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Zoho Meeting is an intuitive Android app where you can enjoy meeting your desired people and never lets you miss your important meetings anytime you want. Zoho Meeting – Conferences and Screen Sharing app was presented in the market by Zoho Corporation Inc… read more
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19 Apps Like Zoho Meeting for iOS

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1. Paltalk

Paltalk – Find Friends in Group Video Chat Rooms is another intuitive app which brings an exciting platform where you can chat to meet new people and connect you with peers, pals, and even discovers friends from all over the world. This application lets you talk on any of your most interesting topics, and there is a massive community who would love to talk to you for their own will on that particular topic. Paltalk is a fabulous platform which helps you find friends and meet new people internationally from the comfort of your computer or cellphones. Paltalk – Find Friends in Group Video Chat Rooms app also has the capabilities to let you enjoy private chat rooms, intuitive messaging and even video call with your friends from all across the world. It enables you to explore the whole world by making real chats with the one you want. Pal talk app also lets you upgrade it to more exclusive cams, meet more people, join more chat rooms, and find more friends. So just download Paltalk – Find Friends in Group Video Chat Rooms app and enjoy one of its thousands of real-time exciting chat room to share text, voice, video chat live about politics, sports, music, and more.


2. Marco Polo

Marco Polo is an exquisite social app for all the busy people who are working apart and helps them stay connected with all their loved ones no matter whether they are your friends, family members, buddies, kids, parents, colleagues, and anybody you want. Marco Polo – Video Chat for Busy People is a great solution for all the busy folks where they can talk on the move between the appointments whenever it is cool for them, introduced in the market by Joya Communications Inc. Marco Polo – Video Chatting App allows you to get all your loved ones together again even when you are busy in your lives or your future. The app allows you to leave video messages to your loved ones and they can watch it for the real-time but later. Marco Polo – Video Chat for People app never let you stay online for hours in case of chatting or video calling with your buddies. Marco Polo – Video Chatting app includes family and friends who are living far from each other or also have a different time zone. You can download Marco Polo – Video Chat for Busy People app for free where each person can talk now or watch later whenever it works for them.


3. ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting is one of the world famous or probably the leading webinar solution for all the firms, institutes, and businesses through which people can make a connection with their audience on the move. ClickMeeting – Webinar, Your Way app was presented in the market by ClickMeeting SP. Z O O Inc. which enables its worldwide folks to schedule as well as participate in all online events in an instant manner. ClickMeeting Webinars makes it tremendously convenient and accessible to present documents, reports, videos, slideshows, and presentations and even share the whiteboard to impress your entire viewers. The app enables you to schedule all the live webinars, add contacts to your list of invitees and also synchronize your events with the calendar. ClickMeeting Webinars app makes it easy to invite presenters as well as the participants to your webinars and even through the twitter. ClickMeeting – Webinar Your Way app enables you to stream up to 7 live videos and audio feeds, record or store your events, control the interaction with the audio modes, share an interactive whiteboard to impress the audience, record and store your events, view stats, and get a lot more features for free. Click Meeting Webinars app enables you to get one the move seminars over the web and makes it tremendously easy to engage with your desired audience whenever, wherever.


4. Trillian

Trillian is an excellent tool which is working effectively over all the mobile phones, desktops, laptops, and tablets while keeping your chatting scenarios neatly synchronized between all of them. Trillian – Instant Messaging App was presented in the market by Cerlean Studios, LLC which enables you to establish a connection with your desired person or the whole team whenever you want. You can sync and share all your devices having this communication client and share your video + audio chats with the worldwide folks. It provides everyone with a unique username to send unlimited messages without any cost because it uses your existing Wi-Fi or any of your current data plan. Trillian – Instant Messaging App’s feature of the continuous client will deliver your chats intuitively between all your devices and silences push notifications over your mobile devices if you are active over the desktop automatically. You can have secure communication with the help of the trillion servers which uses TLS to ensure that the third parties can’t access your chats. This app is interoperable with Facebook Chat, Talk, Google, AIM, Yahoo, XMPP, and the ICQ. Trillian – Instant Messaging App lets you enjoy simple, secure, and elegant one to one or the group communication without spending any money.


5. Toymail

Toymail is a marvelous communication tool which brings a simple or secure way for all the kids to enjoy voice chats with their parents, friends, and grownups. Toymail: Family voice chat that is safe app was presented in the market by Toymail Inc. which enables all the parents to stay in touch and enjoy real chats with their kids in any time of the day. Toymail allows you to send audio messages to other toymail app users or even to the Toymail’s internet enables Talkie toys. Toymail: Family voice chat app enables all the kids to send messages right back from their talkie toy and users can also create their own circle to stay in touch with the friends, parents, or the grandparents precisely in one place. It allows broods to send messages over Wi-Fi enabled Talkies using their mobile phones and approve family and friends to chat with their grownups. You can access the cloud channel over the app and excitingly unlock the features of your toy. Toymail: Family voice chat that’s secure app helps your grownups remember when it is time to do their homework, brush their teeth, do their chores, or anything else on their schedule from scout meetings to swim meets.


6. GoLike

GoLike is easy to use and free social media platform that connects you with your desired people living around as well as far from you. Golike – Made to Make You Happy app bought in the market by 3A Soft Co. which lets you find out tons of worldwide folks, discover top pages, and enjoy surfing top groups right under one platform. It is an excellent social tool which brings one of the easiest, fastest, safer, and one of the most attractive manner to stay close to your real buddies and everything you care about. GoLike – Great Social App lets you discover people with all tastes, and you can share your feelings, experience, and everything you want to create new social circles out of your comfort zone. Golike – Makes You Happy app enables you to discover various users who visit your profile (which contains your own info, bio, pics, videos, or anything you want to upload) and you can also check the stats of people who visited your profile daily. GoLike – Great Social App enables you to find new users who have just signed up and lets you cooperate them on your own behalf to enjoy endless conversations. Go Like app lets you stay connected with your most lovely people, and you can build a social circle in a more effective and reasonable way.


7. Aloha Voice Chat

Aloha Voice Chat makes it tremendously easy and accessible to know people from all over the universe through audio chats with people right using your smart mobile phones. Aloha Voice Chat Audio Call with New People Nearby app was a great product introduced by AMY AND BRODY Limited Inc. which lets you get a simple and pretty much accessible way of making connections with the folks you want. Audio Call with People Nearby is a fine tool through which you can enjoy free calling with extreme clarity of network along with a high quality sound as well. The app enables you to enjoy voice chat with strangers and get to know them even better. Aloha Voice Chat Audio Call with New People Nearby also brings the feature of excellent video chatting which is supported among friends. It focuses on establishing an amazing, enjoyable, and harmony community and does not support any violations or offensive behaviors. You can enjoy chatting with your desired people using dozens of quality stickers, plenty of filters, emojis, and lot more things flawlessly. Audio Call with People Nearby is a must have tool for establishing connections between people who are living on a place where the mobile connection is so hard to handle and to exchange ideas, feelings and thoughts with people who feel so lonely.


8. ZOOM Cloud Meetings

ZOOM Cloud Meetings is an exceptional tool which lets you establish and process conversations with your own staff, with your colleagues, with your managers, with your subordinate, with your roommates, or anyone you want to chat. ZOOM Cloud Meetings is a great tool presented in the market by Zoom.us Inc. which lets you stay connected with your desired community of folks through instant messages, or extremely clear audio and video chats. It does not lets you keep your laptop, heavy PCs, notebooks, or any other device with you to view or present things with your own span. ZOOM Cloud Meetings enables you to stay connected whenever you want, and you can establish connections of 100-persons meetings with face to face video, instant messaging, and high-quality screen sharing while on the move. Zoom is loved by more than 500K customers as well as organizations who are enjoy hosting and creating up to 100 people in a real live chat. ZOOM Webinars lets you get best sound quality, amazing video meetings, elegant screen sharing quality, group chatting, contact availability status, safe driving mode surety, and loads more features. ZOOM Cloud Meetings lets you screen share web, photos, Dropbox, box files, Dropbox, and more.


9. Parlor

Parlor is a superb social media application which enables you to stay connected with people you like by their profiles to start endless chats with them on the move. Parlor – Social Talking App was presented in the market by Parlor Inc. which carries millions of worldwide folks, billions of conversations and 100% free to use scenario for the global users. The app connects you with the people who want to talk to you tight not, doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 40. Parlor: Instantly talk to real people has users as well as content for people of age from all around the globe. Parlor – The Social Talking App enables you to select your desired topics, and you can get connected with other of its users within a few seconds and for the real time. Parlor – Social App is one of the trendiest new celebrity apps where celebs are enjoying being followed with their fans on its extensive community. Parlor: Instantly talk to real people is used by tons of celebrities every day to talk to their super enthusiasts and post updates to their timelines. Parlor – Social Talking App contains tons of users talking on this social platform and guaranteed to meet ultimate folks every time you open the app.


10. KingsChat

KingsChat enables you to send or receive messages, make excellent video calls, enjoy endless voice calls, and share timeline stories for free. KingsChat – Send Text, Call and Much More app bought in the market by KingsChat Inc. which enables its users to establish connections with their beloved ones through making classy profiles to have an endless message and audio\video calls while on the move. it uses your mobile phone internet to message or call your loved ones around the universe at no cost. Kings Chat app does not contain any hidden in-app charges or unseen fees and lets you stay connected all the time through its push notifications. It lets you stay in touch with family and buddies at home and abroad with extremely clear call functionality. KingsChat – Send Text, Call and Much More enables its official or business users to host or participate in business meetings on the move. You can share your lifestyle over your timeline and view the stories of those in your network. The app contains the facility of liking, commenting, and sharing posts and even follow accounts of celebrities and businesses to stay connected with their updates.


11. Hello Pal

Hello Pal is an excellent client which helps you speak to the world in their own language, in minutes. Hello Pal: Talk to the World app was presented in the market by hello Pal International Inc. which lets you enjoy its marvelous global community to chat and meet new friends or strangers from all the universe. The app combines people from Pakistan, China, Russia, Japan, Japanese, Saudi Arabia, Spain, India, Poland, Russia, and loads more. Hello Pal helps you learn the native language of loads of places by chatting with the native speakers from all across the world. The app enables people to speak and get coached over their spelling as well as pronunciation, all for free. Hello Pal: Talk to the World app contains in-built phrases books in plenty of languages will help you start a conversation, even if you do not know anything about the language that you want to chat in. You can precisely chat with more than 1 million users and potential folks so that you can meet and greet your friends using all new call functionality. It carries more than 30 language phrase books designed to helps you learn effectively, and you can post and share your most desirable moments with the whole globe. Hello Pal: Talk to the World offers over 2K readymade sentences and phrases with audio support to polish or sharpen your pronunciation.


12. Gruveo

Gruveo is an effective app through which you can establish connections through video and audio calls with your customers or your product consumers. Gruveo – Magic Call Link app was presented in the market by Gruveo Ltd. which allows you to send or receive messages, have video or audio calls, and get real-time alerts for all the incoming calls on the move. It enables you to enjoy calling your desired customers, and your customers can also approach you through these connection facilities whenever they find something to discuss. Gruveo – Take Easy Calls from Customers app enables you to enjoy in-call text chat, toggle call recording, creating and joining group conversations, high-quality sound and video in calling, and loads of other exciting features for free. You can join chat rooms, call rooms and plenty of other Gruveo handles whenever you want. Gruveo – Magic Call Link app brings instant alerts for all incoming notifications, answer with audio or voice, participation in group conversations, ensure best possible pics with the selfie mode, call other app handles, view recent all history, toggle cloud call recording, and precisely add rooms and handles to favorites. Gruveo – Take Calls from Customers app needs your account to receive incoming stuff on your handle.


13. TelloTalk

TelloTalk is a widely loved app and is probably one of the Pakistani’s most initial free to use chat messenger which is offering free video calling, voice messages, voice calls, instant messaging, on-demand and live TV channels, desi stickers, hidden chats, and best services for businesses. TelloTalk Messenger: FREE Voice, Video Calls, Chat app was presented in the market by TelloTalk (Pvt.) Ltd. which brings loads of exciting features for all the customers. In Tello Talk app, users can not only enjoy chatting, but also enjoy music, regional Pakistani Languages, games, world famous Pakistani dramas, Pak news, and loads of exciting things on the move. TelloTalk – Voice, Video, Chat, and TV app provides you the entire access to secure hidden messaging, delete the chat, share desi stickers, edit messages, and have hours with endless fun on the move. TelloTalk Messenger: FREE Voice, Video Calls, Chat app carries content on Coke Studio, Hum TV, Morning Talk Shows, TV One Dramas, Masala TV Recipes, Hum News Live, News One Live, Makkah TV Live, Medina TV Live, Afghan TV Live, Dawn News Urdu, Khyber News, Bulekha TV, ProPakistani, and lot more. You can download TelloTalk – Voice, Video, Chat, and TV app for free to enjoy endless chats with your loved ones and having fun with damn entertainment that it provides.


14. JusTalk Kids

JusTalk Kids is a cool, handy, and effective tool for all the kids or grownups through which they can enjoy endless chats with their chat buddies, parents, grandparents, or anyone they want. JusTalk Kids – Safe Video Chat and Messenger is a creative app introduced in the market by JusTalk Inc. which enables you to enjoy free calling for chatting with kids and family anytime. JusTalk Kids – Safe Video Chat is a professional level texting and calling app which is designed to especially for young folks and anyone else who want a secure and simple phone calling app. JusTalk Kids – Video Call and Messenger for kids app is designed for children having an age of more than three years where they can enjoy the cute interface and easy to use scenario of making free calls. It provides a secure internet environment for kids and lets you make free calls without time limited and sending text messaging is free of cost. JusTalk Kids – Safe Messenger app contains dozens of functionalities that help kids learn, express, and talk way better than ever. Jus Talk Kids – Safe Video Chat and Messenger for Kids app lets you enjoy making HD video calls over your data internet or over Wi-Fi data network without getting charges for an extra fee.


15. HAKUNA Live

HAKUNA Live is an intuitive and effective live streaming app where you can chat and meet anyone you want. Hakuna Live – Meet and Chat app was presented in the market by Movefast Company Inc. which lets you have loads of fun with endless conversations with people you know or even with folks you don’t even know. The app is specially designed for guest life, and you can effortlessly save guest streamer from talking with. You can concisely join and enjoy guest-streamers over its live streaming and have endless conversations with awesome host-streamers. HAKUNA Live – Be My Guest in Live Stream app lets you enjoy making your voice heard and create new friends with an attractive voice. Everyone on this app can become the top streamer through its radio mode and without any need of experience. HAKUNA Live – Meet and Chat app brings live streaming in a more exciting and effective way than any other app does, and you can get real story between people who just met. You can follow the famous streamers of the Hakuna app to become the first guest-streamer. HAKUNA Live – Be my guest in Live Stream app brings exclusive and interactive broadcasts and enables everyone to meet, chat, play live, and earn money on the move.


16. GrandPad

GrandPad was bought in the market for all the lovely grannies to stay connected with all their family members if they live far away or around. GrandPad app was presented in the market by GrandPad Inc. through which you can keep your grandmothers and grandfathers in the social media and communications loop by video calling, sharing photos, emailing, sharing videos, and more. The app lets you see instant updates and notifications from all your lifelines (children) and their lifelines (kids). It requires an active account in order to log in here, and you can find much more at its website. Grand Pad app enables you to enjoy calling, emailing, texting, video calling, with those in your always up to the mark contact list of GrandPad. You can see videos and pics posted by the circle of your contacts in your trusted family and friends circle. You can precisely share memories by posting videos and photos for those in the contacts to see. It enables you to contribute to the conversation by commenting back as well as fourth with the family and friends on all the shared posts. GrandPad app enables you to link your social media accounts by enabling them to post whenever you share new videos and photos.


17. ezTalks

ezTalks is an excellent tool which brings online meeting as well as free conference call solutions for sharing videos, audio, documents, and various others. ezTalks Video Meetings – Conference Call app bought in the market by exTalks Technology Company Limited Inc. which lets you enjoy video conferencing calls, online meetings, webinars, and the like on the move. It is one of the most sophisticated tools for people who are looking for meetings, whiteboard meetings, conference calls, or HD online meetings on the move. ezTalks Free Cloud Meeting app is more than a blessing for you by letting you send meeting invitations to all your desired participants and bring your meetings to life within a couple of seconds. ezTalks Video Meetings – Conference Call enables you to join as well as host meetings, conduct conference calls, and share multiple types of content or chat with the participants on the move. Easy Talks app lets you get connected with over 100 meetings attendees, get high-quality video conferencing, screen sharing, cross-communication facility, and easy to use meeting invitation functionality as well. ezTalks Free Cloud Meeting lets you enjoy ultimate facilities for making group meeting and engaging your desired community right using the cellphones.


18. Airtime

Airtime is a superb quality all in one application where you can enjoy everything from free calling to the daily dose of entertainment on the move. Airtime: Group Video with Movies and TV app was presented in the market by Airtime Media Inc. through which people from all over the world can enjoy video calling, unlocking their school network, listen to the music, react to everything with sounds and emojis and facetime our iPhone buddies. Airtime: Group Facetime + YouTube app lets you hand out with live TV, enjoy watching Youtube streaming, SoundCloud availability, watching movies, and loads more whenever you want. The app gives you as well as your social buddies to hang out and just be their own selves no matter what the universe thinks. Airtime: Watch Together doesn’t contain any feeds, liking, commenting, and no algorithm, but is about you and your pals jamming out to your most likely new music and more. Airtime: Group Facetime + YouTube app lets you enjoy the unedited, un-sanitized and unfiltered time with your friends. Airtime: Watch Together app allows its users to share their own photos, create a room with almost 250 people, watch and listen to your favorite content on the go. Airtime: Group Video with TV and Movies lets you say what can’t be said through the animated stickers, emojis, and chat masks to anyone you want.


19. Voxox CloudPhone

Voxox CloudPhone is an excellent tool which has intuitively transformed your smartphone into a full business mobile system to handle everything about your firm on the move. CloudPhone – Virtual Business Phone System app was bought in the market by VOXOX Inc. which contains all the local or toll-free numbers for your business and get unlimited extensions that can be directed over any of your cell phones. It lets you have business SMS call screening, call transfer, call recording and various other features for bringing extreme security or reliability. CloudPhone – Virtual Business Phone System lets you have an ultimate toll-free or a local phone number that is the area code of your own choice. It brings unlimited phone extensions, auto-attend call answering, routing, call forwarding, greetings, paralleled call quality, and various other features. Voxox – CloudPhone for Business app lets you get free business messages anywhere over Canada and the United States. The app lets you have business phone system features like conference calls, call recording, call flipping, eavesdropping, and various other benefits and exclusive functionalities. CloudPhone – Voxox for Business is a cloud phone service which works like a go-anywhere business phone system right in your pocket.

More About Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is an intuitive Android app where you can enjoy meeting your desired people and never lets you miss your important meetings anytime you want. Zoho Meeting – Conferences and Screen Sharing app was presented in the market by Zoho Corporation Inc. where you can intuitively hold or join all your much-needed business meetings on the move and be up to the mark right using your mobile device. The app enables its worldwide users to attend all their crucial family conferencing no matter where the people lived. The app allows you to follow live demos and presentations intuitively while having interactive and contextual discussions. Zoho Meeting – Conferences and Screen Sharing app allows you to make collaboration with your desired people in these discussions, meetings, conferencing, and anything you want. Through its screen sharing function, users can precisely see their partner’s screen for the real-time. You can instantly join meetings and jump in the conversations in the way you want. So just download Zoho Meeting – Conferences and Screen Sharing app in your mobile phone to enjoy everything it provides for its global users.