feature of Buzz Launcher is still missing on the many smartphones. In addition to containing a lot of customization features, Buzz Launcher is the house of thousands of free themes and wallpapers that are designed keeping in view the style of the home screen design. With Buzz Launcher you can perform a lot of functions in the shape of customizing each and every section of the phone, selecting between multiple transitions effects, applying new home screen with just one tap, personalizing the home screen with one tap, downloading more home screens, etc.


12. Hexy Launcher

As the name of this launcher suggesting it show the icons in hexagonal tiles. This application will allow you to make the home screen a page of hexagonal tiles that will be automatically applied to most of your favorite applications. You don’t need to go for the manual configuration at all as for the first time when you will launch Hexy Launcher it will automatically organize your home screen and will save your time for the next when you will about searching and launching any application. In that’s way, Hexy Launcher helps its users to get instant access to all of their favorite apps and most used apps. The features that make Hexy Launcher an impressive launcher are it offers the quick filter and search system to filter the applications, adding widgets for both the apps and their size dynamically, hiding the unwanted applications, arranging all installed apps in a hexagonal grid and much more. Hexy Launcher is simply one of the best Android launchers.


13. Hola Launcher

Hola Launcher is based on the stock launcher system of the older versions of the Android devices. Based on the full material design, Hola Launcher is one of the best and most downloaded launchers available over the Google Play Store. The unique feature of this application is that it will empower you with the system of getting custom desktop pages and grids system. You can enjoy up to nine desktop pages and grid of 10 x 10. Infinite scrolling is the other main advantage of using this launcher as it makes the process of navigation simple for the users. The customization system of Hola Launcher offers a lot of customization options in which the most popular one are customizing the folder icons, shortcut icons, and icon label color. Hola Launcher is available in both free and paid version. In case you go for the paid version, in addition to getting the features of the free version, you will get multiple plus features like more desktop gestures, more navigation, more widgets and more customization.


14. Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite

Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite is entirely different from the traditional smartphone launcher because it offers the real 3D visual designs to the Android users. This simple to use application will reveal on you how the dynamic 3D effects can change the style and shape of your smartphones. The 3D effects and launching tools being offered by the Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite are highly customizable and allow the users to simply redefine their devices with this new state of the art workable launcher. It will simply extend capabilities and imagination. Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite is widely available in two versions namely Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite Free and Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite Paid. The free version of Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite will also offer you the extremely fancy 3D effect but in limited quantity. However, Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite Premium version will offer a real 3D home screen transitions effects and will make you able to create unique icon style by customizing the overall design.


15. GO Launcher

Getting an interactive control experience along with enhancing the working style of the smartphones is the demand of most of the smartphone users. GO Launcher is an application like standard launchers that allow the smartphone users to add awesome and really workable features in their smartphone to unleash the real power of their devices and get the brand new personalized smartphone working experience. In addition to offering the smartphone users multiple managing facilities, GO Launcher also offer thousands of free themes and wallpapers as well to decorate the home screen of the devices. It is stylish, slim and small and offers the personalizing features just like it is beautiful and simple. The highlighted features of the GO Launcher are advanced apps management system for locking and hiding the apps to protect device security, direct access to the theme and app stores, transitions effects for enjoying new level of sliding, and availability of wide range of widgets like search widget, weather forecast widget, switches widget, calendar widget and much more.


16. Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is a highly customizable home screen optimizer that read the usage behavior of the users to arrange their favorite tools and applications for later on access. This state of the art organizer will help you to create a responsive, super-fast, stylish and highly customizable home screen to experience the advantage of accessing desired functions within now time. Its time to improve the Android usage experience with this simple application because it is highly customizable, visually stunning and deliver blazingly fast performance. The customization options of Apex Launcher are so advance that it will make it easy for you to personalize your smartphones and tablets sing the most powerful customization options. You can customize the home screen gestures and can also create the shortcuts with the new Apex Actions feature as well. In case you don’t like any application then you can hide that app as well. Apex Launcher is simply best launcher that is optimized for both Android tablets and smartphones.


17. Arrow Launcher

Arrow Launcher is a kind of performance improvement application for the smartphone users using which they can unleash the real power of their smart devices. It is a simple and personal launcher for all kind of Android devices that allow them to easily find and keep in touch with all of the activities and those activities that matter the most. With the usage of this smart launching application, this user will be able to get instant access to their favorite applications and widgets and can get them arranged automatically by their usage. Anytime they can also get back to their recent downloads, applications, contacts, photos and other areas of activities. Simplicity is one of the biggest advantages of this application as you will not face navigation issues while interacting with your favorite applications and all those things that are important in your life. The quality of Arrow Launcher is that it organized all functions that you use and are trying to do.


18. Evie Launcher

Evie Launcher is an app swiping-based launcher that in addition to personalizing the home screen of the smartphones will permit the smartphone users to take advantage of real apps available in this single app. The quality of this standalone application is that it offers the smart mobile interfaces by understanding the real need of the smartphone users. This application simply makes the smartphones faster and easier than before. Based on the latest structured knowledge and containing the best actions, Evie Launcher is the name of a new level of the home screen with the facilities of searching as the primary means of navigation. Just ask this application for what you are looking for, and this app will show you which apps will do your work. What makes Evie Launcher different from the rests is that it assist the smartphone users in making their devices faster than before with a  simple home screen replacement system. The better home screen management system, the dock with the custom grid, folder redesigning system will give a new look to the style of your smartphone.


19. Smart Launcher Pro

Smart Launcher Pro is the name of a highly customizable launcher for the Android devices that will empower the Android users to unleash the real powers of their devices. For those Android users who simply want to do more by simply installing the few and workable applications only will surely like this simple, light and fast application that will make their device faster, lighter and even more organized than before. It will give you the option to know more about the applications installed on the device so that you can take the real benefits from these applications. The elegant and minimalistic home screen design of Smart Launcher is designed focusing the modern day demand for the advanced Android devices. Rather than using too many messy apps those are creating chaos only it is better to use one application that is containing the all favorite applications. The best about Smart Launcher is that the apps being offered by it are arranged into smart categories so that you can search for your favorite one in a blink of an eye.


20. Nova Launcher Prime

This modern customizable launcher is designed for the Android operating systems of today for giving them a new and fresh look.  The Nova Launcher Prime is basically the updated version of the Nova Launcher Free that in addition to containing the features of Nova Launcher Free, containing the more updated features and functions as well. If you are already using Nova Launcher Free then Nova Launcher Prime will give you the option to unlock many options like gestures using, new unread counts system for staying informative with the all conversations, custom drawer groups for creating new folders or tabs in the app drawer, hiding applications to keep the overall environment of the smartphone clean and tidy, icon swipes system to set the custom actions for swiping on application folders or shortcuts and more scroll effects for enjoying the features of wiping, accordion and throwing. The interface of this application is very simple and quite impressive. Install the app, launch it and start giving new shape to your Android devices.

More About ZenUI Launcher

ZenUI Launcher will bring a new life to your smartphones by simply offering you the beautifully crafted themes and wallpapers. It is one of the perfects ways for personalizing and optimizing the home screen of the smartphones with the new themes and wallpapers and exploring the new working style of your device beyond your imagination. The customization system of ZenUI Launcher supports all type of editing and configuration like changing the application icons, apply scrolling effects, applying scrolling transitions and even organizing the mostly used and even all applications in the folders. For the information of the system the folder management system for application ensures the security of the applications from being examined by the prying eyes. It’s time to showcase the real personality of your smartphone using the variety of decorative functions. ZenUI Launcher even empowers the smartphone users to set a different kind of wallpapers in home screen and even apply lock screen to make the using of Android more funny and interesting.