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Zumper denotes itself as Zumper Apartments Finder but doesn’t take this application for finding apartments only. This real estate application widely deals in both residential and local properties and then allows the users to use the advanced search engine of this application for getting detailed information about houses and apartments for rent… read more
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19 Apps Like Zumper


1. Zillow

Zillow is a dedicated application focusing on real estate area. This application provides the information about all real estates areas like apartments, house for rent, house for sale, mortgages, home values, comparing home values, connecting with local professionals and much more. Zillow offers its services in four sections that are buy, rent, sell and z-estimate. The availability of search bar at the central section of the window make the process of searching property in your local area very easy. The smartphone users are only need to type toe address, city, ZIP code or any other neighborhood location just to get back the information about what is available to buy in the area, which apartment or house is available for rent, how to sell own property and what are the ways to get the mortgage value and getting the estimates of the property. Anyone interested in mortgage rates can get the information about current mortgage rates in almost areas of the United States and the United Kingdom. Zillow is called to be the provider of pre-approved properties by the local lender only.


2. Realtor

Meet this classy home finding, renting and selling an application that offers multiple types of real estate services to its users. At Realtor, you will get the chance to explore the database of real estate records, houses, lands and all those things that directly or indirectly belong to the business of real estate. In the many areas of Canada, US and UK, this app based real estate information provider is offering the willing buyers to get the in-depth information about what is on sale in their local areas. In case you want to sell your apartment or home then this application will also assist you in finding a customer at a reasonable price. For the information of the readers, Realtor is not meant to work as a platform for connection between buyer and seller only. It features custom filters and offers a lot of home buying tools to make the wise design. Recently Realtor has added two leading features as property history session and news and insights for a better way of working.


3. Trulia

This real estate app is an all in one destination for all those people who are looking for a house on sale in their local areas. The quality of this application is that in addition to offering you with the information of house on sale, it also tells its users the schools, hospitals and other public places near these rental homes. That feature of Trulia Real Estate gives it an extra edge over its competitors. Overall, from this application, you will get the real estate listings, homes for sale information, how to sell home and housing data of your neighborhood area. Everyone needs a piece of mind when it comes to searching for a home. What will you do when you come to know you have bought or acquired a house on rent in an area with highest crime ratio? Allow the Trulia Real Estate to serve you in a more professional way. This app will make you able to see nearby crime stats. The crime stats section will enable you to get block by block insights. This app is going to make you able to explore beyond selling and buying only.


4. Apartments.com

As the name suggest, this app would be for getting information about apartments only. However, the fact is this application contains the information about home, offices, and bungalows and another kind of properties on rent. Well getting information about any homes for rent or information about any real estate business is not a hard task as most of the apps are doing the same work. The question arises what those factors that make this real estate app important one are. This compact real estate application allow the users to compare up to date rates and check the availability of apartments, homes and even shared rooms in most of the areas. Apartments.com make it sure its users are always getting the genuine information only and for this in addition to pinning the HD quality images it displays the videos of the apartment on rents as well. To live in any area, it is very important to get complete information of this field. Thanks to Apartments.com that also list down the residential policies applicable in any particular area.


5. Home.com

This rental and real estate application for the smartphone users features the database of millions of homes for sale and on rent across the US and some part of the Canada. The quality of this application is that it also enables its users to get the real market value of their home, apartments, and rest of the real estate properties as well. Finding a home available for rent or on sale is a difficult task if you are not familiar with buying policies and local laws and regulations. Thanks to this application that is making the process of getting a house on rent easy and simple for the willing buyers. For the information of the readers, this real estate application is not meant to be used for searching townhouses, condos, multi-family homes, residential homes and much more, rather it allows its users to even sell or offer their property for rent as well. Each day this application get an update with new homes and apartments for sale and own rent. The homes at rent available here can be searched according to state as well.


6. HotPads

If you are looking for the ways to find the homes either on rent or sale in the United States and the United Kingdom areas, then HotPads is the next place for that purpose. Well, most of the real estate owners prefer to use this all in one real estate application because it delivers the map-based home and apartment rental search engine. You at your own cannot search home within go in the largest states of the US and UK as sometimes it becomes difficult because of involvement of too many complexities. HotPads is an application for that purpose where you will breeze by exploring the largest collection of homes and apartments on rent. If you want to post a listing, then you can also post your rental directly to HotPads as well. It doesn’t matter whether you want to get home, roommate or tenant; HotPads is all ready to serve in all sections. With the largest amount of real homes, this app comes with accurate and up to date rentals.


7. Estately

Estately is a MLS based real estate application offering the information about homes for sale, homes for rent, paying guest and much more. It is called to be the provider of accurate index of homes for sale because it collects the data from the genuine real estate companies. The specialty of this application is that from here you can subscribe for the new updates about property available in your favorite area as well. Recently Estately has launched another service in the shape of proven agents listing. Now the willing buyers can request for free tour and this application with connect them with the authorized agent of that area. There is no obligation over following the tour – anytime the user can cancel the trip as well. Estately updates the information about new home as quickly as possible so that you never miss out on your dream home. Simple maps, clean listing pages, and instant alerts are the features that make this application special one for getting information about real estates.


8. Movoto

This real estate application is an independent real estate search engine that shows the information about the home for sale, real estate, and MLS listings as well. Right from the comprehensive platform of this application, the willing users can even get the detailed market trends and statistics as well. The cutting-edge technology of this app will always deliver you the up to the minute information of the market data and get the details about the authorized local agents as well. The independent database of listings of hundreds and thousands of homes, apartments and even offices offers the accurate view of the market statistics and home value as well. There is a separate section for getting the information about the local agents. Once you are at this application, you will be a just a minute away from connecting with a top agent who can help you in buying or selling any property. Movoto is perfect because of the reasons having experience, offering selective screening process, overviewing transaction process and connecting with a free expert for consultation.


9. RE∕MAX Real Estate Search

Before going for discussing this real estate application it worth mentioning here that this application basically offers the information about the home on rents, home values, agents’ information and homes for sale in the United States areas only. This real estate application is being run by the genuine real estate agents of the US that are making this platform an easy to use platform for finding the information about homes available for sale and means for selling homes, apartments, and other properties as well. Right at the platform of RE∕MAX Real Estate Search, you will always get the updated real estate listings. The main things that go for this application are its advanced search engine that offers the multiple selection processes to its clients. Its clients can search for their dream homes according to the listing, property type, location, price, the age of the home and much more. That features are difficult to find in most of the application. Although advanced search system will take some time, you will surely get the detailed result.


10. Keller Williams Realty

This real estate application is not bound to giving you information about homes for sale and rent. In addition to these basic qualities, this application also offers means to search for luxury homes, residential real estate, and commercial real estate as well. The advanced search system of this application will familiar you with a new way of exploring an experienced real estate office or agent in your neighborhood. Whatever you purpose is, either it is searching the new home, or getting information what is tagged for sale in the local area or want to get information about open houses nearby, Keller Williams Realty is an all in one application to get the answer to all these questions. The streamlined features of this real estate application are the availability of dynamic run, custom searches, full-screen photo gallery, get the information about schools, hospitals and public places near the home, finding an agent and even sharing the information with others as well. The availability of mortgage calculator to get a real estimate of home loan and monthly payments is great means to be calculated.


11. Xome

Allow us to present a real estate information providing an application that is radically transforming the traditional way of buying or selling home to the most modernized way. This application is the integrated way to deal with buying and selling of a home. From start to finish, this app will assist you in the shape of listing home for sale, finding a dream home, making the offers to others, receiving the offers from the willing sellers, moving into an agreement and finally closing the deal to make the process successful. The interface of the application is simple and understandable. According to this application, its database contains the information about millions of properties in the US and some areas of the Canada as well moreover; it also deals in MLS real estate listing as well. We are sure that you have not encountered GPS tracking based searching in most of the real estate application. The GPS location finding system of this application will allow you to automatically search for a home on rents in your local areas as well.


12. RadPad

RadPad is a highly simple yet efficient and comprehensive way for exploring houses and rooms available for rent in most of the areas of the world. Once you acquire a house on rent via this application, you can pay for rent with Apply Pay or through leading credit card services as well. It is also possible to post rentals to landlords as well. The quality of this real estate application is that rather than getting the information from the real estate agents, it also connects the willing seller with the potential buyers so that they can on their terms make the rental or selling deal. The advanced home and apartment searching system of this application makes the property hunting a breeze by offering the database of almost one million homes that are tagged against for rent and on sale. The best about RadPad is that it features an apartment map and guide system for the purpose of browsing and exploring the verified real estate listings in the local areas. Moreover, you can get the information of both furnished and unfurnished homes.


13. Homesnap

With the usage of this home and apartment finding application, anyone can easily get the scoop of every home available for either sale or on rent in the United States. Homesnap deals in a wide range of real estate sections like home prices, homes for sale, home on rents, and MLS search as well. This application is equally useful for landlords, real estate people in business, real estate agents, and general buyers and sellers as well. Almost ninety million homes are the part of this application, and for the same reason, it is called one of the top rated real estate apps for all kind of users. Homesnap called itself different from the most of the real estate apps on the grounds it is not restricting it services to buying and selling only. It also empowers its users with the commercial businesses as well by offering the useful tools for teams, agents, brokers in the shape of agent rankings, production metrics and real market reports. Those who want to promote their property can also use the advertisement platform of this app.


14. Homie.com

This real estate application is a peer to peer real estate zone that works as a channel of communication between sellers and buyers. For those who always want free communication and a rental agreement without fee or commission for agents or intermediaries will surely like the real estate services of this application. That is the new way to deal with real estate business and saving thousands is the additional benefit of using this application. The distinguishing quality of this application is that it even offers all those selling tools to its clients who want to sell their home without the involvement of any agent or middlemen. It does so by assisting the qualified buyers to find your home and then assist you through step by step process of how to finalize the deal and save the thousands of commissions. For past many months, this application is automating the real estate dealing process. There is no paperwork involved in this application. Moreover, it offers a broad range of tools for buying and selling purpose as well.


15. BHG Real Estate Homes

BHG Real Estate Homes is a place from where you can explore the detail of those homes, gardens, real estate and a lot of other properties being offered for sale or on rent in most of the countries. It’s MLS is comprehensive as compared to most of the real estate apps. It allows its users to find their dream homes and browse listings of both residential and commercial homes, viewing their photos, and directly connecting with an agent as well. This real estate application will take your home search to the next level and will allow you to save your searches to get them access anytime from anywhere. Getting information about the house for sale and on rent from the internet is not a big deal. The question arises why to use this application when it is also offering the same services as being offered over the internet. The specialty of this app is that from here you can get the real market value of your home as well. Create a simple account and start exploring your dream home.


16. Owners.com

Owners.com is a new way to explore in a smarter and better way to new and old homes in your local areas. It offers its users with all those information that they need to make the wise decisions with confidence. Here you will also get the help and advice of the professional real property advisors. Buying or selling a home is although not a difficult task but the main issue is that the involvement of agent fees and commissions something put the both seller and buyer in hot water. There are separate sections for both seller and buyer. All you need is to move to your required category and start exploring your field. It is, in fact, a tech-enabled real estate brokerage that is beautifully handling all key aspects of the home selling and buying process. It offers superior experience and savings via right sized dealing structure. The streamlined features and functions of this real estate app are that it allow the users to customized their search, save favorites, view listing images, use interactive maps to see properties in neighborhoods, and much more.


17. ZipRealty

ZipRealty is an application dedicated for a listing of homes and apartments for sale and for rent. It likewise deals in MLS listings as well, and all for free, right at the platform of ZipRealty yo9u will get the chance of getting free home value estimate, mortgage rates and all those information that directly or indirectly relates to the real estate world. For the information of the readers, the agents listed on this application are a real agent. Once you will at this platform you will also get the chance to connect with these top rated experts that are living in your local area and are ready to guide you through proper buying and selling process. If you want to get the exact worth of your home then at the ZipRealty you will be able to instantly view the real time value estimates of your home and see how many similar homes are selling for in your local area. The app, online platform, and agent of this real estate service provider all are connected and making it easy for the users to search for their homes and saves thousands of dollars easily.


18. HomeFinder

HomeFinder is one of the largest home finding applications that stores the information about real estate listings, homes for sale and foreclosures. With the usage of this sleek and simple application, you will be able to get to your next dream house within few steps. You don’t need to select the location as the GPS track system of this application will automatically track your current location and after that will allow you to search for homes and apartments for sale and rent in your local areas. The features that make this easy to use the home searching application even recommended are GPS-enabled the home searching system, advanced search criteria with filters to customize searching, map tracking system, saving searches and properties, full-screen photo viewing, detail of agent or broker, searching for homes on the map and much more. This home searching application will make the online home searching fun and hassle free experience for you because of connecting you with real sellers, buyers, agents, and professionals. It contains all those tools and functions that you need to make the buying experience as simple as possible.


19. PropClip

PropClip is a cross-platform and multifunctional application that allow the smartphone users to organize their property, home and apartment searching in a standalone real estate environment. For it’s distinguish set of features and functions, this housing application is called to be the must have application for an apartment and home searching. The functions and set of tools that make this real estate application simply exclusive one are that it allow the users to clip as many properties as they want, saved the clipped properties, organize the properties, add new notes, get the information about agent and brokers, and view the available property on map and get even driving directions as well. The organization, share, collaboration and in the end closure of the deal are the main advantages that you will get with the usage of this application. This app cuts via the clutter seamlessly working with leading real estate searching sites to collect the images and details of the available properties in a more organized way.

More About Zumper

Zumper denotes itself as Zumper Apartments Finder but doesn’t take this application for finding apartments only. This real estate application widely deals in both residential and local properties and then allows the users to use the advanced search engine of this application for getting detailed information about houses and apartments for rent. The advanced search system of this real estate application will empower you to filter the search results according to the size of the house, price, availability of bedrooms, information about basic facilities and likewise several others direct and indirect information. At the moment, almost one million fresh listings are the part of this application that is waiting for you to explore. In case you want to get the alerts of the fresh listing to discover more and more then you can subscribe to its alerts and notification services as well. Right at the platform of this rental application, you will get the opportunity to explore extensive rental listings in the United States and Canada. Not any complications are at all – start searching and connect with landlords or tenants directly.

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